Face Reality – Allegiance

Don’t make me tell you again Stop hanging around Fantisizing that your some kind of friend You’ve had your chance […]

Into Oblivion – Allegiance

We wonder what may be Infinitely out of bounds In a red tape lead lined society Deciet Concede Confused Abused […]

Pity – Allegiance

Before you find to-day To be abused that way A sign of the times Society to blame You ask yourself […]

Twisted Minds – Allegiance

Cannot think for ones-self, you minds have been made Ties have been severed, a life no longer yours Except to […]

Wasted Life – Allegiance

Behind these steel iron bars Left to stare at the world where There is nothing withing grasp The price that […]

Tranquility – Allegiance

Physical impossiblity an obstacle too great To play the hands of God to induce death Is it committing murder? Or […]

Scorn – Allegiance

Rampant animals and beast Children in a stupor Frustation is unleashed Cauterize emotion Striking at our worst fear Breeding with […]

Time To React – Allegiance

Visible by all Writhing indecision Lacking direction Time Your wasting your time Confined To stand in line Wasting away – […]

Downward Spiral – Allegiance

Lead to ruin Inflicted suffering To ease another Force of habit – change your will Fatal fascination – deadly addiction […]

Empty Shell – Allegiance

Motivational force a will to succeed World be captured an untamed need What strange secrets do you hide? Expressionless stare […]

Destitution – Allegiance

The world has closed it’s doors Times are so hard now No fun in life anymore Looking back at the […]

Hate Frenzy – Allegiance

conflicting opinion Rebellious retaliation forced to listen fight to be free but hope to some degree people will take what […]

Restrained – Allegiance

A reason to be concerned when my rights are abused Penchant for disorder, disorder for a cause Helping hands make […]