Downward Spiral – Allegiance

Lead to ruin Inflicted suffering To ease another Force of habit – change your will Fatal fascination – deadly addiction Downward spiral – into the depths of despair What is this life without any care? Suffering hour A craving desire Endless path Corrupting the weak Force of habit – change your will Fatal fascination – […]

Torn Between To Worlds – Allegiance

Between the barrier of time Invading conscious soul Taking conscious soul Taking over personality Schizophrenic infestion Two people to share one mind Life will never be the same No former memory to remain Torn between to worlds Torn between to worlds Torn between to worlds Torn between to worlds No way to contain This infested […]

Empty Shell – Allegiance

Motivational force a will to succeed World be captured an untamed need What strange secrets do you hide? Expressionless stare Expressionless pride What you can be, what we know now Is just an empty shell – a life of hell Sense of dignity Sense of well being One’s inner strength Split at the seams What […]

Destitution – Allegiance

The world has closed it’s doors Times are so hard now No fun in life anymore Looking back at the way it used to be The past is all I have now hard times, have hit me CHORUS: I wish I could run I wish I could run wish I could hide Forget all my […]

Torn Between Two Worlds – Allegiance

between the barrier of time invading conscious soul taking over personality schizophrenic infestation Two people to share one mind Life will never be the same no former memory to remain CHORUS: Torn between two worlds (4x) No way to contain this infested thought At the mercy of fate no way to be controlled Former self […]

Chaos Dies – Allegiance

What our eyes now see, Is not what was meant to be Feeding off the pain, A game for the insane Exploiting shallow truth, Is a profitable abuse Shred your life Take your mind Strip your soul Rob you blind Blinded by words – blinded by faith Feeding of controversy – feeding of hate What […]

Hate Frenzy – Allegiance

conflicting opinion Rebellious retaliation forced to listen fight to be free but hope to some degree people will take what they’ve been given PRE CHORUS: Is this a message? Is this a sing? Can we not comprehend thought so divine? CHORUS: Organized HATE FRENZY Opinionized HATE FRENZY Victimized HATE FRENZY Socialized HATE FRENZY Destructive thoughts […]

Morally Justified – Allegiance

Cannot think for ones-self, you minds have been made Ties have been severed, a life no longer yours Except to live and be and further thier cause Rat race of humanity are we to blame Trends upon trends following their game Deviation unaccepted why do you conform Blinded commerciality force fed their normailty Who cares […]

Restrained – Allegiance

A reason to be concerned when my rights are abused Penchant for disorder, disorder for a cause Helping hands make light work to smash down these walls, To be taken advantage of An opportunity for self gain Fueled by selfish desire To put right my ways Pain fills my heart Anger fuels my pain A […]