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Pathetic Priest – Altar

Relationship, you’re fucking jesus christ Obey ’cause you’ve been told he would save your soul But now you’re passing the final hour Your life is through, there is nothing left An horrible disease finally took its toll Your friends & family Stand around your grave To give you respect You’ve never had from them They […]

Hypochristianity – Altar

Stand up to face before me So god, of weak and poor Just dare to stand before me So god, of an honest life Show me that you can be So god, of peace and love Why don’t you come and fuck me Hypocrisy Of The Church – Hypochristianity Hypocrisy Of The Church – Hypochristianity […]

Hate Scenario – Altar

Total chaos rules Rape and violence we don’t care Man still makes wrong moves Mass frustration our daily news Divides the nation moral madness brews Disorder spreads all over us in horrifying forms Murder, psycho sick abuse became our standard norms I praise myself I don’t see things this way I don’t share this new […]

On The Throne – Altar

Now I am for sure I took the left hand path, Towards a mental shore Destiny is at my feet I dive into a sea Waves are uplifting me Feel everlasting free Christians deep down below, Wipe each other out Satanic victory waves are Rolling proud I step into my boat That floats on evil […]

Judgementality – Altar

He must pay for one’s mistake, endlessly Now confront the judge punished for his deeds And when you think it stops then it just begins Severe punishment the judge has got in mind Is just inhuman and a raping of mankind It solves nothing but creating just an endless rage An anger and a fury […]

Wasted World – Altar

And what do we do, we tear the the place apart Whelmed in darkness our world begins to fade There’s one conclusion, we have no second chance Another scandal, a large amount of poisoned ground Found in districts, where we live and stay No one noticed, ’till kids came home and showed their skin Wounds […]

Eidolon – Altar

I am spoiled, I’m raised in wealth I’ve learned to care just for myself I don’t take time to wait for things I please myself with what’s interesting ‘Cause I’m born in this country I’ve had no choice I’m surrounded By fools who love their money and have The time to mourn about the life […]

Destructive Selection – Altar

Irritated by the fact Assholes like you are near Annoying me everywhere If I was a nazi, I’d vote against you If there was a god, I’d pray for help If I was social, I’d talk to you Buttfuck your shit, I have myself My nerves stretching tight You’re asking for a fight You’re allowed […]

Red Harvest – Altar

The harvest of this year With arrogance these men destroy They seem without a care Children crying, People dying Environment’s a waste A storm will rise, nature shows The fields are filled with hate The end of days has come We will all be slaughtered Nature takes it’s toll What’s never been restored Troops prepare […]

Punishment For Decency – Altar

When do you want to make a stand You fear God will reject you Of entering the promised land You are weak, fear the open road You can only be the one you’ve Been told You’re too scared to speak for Yourself That everyone denies you is Your own bloody fault Weakling, softling, Better hide […]

Forced Imprudence – Altar

People are dying For fidelity Senseless destroying Without premonition Ready to kill The other population Endless fighting Without a way To release them from This horrible decay Unalarmed we aren’t When the master speaks his word Certitude available When luscious speeches are told Immortal no one is Impossible doesn’t exist Oppression nothing learnt From enslavement […]

Throne Of Fire – Altar

You took another destiny The screams you’d heard were awfull real Like they suffered a life of insanity You smelled the pain of distorted desire And took the path towards the lake of fire Your useless life slip away Pass your soul right on me Today I’ll make a final stand Your future becomes my […]

The Unbeliever – Altar

And what you wanted too So many years ahead The world belonged to you I still believe in you And what you want to do The things you left behind The stupid fool in you I thought you were a friend Till it all would end We stood together as one An anti-christian stand Now […]

Truly Untrue – Altar

I have no interest in what you say to me What you talk about is nothing new to me Don’t you understand you are my enemy You say – You’re true – What does it mean? An image – It seems – To me – How does it feel? I’m wrong – You’re right – […]

The Stress Factor – Altar

My head’s exploding now I’ve lost the grip of it, It’s getting out of hand It’s overwhelming me, Schedule is full of shit, Can’t someone spare me now, I’m getting sick of it I know I made that promise To help you out Of your sorrow Stop haunting me Today is not tomorrow The stress […]