Performer ALY AJ

Bullseye – Aly & AJ

Every guy is out for the kill I’m the type of girl worth pursuing But I won’t be caught standing […]

Not This Year – Aly & AJ

A mannequin looks more alive Haven’t meant a word I’ve written here The page is full not one thing sincere […]

Flattery – Aly & AJ

You’re not the only one This heart has ever felt Please, don’t exaggerate Don’t tell me you’re okay, okay, okay.. […]

Rush – Aly & AJ

Into your mind Out of your soul Race through your veins You can’t Escape You can’t Escape Into your Life […]

Blush – Aly & AJ

The things you’d like more of from me Somehow I find it attractive That you won’t censor anything With you […]

Closure – Aly & AJ

Hanging out with someone new Come on dude, I can’t believe who Did it hurt? Oh yes it hurt But […]

Division – Aly & AJ

the best thing that’s happened to you What were you missing? Were you just trippin? Running away from your fear […]

In a second – Aly & AJ

Wish I just could be near you I would sale oceans To get a glimpse of how you feel You’re […]

Protecting Me – Aly & AJ

When I need you most Day and night you’re by my side Protecting me When I feel like crashing down […]

Let It Snow – Aly & AJ

But the fire is so delightful, And since we’ve no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let […]

Silence – Aly & AJ

I’ll bet those years you won’t be here I guess I’ll keep, I guess you’ll keep Every memory Sadly we […]

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