Performer AM I-BLOOD

Eternal You – Am I Blood

Helmet is a fuel to feed every young being Come over me my rising sun girl Lizzard crawling deep in […]

Awake – Am I Blood

Pulls the teeth out of bone flaked arm Fucker little beast like boring mother Small head inside her room-mate For […]

Immaterial – Am I Blood

Truth and lie now you’re in their minds Creeping ahead in this narrow tube Violence encloses me against the whole […]

Suicidal Solution – Am I Blood

Divulge a distrust to you Plenary overcharges Killing all which can’t be saved Come like surprise Trying to scan opposites […]

Examination – Am I Blood

Leave me alone to sleep The circle of waste Psychiatric pistol has raped Fingers of a lovely room No matter […]

Love Yourself – Am I Blood

In front of natural human The wrong side of forty years There’s something wrong with me I don’t know what […]

Negative – Am I Blood

Believing there’s something we need Respect the honour Splashing the torment of loss Chirst our servant obeys I’m flattered He […]

Lust – Am I Blood

To find your head from the ceiling Let me hit the door with a can Full of fingers, I’m praying […]

Stains – Am I Blood

Skin becomes inflamed Shortcut narrows a distance stays Absence from this meaning Seems to suck out the liquid thoughts Rain […]

Sorrow – Am I Blood

Into my pride Cannot say I’m satisfied Crawling into my enemies Never seen a war before Where I’m loosing my […]

Frayed Chime – Am I Blood

Counting on the fingertips of the soundless Climb with pretence to a wall The step covered into a wrong morphine […]

Emotions – Am I Blood

Fascinating form a low divided voice The fantasy of bodytalk a limit for flesh Nitrate ass not a god’s meal, […]

Disgrace – Am I Blood

The charm of novelty exhausting my fear of charity Love like a strong brick to the heart A bound reality […]

Battlefreak – Am I Blood

Injustice for a dream Avoid murder in the name of your testimony Have you seen a burning brain Mother in […]