Category: AM I-BLOOD

Scar In The Head – Am I Blood

Luck is the future to save a little savage No pitiable cries to feel obsession Of the war, I jar with myself Screaming pain Screaming pain of hate Within me On this hollow sand The net of a creeping life has done the damage Figures on my sight have fallen down I use the power […]

Lust – Am I Blood

To find your head from the ceiling Let me hit the door with a can Full of fingers, I’m praying Born to be human another day with a Candle’s end Thinking about my friend in a plane Have seat, swallow me deep into the Mouth of misery drinking pure fule Cut a head off Give […]

Stains – Am I Blood

Skin becomes inflamed Shortcut narrows a distance stays Absence from this meaning Seems to suck out the liquid thoughts Rain irrigates the words Hollow ground my escape and safe Must be disagreeable How low they could flow One deeper level on an unspoiled hole Face behind the attack Of isolated, selfish and me Looking still […]

Sorrow – Am I Blood

Into my pride Cannot say I’m satisfied Crawling into my enemies Never seen a war before Where I’m loosing my recall Night disgracing me Nothing can press me Night disgracing me Nothing can cross me Pathetic prick Unconscious teen Blowing wind a new atmosphere Straight to the heart into my blood Never seen a war […]

War Of My Misery – Am I Blood

Chosen for a dreamless gift The loss you were seeking from my misery Fading to asleep Embrace the victim of your soul You hate it anyway So hate I Capture of grace reveals my vanity Tired for this pressure Value of freedom it keeps on illusion Appears as my own They hate myself and you […]

Frayed Chime – Am I Blood

Counting on the fingertips of the soundless Climb with pretence to a wall The step covered into a wrong morphine Walk with a porno lash with a whip The sweeping fence of solved remorse Surrounded by space icons At least several clicks away Cheap gallons for empty fairness Mordant milk strives out and boils over […]

Gone With You – Am I Blood

Before I wake I always see That dream where everything is dark But I feel I`m tied with chains It won`t let me go it won`t let me wake Before I`ve seen that scary thing Which makes my life like misery Walk through there`s a cradle where you`re crying Laughing crowd with a sound too […]

Determined Anger – Am I Blood

As a friendly undead morning acid You started to feed a power into Your harmless piece of human A hole means ahead on the bed of scale Sliting a body to liquid A land driving man through a better plan To serve as well as virgin Kill ’em with pain determind anger on your side […]

Emotions – Am I Blood

Fascinating form a low divided voice The fantasy of bodytalk a limit for flesh Nitrate ass not a god’s meal, creation So it takes a rest on that bed Quickly reach to another extent Could be colors from TV-friends Knuckle-duster breaks holy breath Forget to give the sign, unspiritual The bluster of angel’s smile, silence […]

Segregated Holocaust – Am I Blood

Trying to reach inanimate faces And no one ever has felt misanthropy Freezing ice like igniting pearl Water flows a sorrow to emptiness Deriding thoughts from a dead will to the distance In the time from strenght to debility Little child aligning dead hearts to appeasing air Nothing’s alive nothing stands anymore There’s left only […]

Lies Wrote Mysteries – Am I Blood

They fake and surely can’t leave us Technology understands Who pulls the strings of sinking Earth My pride cannot stand another fail Nomore mistakes to complain Quite face looking down Once we dreamed of something new Now this all is wasting us Shattered figures roaming on The innerself of the system Scared to belive existance […]

Disgrace – Am I Blood

The charm of novelty exhausting my fear of charity Love like a strong brick to the heart A bound reality Lock to a frayed cage that sways Down to nothingness Aggression my dirty flesh the sign Depression needs more flesh to live Silence deletes this wind Premature indication of dark Can’t go back and see […]

Battlefreak – Am I Blood

Injustice for a dream Avoid murder in the name of your testimony Have you seen a burning brain Mother in the act of death Raping for the chosen one Drilling into a hollow skull Drown the freak into the sea Dirt alive in the ground Polluted massacre’s mind Creeping over the dark Have you seen […]

No Friend – Am I Blood

Fear is the one I lead To desecrate your life To be a god of time I have no friend, I use myself You hesitate my words Oncoming day will show I got more brains to think I am your lord to speak Drink me up well, lay down your head One fault to your […]

The Truth Inside The Dying Sun – Am I Blood

I steal the light that feeds your mind But I must be one you have escaped I am a witness of you lies The purest judge and executor But I might be your only save I am the life in your eyes I am the life in your heart I am the life inside the […]