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Come With Me – Amerie

Look, you don’t have to take this You can come with me na, na, na, na, na, na na, na, na, na, na, na [Chorus] So hard to believe she left you alone all alone I know babe you can come with me though So hard to be strong cause she left you alone all […]

Got To Be There – Amerie

nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah When you and I first met We were so inseparable (So inseparable) And on that last day I left Thinkin we’d need a miracle (Need a miracle) Cause every little word that you said to me Became the biggest pain in my heart […]

1 Thing – Amerie

Knock, knock, knock, oh Knock, knock, knock, oh Knock, knock, knock, oh Knock, knock, knock Verse One: Oh, been trying to let it go Trying to keep my eyes closed Trying to keep it just like before The times we never even thought to speak Don’t wanna tell you what it is Oh wee it […]

Like It Used to Be – Amerie

Our love what we once treasured Your ways what I remember most of all Can’t quite get away from the days we love so heavenly Your kiss such a sweet surrender That day when I let my temper get the best of what we used to have Now I got to ask you can you […]

Falling – Amerie

Can I give you my trust? I’m falling Can I give you my love? I’m falling If I give them to you I’m falling Will you know what to do? I’m falling [Verse 1] Hey, understand I’m not used to letting go once in my past, I told myself I’ll never lose control But you’re […]

Just Like Me – Amerie

But I gave up on the chance That I’d ever fall Head over heels And all the stars I wished upon I never thought That one would fall Down on me Ooh, it’s good to know There’s somebody Somebody who feels like me (Ooh, tt’s good to know) There’s Somebody Somebody who loves like me […]

Why Don’t We Fallin in Love (Richcraft Remix) – Amerie

Tell me why it’s so hard to leave you alone (hard to leave you alone) You and I together feels to right to be wrong (feels to right to be wrong) I hope you don’t mind me speakin so urgently, The price to pay for a love that was meant to be… So can we, […]