Amidst Labyrinthes Of Depression – Crimson Moon

I descend to my depths.
To live on is to bask in pain.
Misery is thy mortality.
I find myself amidst Labyrinthes of Depression.

I wander the endless hallways,
bewildered by my thought.
In the darkness of the labyrinthe,
I am one with my inner self.
With memories of pain and misanthropy,
I long for these walls to be my grave.
I embrace my shadowside in the darkness of this realm
…with a razor to my wrist.

But there is a light,
Mighty Lucifer,
The light that is within Darkness.

Guided by thee I embrace my eternity of pain to live through my life in depression,
I find the deepest of thy self.
I wander the halls of this labyrinthe of pain searching no longer for light.
The only way out is to die!

Lyric Amidst Labyrinthes Of Depression – Crimson Moon