…And Soon The World Will Cease To Be – Amon Amarth

Humans starve and freeze The Fimbul winter has arrived And soon the world will cease to be Brother will be brother’s bane No one shall be spared All will die. None remain That is mankind’s share The southern sphere is set ablaze Muspel’s fire is set free The sun is on its final chase And […]

Releasing Surtur’s Fire – Amon Amarth

This place he knew as Hammerfest When the old Gods reigned The army of demons rides By his side with weapons drawn Today is the day When Ragnarok will be spawned There lies the mountain where the temple once stood Where eons ago he arose to spill their christian blood Stuck in the rock is […]

Amon Amarth – Amon Amarth

Covering the land with black thunder clouds Rain whips the ground at their feet As they come ashore in this foreign land Thunder brakes the silence Of five hundred men assembled on shore Gazing through the misty rain At the mountain not a mile away So dark and silent it stands there The mighty AMON […]

Valkyries Ride – Amon Amarth

Scattered fires glow Soon first blood will be drawn And dying ambers glow They await the suns first rays Anticipation running high The Norns are counting numbered days Hear the war-cry rise See the Valkyries ride! They meet upon this hallowed field Now the end is near Two armies not about to yield The smell […]

Gods Of War Arise – Amon Amarth

The village lies ahead It will wake to a new day soon Soon they’ll all be dead We came in cover of moonless night Fifty men at arms Now at first morning light The church bell sounds the alarm Sacrifice to Gods of old Bleed them of their lives Fresh blood on our swords Gods […]

Annihilation Of Hammerfest – Amon Amarth

Rule the northern realms Hammerfest, the last outpost Has fallen to unbearded men Lords of the bloody cross Deceived or murdered all of true faith Now the temple of Thor, where Mjolner is kept Is under siege They fear the power of Mjolner The hammer of Thor And all their efforts to destroy it have […]

Revenge Of The Zombie (Six Feet Under Cover) – Amon Amarth

Maggots crawl from out my skull The worms they feed upon my brain The life I lost I now regain And my skin has molded green Bullet holes through flesh and bone Half my face rotted off I wait to drink your fucking blood – blood! Hunting – killing Murderous – I’ll cut your fucking […]

Versus The World – Amon Amarth

Now we’ve cleared our names In Nifelheim came rebirth Baptized in Mount Doom’s flames A decade now we’ve fought this war Never yielding from our path Our journeys take us to foreign shores Where we let our metal blast We’ve been battered and left for dead We’ve been beaten and we have bled But we […]

Prediction Of Warfare – Amon Amarth

Weapons and shields Sails were raised We’re heading out to sea! Norway disappeared in the east Our journey had begun Helpful winds gave us our speed Under a warming sun Heading to the emerald land A fleet of 50 ships A army of 2000 man, led by the king On the horizon dark clouds arose […]

Runes To My Memory – Amon Amarth

Deep in the land of the Rus’ Following the wind in our sails And the rhythm of the oars No shelter in this hostile land Constantly on guard Ready to fight and defend Ours ships ’til the bitter end We came under attack I received a deadly wound A spear was forced into my back […]

Once Sealed In Blood – Amon Amarth

Since I left my friends to burn Five years making bitter plans Preparing my return All this time my hatred’s grown The one thing on my mind The hate in me is all I’ve known The one thing keeping me alive Bold words spreads across the land Bragging tongues speak carelessly Know they not what […]

Hermod’s Ride to Hel – Lokes Treachery, Part 1 – Amon Amarth

“Ride, Sleipner! Ride for all you’re worth Faster than lightning To the dark realms of the world” Through valley’s of darkness On our way to Nifelheim To the halls of Hel Where my brother awaits Wailing Voices on the wind Urging me to turn Distant tortured screams Cold blue fires burn I hear the sound […]

The Fall Through Ginnungagap – Amon Amarth

A burst of flames threw me into oblivion The life I knew – Seems distant and unreal A fading dream, a memory I can’t recall Am I real – I can no longer tell A notion tells me I still exist Infinite dark – Through this void I float Resting, waiting for the day When […]

The Dragon’s Flight Across The Waves – Amon Amarth

His family still asleep Gazing at the starlit horizon And the moonsparkling sea When dawn comes he must leave them His home, his children and loved For his destiny beyond those waves Known only to the Norns He’s already dressed ready to leave His four friends are waiting by the shore Each with a dragon […]

Bastards Of A Lying Breed – Amon Amarth

You’ve ruled us for too long Truth to you are lies to me And your right is so wrong Moral preached by immoral fucks All I feel is despise Lie no more you fucking cunts You tare me up inside Your sons die from your abuse But you’re giving us the blame The easy path’s […]

Valhall Awaits Me – Amon Amarth

The cut is wide and deep Right before I turn around He falls to his knees A clear song rings in the blades When steel meets hardened steel I hear the sound of wood that breaks A sword cut through my shield I drop the shield and grab my axe A weapon in each fist […]

Arson – Amon Amarth

Fifty men armed to the teeth The sounding horn called us out to fight We went to meet them in the fields Outnumbered yet we fought But soon we were overrun We took refuge in our home Our downfall had just begun They attacked our home, we kept them out Defending ourselves with spear and […]

The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter – Amon Amarth

Raging across the world With a fury that defied the memory of man Terrible wars were fought, The like has never been seen Men slew without a thought The ties of kinship were no more Skoll and Hati, the ravenous wolves Arose and devoured the son and the moon Darkness descended upon the earth And […]

The Sound Of Eight Hooves – Amon Amarth

A loyal servant of christ Dogs are barking down his back He’s running for his life He came with words of love and peace These heathens had to be saved He thought that he could make them see Instead he was enslaved In captivity he spoke of god To all he met he preached But […]

Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds – Amon Amarth

Demons haunt my taunted mind I’m scared My death’s foreseen ungloryful Please father Make my demons disappear Please mother Death is everywhere (Odin) My son, I’ve seen your fear I have felt your pain No harm will come to you An oath has been sworn (Balder) The evil forces around us Still want to destroy […]

Abandoned – Amon Amarth

Five fearless men prepared to fight We heard with fear the rumbling earth In the mid-day light Surprised we saw all terrified The brave northmen’s run The fearless five with power ride Attacking us in the mid-day sun Their charge was fast, no alarm was sound They broke right through our lines I felt the […]