Performer AMORPHIS

Misery Path – Amorphis

We sail across the sea, In our thoughts we float over mountains All this vanity that we could hide The […]

Silent Waters – Amorphis

The sun showed the way, grim and severe Pulled under the raging waters, my child Sank in the drowning currents, […]

Higher Ground – Amorphis

to see what’s behind the sun step on the hands made out of clay the hands of stained mortals all […]

On Rich And Poor – Amorphis

Old folk remember And those today learn How before their time Life was different here: Without the sun people lived […]

Tuonela – Amorphis

And tears I drink as wine Oblivion my happiness Ground under teeth of time For cold be the stone When […]

Crimson Wave – Amorphis

Truth sat on her shoulder Planets before melting face The keys for the wounded Sinking into underground Please the one […]

Veil Of Sin – Amorphis

I leave some of my goodness I leave the veil of sin And let go my dreams (pre-chorus:) Eternity follows […]

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