Category: AMORPHIS

Her Alone – Amorphis

only one and the shadow of that one only one can make me do my evil deeds only one and the shadow of that one Her alone I will lend my ear to only her I will obey her alone I will always want to serve only her I will defy Only one can me […]

The White Swan – Amorphis

to seek the answers from Death I set out to the black sacred stream to seek out and shoot a white swan On desolate and stony paths from a mountain to a vale I reached the shore and saw it come into my view, the swan I took the arrow and raised my bow I […]

Pilgrimage From Darkness – Amorphis

In his eyes The evil spirit rise Turns to darkness with Satan’s name Blood cries No one sees No one hear To reach the blessing of God As the pump is dead As the time is never lied As the seven crows are flied You can hear the calling “As the time is right Dead […]

Black River – Amorphis

still pondering what I’ve done I’m still thinking what I’ve said, still finding from within and all that I know is still not enough I’m being held by the one shadow tormenting my soul the curving neck of a swan the slow turning of a birds head So white its plumes and feathers itse breast […]

Ethereal Solitude – Amorphis

the night is full I kissed the frozen sweetness the mist around my grief don’t let the past wear you down let go of the life that haunts you tonight don’t let the silence take the sound alone and isolated ethereal solitude you can keep all your secrets there’s no one to hold on to […]

The Gathering – Amorphis

As I sense their steel, As I see the mighty one, As we all gather once again the gods of war summon us… summon us North wind blows to our valley men with ships, with swords, with honour Their horses between flames, their dogs eating enemy childs, Our heavenly father, what is this mortality, do […]

Brother Moon – Amorphis

The air is so warm It breaths for you It sees through you before the storm And if the lake can’t Be the sister To the moon To the river To the sun I know I wouldn’t be strong Wouldn’t be brother to the moon I know I wouldn’t be strong Wouldn’t be sister to […]