An Erotic Damnation – Aegrimonia

in a circle all dressed in black
now evoking the damned
doing the dance of death
drunk as we are
by the poisoned cup of Bacchus
Aspell was cast
and the dead were now among us
in visa deo luna laborat
I shall fear the light now
the sunrise I forgot
Noctivagus forever
and by day in my coffin I shall rest
binded to eachother
Aegrimonia in aevum nectae
Call up the hidden ones
wandering in between
as yesterday becomes tomorrow
so shall I become unseen
the thick red blood
I shall gain
The lifeless walk
Am I mundane
as I enfold my theeth
slowly around her neck
the devouring of the week
in cryptic times, and then…
Fear me not my love

Lyric An Erotic Damnation – Aegrimonia