Sense Of Will – Anacrusis

Without which, there can be no substance These rifts and folds within our lives Each day, a new disruption arrives […]

Idle Hours – Anacrusis

To lift this weight which drags me under Treading in my remorse I must stay above the surface longer Shattering… […]

Wrong – Anacrusis

Living, breathing lies Wrong, all that I feel All compassion dies Once hand in hand And now detached Befriend the […]

Misshapen Intent – Anacrusis

Stricken with grief Self-hatred overflowing It’s eating away It’s eating away Obstructing virtue Overwhelming and growing The enduring might of […]

Something Real – Anacrusis

While wandering further from me I ‘d choked myself in my apathy, Until I no longer could breathe My heart, […]

Still Black – Anacrusis

This pity for you leaves nothing but a bitter taste Persistent lies, nothing but useless words of waste You voice […]

Grateful – Anacrusis

A thickness in the air The filthy air of our morality Misplaced affection In lost and lonely stares Where urge […]

Stop Me – Anacrusis

With feelings worn so clean I wish I could look on this with different eyes And ignore the blinders reminding […]

Terrified – Anacrusis

Thoughts I can’t believe Emotions that run free Never let me be Self-inflicted pain It’s a loss without a gain […]

What You Became – Anacrusis

And, like a ghost of your indulgence, you wear them well. Still haunting something, by your own hand, lost And […]

Division – Anacrusis

Is there room for more than one inside? Walk the course in shallow strides A bridge connects, and space divides […]

Child Inside – Anacrusis

Like an enemy A false sense of security With your bullshit integrity You’d lose it all for your dignity And […]

Vital – Anacrusis

Touches my weary soul I’m closer to the end now Enough despair! I’m whole! Destined to make The right choice […]

Dream Again – Anacrusis

Yes, they just seem to fade Always stripping me so clean… Deserting me I strive to retain my goals And […]

Not Forgotten – Anacrusis

Young minds so easily corrupted The system is fighting itself A fatal blow shall be dealt Thrown into the tide […]

Our Reunion – Anacrusis

Had never seemed a crime But still I felt the punishment of disapproving eyes The criticism misconstrued Had driven me […]

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