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No More – Anasacra

This is not a bedtime story Holy boat, sink or float Learn to cope Or abandon hope One more tale, one more child One more mind that’s created wild One more blank stare, one more trauma One more psycho/socio drama One more nightmare, one more crime One more craving, one last time One more outcast […]

I Will Not Be Broken – Anasacra

brandish my skin I believe I’m innocent Of this sin The accusation of being a coward bounces off my rubber mask just a word They try to get me to fall apart try to get into my heart. They circle around me chanting wild phrases They mix me up inside vast mazes But I am […]

Drowned And Rotten – Anasacra

enjoying harmony of nature. The water’ s shining bright, suddenly my eyes notice human clothing inside. While I realize the human corpse of a man, I try to pull him out, try to get his arm, I want to bring him near. I’ m falling back, in my hands the rotten flesh, inside a sleeve […]