Performer ANASACRA

The Weird Ways – Anasacra

when you think you are prooved against anything bad, ’cause your belief is so strong. Where’ s your saviour for […]

If Only… – Anasacra

Plain white, stone cold walls. All alone with my thoughts, memories and my regrets to keep me company. WISHING ONLY […]

Done In Our Name – Anasacra

we’d killed him Tuesday morning. I woke up strangely buoyant, whisteling a song As when I bent over the dictionary’s […]

60 Steps – Anasacra

In his search for solace, He tries to focus on and rest in the eye of the storm. He sees […]

Signs Of Life – Anasacra

Cries for help – noone comes Look to the skies – see only lies Abandoned soul growing numb I suffer:: […]

Condemned Truth – Anasacra

I want to know the truth, that’ s why I don’ t look away! Manipulations – used by governments. Results […]

Godmachine – Anasacra

Killing, tormenting and nailing to crosses. Brutality, inhuman violence and hate their way to teach christianity – christianity? Blood dripped […]

Scorn – Anasacra

Hatred – against “my own flesh and blood” ! About murder – I think day by day, to kill you […]

No More – Anasacra

This is not a bedtime story Holy boat, sink or float Learn to cope Or abandon hope One more tale, […]

Drowned And Rotten – Anasacra

enjoying harmony of nature. The water’ s shining bright, suddenly my eyes notice human clothing inside. While I realize the […]