Wishing Well – Anastacia

Love is alive Love is alive, yeah Love is alive Love is alive, yeah Yeah yeah Whooooo Yeah, yeah, yeah, […]

I Belong To You – Anastacia

Adesso no, non voglio piщ difendermi Supererт dentro di me gli ostacoli I miei momenti piщ difficili Per te There […]

Time – Anastacia

Is everything But nothing you control Cause there’s away tomorrow But tomorrow never knows Its one day at a Chorus: […]

Secrets – Anastacia

Late in september Memories i can’t erase The shiver through autumn The memory of your face ’cause i grew much […]

Overdue Goodbye – Anastacia

Pay attention I got something to say Pleasant information This is me walking That you’re waving This might get away […]

Rearview – Anastacia

I use to tell myself that you would wait I borrowed time for two and I twisted fate I left […]

Saddest Part – Anastacia

It’s endlessly ending with you I gave up your shadow And that is the coldest truth And the secrets we […]

I Do – Anastacia

with their sticks and stones dont they know that we know theres a chill within their bones they blame and […]

Sexy Single – Anastacia

A love to give me piece of mind And I, I looked into your eyes Captivated by your wicked smile […]

Maybe Today – Anastacia

This complicated world we weave Spins around, pulls us down This life we lead is overrated Mixed up, fucked up […]

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