Performer ANATHEMA

Harmonium – Anathema

what I see will never end it can’t be now that life is gone it’s too real to overcomeit’s too […]

Barriers – Anathema

unspoken (10000thousandthoughtsanhourandrising) twist back inside How did we get here Life don’t belong here Feel like I just never tried […]

Memento Mari – Anathema

My life’s minds plagued by lyssophobia In a cage solitude locks me in As the dark blackened walls close in […]

Eternity Part 1 – Anathema

Where have all the flowers gone? Just what went wrong? Innocence, insanity, irony Stone cold reality Oh lord come and […]

Cerulean Twilight – Anathema

I’m lying here, oh so peaceful….. ….. In serene harmony I’m dreaming yet I feel awake I’m dreaming yet I […]

All Faith Is Lost – Anathema

Sorrows flow, the sadness of another day tortures my heart Life fades. Echoes, voices calling Within my mind. Shadows. I […]

A Dying Wish – Anathema

I bear the seed of ruin A golden age turned to stone Elysium….. to dust For this, a tragic journey […]

Re-Connect – Anathema

The fragments of connection died Some things just won’t fade with time Hide behind a transparent eye You can’t see […]

Better Off Dead – Anathema

how could I know that you’d burn?, and I’m sorry about the moon, how could I know that you’d disapproved, […]

The Silent Enigma – Anathema

In dreamland grandeur I held mesmerised peace Innocence breathed again A mind’s escape Leave walls of tears behind Ethereal vision […]

Shroud Of Frost – Anathema

Undying odyssey….. a myriad of times The soul has seen Through eyes of heaven The imperium of earth Nothing left […]

Electricity – Anathema

seems like you never understood me seems like you never really knew how to feel but electricity it drew you […]

Are You There? – Anathema

Is it wonderful to know All the ghosts… All the ghosts… Freak my selfish out My mind is happy Need […]

Flying – Anathema

a light that shines behind the veil trying to find it And all around us everywhere Is all that we […]

Judgement – Anathema

Asleep is the rose, in tired innocence… dreaming time away. Secure in the comfort of slumbers faint embrace. Blissfully ignorant, […]

Balance – Anathema

This is the great escape From a life that tried to mould you And the lie it sold you What […]

Pressure – Anathema

trample on bodies, bodies in holes of faith times I’ve asked the lord for forgiveness while kept under a spell […]

Hope – Anathema

From your own century I may seem to be Strange archeology But when the winds blow From this direction You […]

Release – Anathema

walk on through the wasteland I just can’t let go face down I just break down when I see you […]