Performer ANATHEMA

Regret – Anathema

As I drift away… far away from you, I feel all alone in a crowded room, Thinking to myself “There’s […]

Empty – Anathema

Empty vessel under the sun wipe the dust from my face another morning black sunday coming down again empty vessel […]

Underworld – Anathema

your good intentions are boring take me away if it keeps you sane then it’s ok if I play it […]

Crestfallen – Anathema

I cry a tear of hope but it is lost in helplessness The darkness eats away at the very embers […]

Lost Control – Anathema

Life has betrayed me once again, I accept that some things will never change. I’ve let your tiny minds magnify […]

Temporary Peace – Anathema

staring out upon the sea the waves are washing over half forgotten memory Deep within the moment laughter floats upon […]

…And I Lust – Anathema

Wandering aimlessly through dead filled fields Rewards are just. who knows what absence yields? By the golden beauty of dusk […]

Harmonium – Anathema

what I see will never end it can’t be now that life is gone it’s too real to overcomeit’s too […]

Barriers – Anathema

unspoken (10000thousandthoughtsanhourandrising) twist back inside How did we get here Life don’t belong here Feel like I just never tried […]

Memento Mari – Anathema

My life’s minds plagued by lyssophobia In a cage solitude locks me in As the dark blackened walls close in […]

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