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Sleepless ’96 – Anathema

I often wonder why I’m still here and I still cry And I often cry I often spill a tear Over those not here But still they are so near Please ease my burden And I still remember A memory and I weep In my broken sleep The scars they cut so deep Please ease […]

Eternity Part 1 – Anathema

Where have all the flowers gone? Just what went wrong? Innocence, insanity, irony Stone cold reality Oh lord come and save me Do you think we’re forever? I’ve been in tears Hope has dies in me But now I’mm here, I don’t wish to leave Trapped in time A miracle of hope and change A […]

Cerulean Twilight – Anathema

I’m lying here, oh so peaceful….. ….. In serene harmony I’m dreaming yet I feel awake I’m dreaming yet I am awake Subjected to pain. Dark screams repent And in a foreboding rage, a soul will die….. ….. a soul will die My mind is burning, I’m burning I can’t feel you anymore Have I […]

All Faith Is Lost – Anathema

Sorrows flow, the sadness of another day tortures my heart Life fades. Echoes, voices calling Within my mind. Shadows. I cry My senses deteriorated I break down devoid of hope All faith is lost. Why live? I beg for mercy, I plead, tell me Why? Why me? Why must I be one of the chosen? […]

A Dying Wish – Anathema

I bear the seed of ruin A golden age turned to stone Elysium….. to dust For this, a tragic journey A vision of a dying embrace Scattered earth Silence….. Where Echonia wept I sank into the silent desert Fallen am I, In the solitude of a broken promise …. I cried alone My emptyrean is […]

Re-Connect – Anathema

The fragments of connection died Some things just won’t fade with time Hide behind a transparent eye You can’t see me but I can you… Betray without a moment’s thought Regret nothing but getting caught Your time has come and here I stand Why should I hold out my hand to you… I could never […]

Better Off Dead – Anathema

how could I know that you’d burn?, and I’m sorry about the moon, how could I know that you’d disapproved, I’ll never make the same mistake, the next time I create the universe I’ll make sure we communicate at length but until then… better off dead, a smile on the lips and a hole in […]

Parisienne Moonlight – Anathema

I don’t know how I don’t know why I see you feel for me You cried with me You would die for me I know I need you I want you To be free of all the pain You have inside You cannot hide I know you tried To be who you couldn’t be You […]

Eternal Rise Of The Sun – Anathema

The world turns every day An ending with no end So, for this time of morning I can no longer cry Even though the story goes on The script is being written Start shape our destiny We are the bible… Believe in angels, they believe in you Oh, spread your wings, there is more than […]

The Silent Enigma – Anathema

In dreamland grandeur I held mesmerised peace Innocence breathed again A mind’s escape Leave walls of tears behind Ethereal vision haunting still….. The solitude left me blind Beneath an open sky Sibilant cries of youth dying Enslave me with grief A moonlit era, oblivion’s twilight kiss Wishes in lament Happiness in a broken vision Utopia […]

Shroud Of Frost – Anathema

Undying odyssey….. a myriad of times The soul has seen Through eyes of heaven The imperium of earth Nothing left to perceive Help me to escape from this existence I yearn for an answer… can you help me? I’m drowning in a sea of abused visions and shattered dreams In somnolent illusion… I’m paralysed Infinity […]

Lovelorn Rhapsody – Anathema

I hear your voice It sings so softly Curious to join in A harmony to breathe forevermore Joyous the one to hear a voice In fields where grass grows tall Golden carpets swell and whisper Autumn trees will weep Immune to pity, I’ve grown used to grief The eternal tear reciprocates In fields where grass […]

Electricity – Anathema

seems like you never understood me seems like you never really knew how to feel but electricity it drew you near to me what you needed was to be rid of me There were times you really made me smile and there were times you really made me cry and there were times I never […]

Are You There? – Anathema

Is it wonderful to know All the ghosts… All the ghosts… Freak my selfish out My mind is happy Need to learn to let it go I know you’d do no harm to me But since you’ve been gone I’ve been lost inside Tried and failed as we walked by the riverside And I wish […]

Flying – Anathema

a light that shines behind the veil trying to find it And all around us everywhere Is all that we could ever share if only we could see it Feel there’s truth that’s beyond me Life ever changing weaving destiny And it feels like I’m flying above you Dream that i’m dying to find the […]

Judgement – Anathema

Asleep is the rose, in tired innocence… dreaming time away. Secure in the comfort of slumbers faint embrace. Blissfully ignorant, unaware of the imminence… Recurring memories emerge from the deep… of old secrets unforgotten sleep. They sink beneath the surface just long enough for you to breathe. Then return to choke you when you wake […]

We, The Gods – Anathema

How can you climb a mountain to kill a God? Why do you cross unknown lands, to kill our Gods? Why do you build walls… to starve our Gods? Is it for the same reason you blind us? Is this why you punish our children? And rape our sisters? When will we drown When will […]

Balance – Anathema

This is the great escape From a life that tried to mould you And the lie it sold you What would you do? What wouldn’t you do? What would you do? What wouldn’t you do? What would you do? What wouldn’t you do? Did you try to reason why Look yourself in the eye What […]

Fragile Dreams – Anathema

“Tonight your soul sleeps, but one day you will feel real pain, maybe then you will see mee as I am, A fragile wreck on a storm of emotion” Countless times I trusted you, I let you back in, Knowing… Yearning… you know I should have run… but I stayed Maybe I always knew, My […]

Pressure – Anathema

trample on bodies, bodies in holes of faith times I’ve asked the lord for forgiveness while kept under a spell of a sweating locust’s breath. No need to tell me ‘cos its written on your face sliding down now with the black lights shining I don’t care where you go you won’t get away from […]

Hope – Anathema

From your own century I may seem to be Strange archeology But when the winds blow From this direction You may sense me there In your reflection I think I feel you But I will never know As the swallows leave And the children grow I wanted to live forever The same is you will […]

Release – Anathema

walk on through the wasteland I just can’t let go face down I just break down when I see you cry all the time (sometimesssssssss) Hold on please hold on to me tempt fate release escape Someone now is screaming as the flames fly high think now that we’re lost here and we don’t know […]