Morbid Glory (Gilles De Rais 1404-1440) – Ancient Rites

At the side of Joan of Arc Glorious Marshalls of France Gilles de Rais You were the one to insult an important priest Never afraid to face the enemy However when the night longs for Him shadows on the wall reflect scenes which cannot bare the light of day Appreciating aesthetic art and Alchemy But […]

Gцtterdдmmerung (Twilight of the Gods) – Ancient Rites

Gott ist der Mensch (god is man) Sein ist die Hand die schaft (his is the hand that makes) Sein ist die Hand die verletzt (his is the hand that wounds) Gцtterdдmmerung! We are gods, God is man His is the hand that makes, his is the hand that wounds! As I behold your crucified […]

On Golden Fields (De Leeuwen Dansen) – Ancient Rites

Our weapons shall regain What betrayers must buy Throwing back the invaders Reigning our land and waves And finally teach these nobles What it means to be slaves Far more large in numbers Better armed they came But are it not our cities That these rascals claimed? A victory rather certain They held within their […]

Thermopylae – Ancient Rites

300 noblemen, ancient world in awe Facing Xerxes might, no hope for victory Still Persian blood coloured the Aegian Sea Go, tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, That here, obedient to their laws, we lie. Lacedaemon’s mothers gave birth to men, Withstanding thousends again and again None will behold the Eurotas Valley no more This […]

Victory Or Valhalla (Last Man Standing) – Ancient Rites

Last man standing Victory! Last man standing! Valhalla!! Last man standing! Shattered and mortally wounded On the battlefield they lay Farewell my fellow companions Thy souls have gone away (we shall not behold the green fields nor hear the birds sing in may to defend we have fought and won though with our life we […]

Total Misanthropia – Ancient Rites

Take the blood, take the blood Of my enemies Total hate I want them to die Total misantropia Who needs weak flesh or family Total misantropia Say whatever you want Meant for me to hear Hate is the only thing I feel Destruction follows everywhere Total misantropia Hate! I don’t need this love War! Bloodshed […]

Brabantia – Ancient Rites

None seeked shelter, none did hide Their faces directed towards foe Causing wounds with every blow Neither then or before Was heard of such a man The duke of Brabant brave in war Chivalry still treasured then Een standaard van goud en zwart Schitterend in de namiddagzon Men streed met leeuwenhart Bij Woeringen waar de […]

Fatherland – Ancient Rites

trying to gain more land And a merciless west wind steals my breath When the fierce waves are pounding on the beaches Plain as an endless desert Or uttermost vile storms are Teaching my people humbleness Then one can see my land resist There one can see my land fight As gloomy grey skies Cast […]

Season’s Change – Ancient Rites

To walk the misty paths The forest seems like a shelter On this cold winter night A huge fire is reflecting shadows Of youth and old age As the open place is reached And the elderly take their seats This is the night of the season’s change And a new fire shall be lit A […]

Land Of Frost And Despair – Ancient Rites

No hope for the future Only the darkest goal Only the darkest dreams Darkest desires fill my soul Land of Frost and Misery Blasphemous games No place for the weak Only the Cold No love Darkest desires Burn my soul No place for a weak God Only Black is real No place for sun Dark […]

Assyrian Empire – Ancient Rites

Empire of Doom Masters, masters of pain & destruction Fighting, Killing, Slaying Decapitating their (enemies) heads Fighting, Slaying, Raping, No one could stand the sight Their (skinned) enemies flesh on the city walls A pile of skulls in front of the city gate Flesh on the walls of the conquered weak True Masters Assyrian Empire […]

Mithras – Ancient Rites

‘Rome is above nations, but thou art over all’ Mithras, God of the morning, our trumpets waken the wall! ‘Rome is above nations, but thou art over all’ Now as the names are answered, and the guards are marched away, Mithras, also a soldier, give us strenght for the day! Mithras, God of the sunset, […]

Obscurity Reigns (Fields Of Flanders) – Ancient Rites

Churches in flames Satanic oath Blasphemous rites Churches in flames Obscurity reigns Feast on meat Drenched in blood Denial of Christ Loyal towards each other Together in DEATH Dwelling around in the Fields of Flanders At night they ride… touch the sky Churches in flames Blasphemous rites Obscurity reigns Morbid glory…bonded by blood LOYAL Choose […]

Dim Carcosa – Ancient Rites

The sun invisible or since long down? Over the dismal landscape Above Carcosa No sound, only the wind sighed Behind mysterious moons, strange towers hide But even more sitant is Lost Carcosa Tales that the Hades will sing Vague stories of a yellow king Must die untold in Strange Carcosa Mysteries hidden by lake Hali’s […]

Crucifixion Justified (Roman Supremacy) – Ancient Rites

Bastard! Spit on you! Liar! Weak loser! Spit on your cross! Christ! How can one possibly follow your weak rules You promised heaven Rather descend into hell Die Jesus Die You only played a game on earth Only an empty grave awaits Die Nazarine Christ! You’re hoping for a place in heaven Could be hell […]

North Sea – Ancient Rites

The North Sea wide and cold A ship heavily loaded With the world’s most precious gold The enemy ship was floating To steal our precious gold Floating on the North Sea Our North Sea wide and cold Our youngest comrade, the bravest of us all Volunteered to sink the boat loaded with gold He jumped […]

Ypres – Ancient Rites

Near this monument of the fallen, where one hears the sad last post Celebration in the city of Ypres, again a new year was born Not on this place of eternal silence, where quietly souls mourn For time did not matter on this site, of the graveless dead Near the leafless trees, we somehow met […]