Aris – Ancient Rites

Honoured be Thy deeds Leading our tribes against the aggressor Outnumbered, a campaign that could not be won (But forever […]

Rubicon – Ancient Rites

Die Welt ist ein Feuer! Sie das Morgenrot im Osten! Befreit Ihre Seele (Behold the Red Dawn in the East! […]

Templar – Ancient Rites

Eye for an eye, kill for a kill “Allah Ahkbar”, “God wills it” Cross and half moon in total war […]

Thermopylae – Ancient Rites

300 noblemen, ancient world in awe Facing Xerxes might, no hope for victory Still Persian blood coloured the Aegian Sea […]

Brabantia – Ancient Rites

None seeked shelter, none did hide Their faces directed towards foe Causing wounds with every blow Neither then or before […]

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