Performer ANGEL DUST

Coming Home – Angel Dust

I don’t remember – everything I’ve gone too far There ain? t nothing left It started so softly – Couldn’t […]

Fly Away – Angel Dust

Live seems so hard at all Not evenworth a dime Need to do some kind of crime I’m looking up […]

Freedom Awaits – Angel Dust

It’s echoeing the weariness that’s hunting us It’s getting dark we both can see Pathetic words won’t rescue me Love […]

Centuries – Angel Dust

That you can’t remember World was like hell, From sky rained fire Created to fight and to koll Till just […]

Nightmare – Angel Dust

Listen wat your lord’s gonna say I hear you praying me day by day I know that you believe in […]

The King – Angel Dust

yes I wait for the right word twelve o’clock this is my time time to change to the nightbird and […]

Unite – Angel Dust

Of the silence that falls on the future I won’t say – but I believe there is something in my […]

Never – Angel Dust

I don’t know whats going on List in hell Nothing remains the same Creatures of the night arise in me […]

Disbeliever – Angel Dust

All the things I’ve seen before a million times It’s cold neon light A stranger on his way A world, […]

Hold On – Angel Dust

captured in his net and your prince rides beside you he knows no way to help You walk through tubes […]

Bleed – Angel Dust

Appear behind the light And the coldness seizes me A paralyzing pain catches me again Can anybody tell me what’s […]

Unreal Soul – Angel Dust

Spent my life in a dark dismay It starts with you for what it’s worth Can’t speak your name, or […]