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Centuries – Angel Dust

That you can’t remember World was like hell, From sky rained fire Created to fight and to koll Till just one survives To rule the world in the end Is our final aim We walked thru the times Like the wind thru your hair And you don’t know That we’re at your side We’ll gather […]

Behind The Mirror – Angel Dust

Dreamin’ dawn turns to dusk Dwarves and fairies dance on my grave There’s a door to – wonderland Fires, see fires darken the night Brightness, dark brightness Trapped in a hot air balloon I can’t believe it But I believe it`s true There’s a shark Climbing thru’ my heart Stars shine when the moon heat […]

Nightmare – Angel Dust

Listen wat your lord’s gonna say I hear you praying me day by day I know that you believe in me, the only truth You’re the deciples of knowledge All elder and youth And I will eat up your minds And swollow your souls There ain’t no escape From the mechanical claws I’m just your […]

The King – Angel Dust

yes I wait for the right word twelve o’clock this is my time time to change to the nightbird and like a snake I am winding myself into tight jeans the look on my face’s gonna make all the girls know what I mean I come in the music stops and you see everyone turning […]

Unite – Angel Dust

Of the silence that falls on the future I won’t say – but I believe there is something in my mind It’s hard to expect there will be no surprises Don’t feel – there’s a sign of what’s coming – we divide Keep us together Don’t silence our souls In this dread – ripped apart […]

Never – Angel Dust

I don’t know whats going on List in hell Nothing remains the same Creatures of the night arise in me Darkness around me Encourages their evil deeds I feel my mind is leaving me I will follow into eternity A light shines on me I feel the sun arise Fire will banish my fear My […]

Follow Me (Part 1) – Angel Dust

a walk along the river In the valley of our dreams Forgotten problems – they’ve darkened the horizon Life’s no more what it seems The other side of pain is rising high again And makes me cry So why don’t you follow me? Why don’t you follow me? Forgotten promises – just flow within the […]

Wings Of An Angel – Angel Dust

pounding through the sky gods revenge will always find you when you hide in the night there is no forgiveness for you when you pray down on your knees you’ve got to fight to fight the slavery in the bad dimension heat You’ve got wings wings of an angel yeah you’ve got wings wings of […]

Follow Me (Part 2) – Angel Dust

Live – never thougt it wold be that hard Time – always knew on my side Death – seems to be the only bride ‘Cause you didn’t follow me ‘Cause you didn’t follow me Love – a never unknown feeling I lost Pain – I never thought I’d count the cost Feel – you finally […]

Disbeliever – Angel Dust

All the things I’ve seen before a million times It’s cold neon light A stranger on his way A world, that’s always been cold and gray Just wait another day Tell me now – Is this the world that you have made for me? Is this all you’ll let me be? Hold the children for […]

Come Into Resistance – Angel Dust

I already know we will surely come to a row Agressions send out with might, We will darken the light Gotta meet a new friend, I need to speak I’m talking to you, because I’m so cofused, I am insane Somewhere I heard, we will soon come to war. What to do? So, join our […]

Marching For Revenge – Angel Dust

And now you tell me how I ought to live Right from the start you had your plan Had it all planned from the beginning to the end I must do what you demand from me You give me (the) orders – and I have to obey But it can’t go on that fucking way […]

Hold On – Angel Dust

captured in his net and your prince rides beside you he knows no way to help You walk through tubes of mistery you see light at the end but when you reach the exit your’re cought by thousand hands You ride on a silver spider captures in his net and your prince rides beside you […]

Bleed – Angel Dust

Appear behind the light And the coldness seizes me A paralyzing pain catches me again Can anybody tell me what’s going on Another day is over see horror on the screen The shadows gonna touch my heart A skeleton hand that bears all the grief Does lightly stroke my sleeping emphaty Can I leave and […]

Unreal Soul – Angel Dust

Spent my life in a dark dismay It starts with you for what it’s worth Can’t speak your name, or I go insane In another world – back to my soul I know there’s nothing here, oh yeah Seems I’m back in a loveless world Can’t understand what it’s worth Step outside the lifeless game […]

Victims Of Madness – Angel Dust

To seize power for himself He knows how to seize the might Enough power to start the fight It’s exactly the right time To realize his plans Plans for another world war Now he sees his chance Madness – he is totally insane Madness – the only word to describe this man Madness – only […]