Solar Wills – Angelcorpse

Four corners race – stretch infinity Cataclysms celebrate A whirling soul ablaze with spirited gleam A silence made sullen by […]

Envenomed – Angelcorpse

Cut off your nose to spite your face You cannot deny your natural desires Sell the soul away parade into […]

Scapegoat – Angelcorpse

With air that hath no boughs to nestle My body weary of empty clasp Strong as a lion and sharp […]

Saints Of Blasphemy – Angelcorpse

Strains of bymns and bymens ablaze Dammation Discharged from vessels unsung The suffocating reels of heavenly cunts Habits befouled purtanical […]

Extermination Sworn – Angelcorpse

War Vultures circle strike endlessly Grim Demolition shrieking without mercy Spitting steel and slaughter at prey Decapitated armor broken and […]

Black Solstice – Angelcorpse

The frozen has lain forlorn too many ages Wasting away in the crucible of space Drawing down the hallowed darkness […]

Consecration – Angelcorpse

Bearing at the edges of the world The hallowed arms of those Whom death hath struck down Warriors from the […]

Hexensabbat – Angelcorpse

Black arts summon spirits burn within Arise incubi and succubi Dmps of the perverse delight in sin Victorious poisoned ecstasies […]

Wartorn – Angelcorpse

Corvus corax descending Through ashes smoke and pain Stark sepia sigil of strength The revealing stench of victory Lycanthropic ripping […]

Christhammer – Angelcorpse

The dream pervades mysterious and lewd I am One of Many offered unto thee Bearing proud the brand of sacreligion […]

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