Word Salad – Annihilator

Closets of my mind destroyed, as I enter outward from a void Corpses white have strapped me down, I rise above then fall Tactual hallucination, cockroaches infest the wall Psychic pain on ice, I hurt Devoid strength my life, inert Anger fills they’re shocked me back White corpses turn to black I run on psychic […]

Refresh The Demon – Annihilator

must win the battle, I must win the war, just buy our product and you’ll want more we say refresh, refresh the demon subliminal, yet direct, another billion, to collect another flavor to satisfy, they forgot to tell you, it’s all a lie let’s raise a glass to the young, models and athletes they’ll become […]

Human Insecticide – Annihilator

Dreams of smashing little things before they ruin my life Find means capable of smothering a flea Extermination is their end, escaping not from me Chorus: Retaliate Decapitate–I love to see them bleed Annihilate I am human insecticide Creepy black mass, I see one down below Prepare to strike, act quickly now, strike the fatal […]

Denied – Annihilator

destruction and pain are my friends explosions and fires that rip through the night surrounded by bodies of death burning, crying, helpless burning, dying, in the dark burning, crying, helpless fire in the sky watching and praying and waiting to die fire in the sky no hope for tomorrow, denied smoldering ashes and flames rise […]

Bled – Annihilator

Your lips are moving they got nothing to say Always steaming but you’re cold to the bone So negative, just leave me alone No more crying, no more dying No more bleeding me No more screaming, no deceiving No more bleeding me You smell the bleeding, moving in for the kill The way you treat […]

Something Witchy – Annihilator

Why are you screaming at me? What are you talking about? I can’t hear you and I can’t understand when you shout Why can’t you see what you have put me through? NO! Why are you screaming at me? What are you talking about? I can’t hear you and I can’t understand when you shout […]

City Of Ice – Annihilator

and I hate what’s happening to me this place is cold, it’s turning me to stone these streets won’t leave me be garbage, murder, misery, so this is ecstasy it’s all a bunch of lies you try to take me and rape me of my dreams they’re melting right before my eyes, city of ice […]

Dead Wrong – Annihilator

Tar me, feather me and push me around, punish me and correct me, Kick me when I’m down crucify me and stone me, hang me out to die Well light the fire and burn me, all because of a lie All these years you have taken away, you don’t wanna listen, Don’t care what I […]

Clare – Annihilator

I’m looking for someone special, crawling on my hands and my knees Somebody turn the lights on; I can’t breathe the air Won’t someone help me find my little Clare I want you to see me when the lights go down I wish you could be me when the lights go down I can’t stop […]

Sounds Good To Me – Annihilator

Like a ship on the ocean, we’ll set sail for a better day Come live in a daydream, this is your wonderland Let’s swim in the deep sea, so jump in and take my hand Dream away don’t wait for the night ‘Cause any old time at all sounds good to me Hello, you can […]

Reaction – Annihilator

Accidental intake, down the throat, the chance of survival can be Remote, extreme reaction, I got to medicate, must inject the dose, I hope that I’m not late Push the plunger all the way, pray to live another day Feel the rush through the veins, got to, got to un-invite the pain Panic setting in, […]

Wind – Annihilator

I’m walking in the darkness, I’m trying to un-wind Just the kind of peace, I need to soothe my mind I’m tired of all the noise, tired of alll the pain Escape in the night, just to face another day I’m talking to the wind I can feel the calm, the pressure start to go […]

Bloodbath – Annihilator

The clouded’s getting clearer, it’s closer all the time Darker, taller, bigger, all blackness under wing Reaping holy profits from the fear of absolutely nothing Bloodbath – no one here will miss The stench of your abyss Bloodbath – the blood is never yours Whores, your followers I hear the people coming, I hear them […]

Sonic Homicide – Annihilator

Intense pain numbing to a pinch Tearing the fabric of the soul Killing is inch by inch Listen to the words of the sick fuck C’mon and drop to the knees You want compliance, you want control Devastation done with ease Sonic homicide a torture That’s burning through the ears Sonic homicide beware the killing […]

Live Wire (AC/DC Cover) – Annihilator

I’m the man to see If you’re lookin’ for satisfaction I’m satisfaction guaranteed I’m as cool as a body on ice Or hotter than a rollin’ dice Send you to heaven Take you to hell I ain’t foolin’ Can’t you tell I’m a live wire, I’m a live wire, I’m a live wire Gonna set […]

No Love – Annihilator

You nail yourself like jesus, Posing on a cross You’re waiting to get off I seen you in the movies, I’ve passed you on the street I saw you walk on water Or was that make-believe There is no love anymore I am hanging helpless here, In front of you A broken toy, a puppet […]

Detonation – Annihilator

There’s nothing left to do Watching life go by without me I sit here in my room All alone I pray for something To get me out of here I talked to God, I talked to Jesus They told me what to fear I’ve got this burning feeling Building up inside There ain’t no way […]

Syn. Kill 1 – Annihilator

for propaganda, the news hour you know my cause so don’t turn your back you see my anger, fear my attack assassinate kidnap and murder, I will terrify the death of an innocent, I will justify target you are now in my sight you’ll never know what hit you, you’re blown by dynamite I’m gonna […]

Drive – Annihilator

And I don’t care about the rest And if I fall I will get up I will deliver my best THIS will be a lonely road But it’s what I choose The pain and the sacrifice I got nothing to lose I’m alright, I’m okay I’ll survive another day I’m alright, go away Can’t you […]

Alison Hell ’86 – Annihilator

alice aren’t you scared alice isn’t it wonderful living life afraid don’t look around the corner i might be lurking there under the bed at night you’re up till dawn again alison hell, your mind begins to fold alison hell, aren’t you growing cold alison hell, you are looking blue alice in hell, what else […]

The Nightmare Factory – Annihilator

Anywhere sounds good to me But as I fade into darkness Something’s happening to me Slipping, failing, demon’s calling Spiders crawling, dogs are mauling Walls are closing, tumor growing Reaper’s sewing, blood is flowing Wake up screaming As I lay my head back down Soaked and shaking, trembling Please just let me slip into a […]

Sexecution – Annihilator

I’ve heard a lot about you And I’ve heard all about your disease Well they asy you’re an animal With a rabid desire to please I’m on the hunt, you’re on the prowl Do you wanna to do this time Come on, we got nothing to lose Let’s commit the crime I want your flesh […]

Invite It – Annihilator

where everything comes crashing down and MADNESS is the rule Your MIND is set to overload with doomsday information i see you’ve come here just in time ot join the celebration don’t fight it, invite it VOICES IN MY HEAD just try it, entice it telling me i’m dead don’t fight it, invite it playing […]

Don’t Bother Me – Annihilator

I couldn’t get out of bed I had a couple of drinks last night I guess it went to my head I slept through my wake up call Forgot to feed the cat There’s only one thing wrong I don’t know where I’m at Excuse, no use, it doesn’t work for me You’ve had your […]

Rage Absolute – Annihilator

You see it coming from a mile away Built up inside, I lose control My blood boils, I can’t take it anymore Do what I want, do what I say It’s you that makes me act this way You are my reason to un load And I am ready to explode Someone tell me why […]

The Box – Annihilator

I’m every nightmare, I’m every dream I am the window over your land so turn me on, come take my hand don’t push me I offer you scandal, I offer a wealth of gratuitous violence, hazardous to your health I give the vision, of how life should be I choose your heroes, come follow me […]

Murder – Annihilator

no longer alive this is your destiny caise I have arrived I am not a nightmare I am disease and I’ll bring society to its’ knees murder the world I was born to murder the world the fools and the innocent they’re all the same to me, I thrive on pleasure and pain it’s not […]

The Perfect Virus – Annihilator

spreading like a disease a cancer-like affliction to bring us down to our knees created for the masses systematic crash and burn to pillage and to plunder this cyber-hungry world circulate, devastate, re-create the perfect virus entering the mainframe like a rogue, killing, hunting machine weaving its’ web of destruction like nothing before ever seen […]

Never – Annihilator

There are those amongst us ignorant who Think that they are not only superior to other Races, but are the carriers of a superior Morality and culture, these groups are Generally composed of discontented people Who target others with racist propaganda And acts of violence We are the children, we are the ones On a […]

Clown Parade – Annihilator

Like many others before No guilty conscience, just another sin They’re truly rotten to the core Contracts with criminal intent Spelling out the things they’re gonna do Liars, taking back their word Draining the life right out of you Over and over, they do it again A network of thieves try to bring you an […]

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