Never – Annihilator

There are those amongst us ignorant who Think that they are not only superior to other Races, but are the carriers of a superior Morality and culture, these groups are Generally composed of discontented people Who target others with racist propaganda And acts of violence We are the children, we are the ones On a […]

Clown Parade – Annihilator

Like many others before No guilty conscience, just another sin They’re truly rotten to the core Contracts with criminal intent Spelling out the things they’re gonna do Liars, taking back their word Draining the life right out of you Over and over, they do it again A network of thieves try to bring you an […]

Holding On – Annihilator

This empty felling, I feel so all alone But from the darkness, the reason I am here You try to help me wipe away a tear And you ask me why I’m crying, you ask me why I’m sad So I tell you that there’s nothing wrong, don’t need to understand I’m holding on for […]

Striker – Annihilator

you challenge the best in the land I’ll show you no mercy, prepare for a fight the ultimate force is at hand slithering into position, moving in for the attack forging ahead with precision, now there is no turning back charging ahead with conviction, let no one dare stand in my way conquering all opposition, […]

Cold Blooded – Annihilator

a force that has come to inherit the earth, my calling a time and a place for sadistic intent, I know for when you will bleed saving your life is beyond your control, wait for my eternal greed shortage of time, you are next, prepare to die power grows in me, look to my supremacy […]

Torn – Annihilator

buried deep within my veins are like the deepest roots, my darkest sins all my thoughts are cast in stone, a castle I have built it’s walls have just begun to crack, I am full of guilt over and over the nightmare never ends I have been ripped, I have been torn over and under, […]

Imperiled Eyes – Annihilator

“Although a cliche subject in metal, fear of annihilation is something we’ve all experienced at one time or another. In this case, we try to decipher, lyrically and musically, a set of reoccurring nightmares I used to frequently have.” Centuries of war and waste Have dealt a mortal blow Mother earth begins to rot Humanity […]

Double Dare – Annihilator

Watch you squirm, see the need, it’s time to go, time to leave I dare you to come any closer, I dare you to cross this line And I dare you to be different, and I dare you to try I dare you to get any closer, I dare you to break this line And […]

Battered – Annihilator

a pounding like never before, it’s time to end the agony a whipped dog, programmed to obey, I’ve got to do this right got to retaliate, find the strength and mount a fight battered, got to fight back you are battered, a vicious attack living in a fantasy world, it’s all but make-believe stalking, never […]

Hunger – Annihilator

I like to prey on evil minds and I like to rip the very fabric that keeps them all intertwined I’m full of lies, just hold me as you die I wrench this vice, my human sacrifice you beg and I feed, your blood is all I need rapture, ecstasy, it’s time to bleed for […]

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