Epic Of War – Annihilator

war, the garden of war, can you smell war, can you taste hate, no release from hate, psychological hate, can […]

Ligeia – Annihilator

Lengthened years have built my mind, memories undeep Yet with instability, one thing stands too clear Lady perfection, mystery, of […]

Alison Hell – Annihilator

Alice isn’t frightening Alice aren’t you scared Alice isn’t is wonderful Living life afraid Don’t look around the corner I […]

No Zone – Annihilator

You’re ready to burn me up, so get set for war My world’s been set on fire, like a knife […]

The Edge – Annihilator

To young to be waiting at stop signs I’m on fire and I can’t cool down And I’m ready to […]

Fiasco – Annihilator

You’re a fool, you’re the talk of the town So jealous, can’t you see It’s your own insecurity Your life […]

Demon Dance – Annihilator

I’m tired of all the doctor’s and I want to be deceased I can’t control the madness and I don’t […]

Wicked Mystic – Annihilator

All throughout the centuries, existing year to year Lives on this powerful entity to thrive on pain and fear A […]

Ritual – Annihilator

focus on your weakness, victimize your kind you can call me father, and I can ease your pain giving me […]

Never, Neverland – Annihilator

“No not ‘Alison Hell’ part 2! Yes, another gloomy subject! Yet another true story! This is about an unfortunate young […]

Punctured – Annihilator

And I was, laughing the closer you crawled You’re coming closer, the warmth of your skin I’m taking my time, […]

Reduced To Ash – Annihilator

“Briefly; an imaginary view of our planet after a thermo-nuclear splattering. We hope not.” The sky is falling, timbers they […]

The Fun Palace – Annihilator

“Carrying on Annihilator’s fine tradition of covering weird, psychological illnesses ‘Palace’ is narrated by the emotion of guilt. It details […]

Word Salad – Annihilator

Closets of my mind destroyed, as I enter outward from a void Corpses white have strapped me down, I rise […]

Denied – Annihilator

destruction and pain are my friends explosions and fires that rip through the night surrounded by bodies of death burning, […]

Bled – Annihilator

Your lips are moving they got nothing to say Always steaming but you’re cold to the bone So negative, just […]

City Of Ice – Annihilator

and I hate what’s happening to me this place is cold, it’s turning me to stone these streets won’t leave […]

Dead Wrong – Annihilator

Tar me, feather me and push me around, punish me and correct me, Kick me when I’m down crucify me […]

Clare – Annihilator

I’m looking for someone special, crawling on my hands and my knees Somebody turn the lights on; I can’t breathe […]

Reaction – Annihilator

Accidental intake, down the throat, the chance of survival can be Remote, extreme reaction, I got to medicate, must inject […]

Wind – Annihilator

I’m walking in the darkness, I’m trying to un-wind Just the kind of peace, I need to soothe my mind […]

Bloodbath – Annihilator

The clouded’s getting clearer, it’s closer all the time Darker, taller, bigger, all blackness under wing Reaping holy profits from […]

No Love – Annihilator

You nail yourself like jesus, Posing on a cross You’re waiting to get off I seen you in the movies, […]

Drive – Annihilator

And I don’t care about the rest And if I fall I will get up I will deliver my best […]

Sexecution – Annihilator

I’ve heard a lot about you And I’ve heard all about your disease Well they asy you’re an animal With […]

Invite It – Annihilator

where everything comes crashing down and MADNESS is the rule Your MIND is set to overload with doomsday information i […]

The Box – Annihilator

I’m every nightmare, I’m every dream I am the window over your land so turn me on, come take my […]

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