Fire Power – Annihilator

command and conquer, I shall take control there won’t be prisoners, survivors of my wrath infernal devastation. Prepare for the […]

Haunted – Annihilator

Living out this hell from year to year So many voices down the hallway Screaming out in paralyzing fear Tell […]

Pride – Annihilator

From the pain that you inflict Does it make you the man Does it make you the shit The feeling […]

Dr. Psycho – Annihilator

So terrified of what will be Tomorrow is the day, I can’t back out But I’m scared of what will […]

Phantasmagoria – Annihilator

“Phantasmagoria is a form of psychological disorder where the victim has visions of ghosts in his/her mind. These apparitions multiply, […]

Stonewall – Annihilator

“When I moved out to Vancouver (Canada!) in 1987, I took a walk down to a nearby river. It looked […]

Speed – Annihilator

My pulse is racing, I’m gonna have to put you down Acceleration I gotta, gotta go faster Give me more […]

Ultra-Motion – Annihilator

performance always set to the hilt ignition, time to ignite the ultimate machine ever built high-octane adrenaline rush nothing’s gonna […]

Plasma Zombies – Annihilator

VIOLENCE sex and murder are at your fingertips the latest game, there’s people choppin off heads gangs and drugs and […]

Army Of One – Annihilator

Been around since the 1980’s Old school, we’re livin in the past They said it would never last A few […]

Both Of Me – Annihilator

These people treat us so unkind Just wanna taste the freedom one more time Just wanna leave it all behind […]

Kraf Dinner – Annihilator

“A popular North American delicacy, this macaroni and cheese dinner is probable the heavy metal musician’s best friend! By ‘living’ […]

Couple Suicide – Annihilator

But both know that there’s nothing It’s like couple suicide, it’s not going right We ain’t got no feelings, so […]

Sixes And Sevens – Annihilator

“This title comes from the British phrase ‘At sixes and sevens,’ meaning ‘at a point of disorder or confusion.’ I […]

Road To Ruin – Annihilator

“I guess you could call this Annihilator’s version of ‘Detroit Rock City’ meets ‘Highway Star’ meets drinking and driving! Thousands […]

Smothered – Annihilator

Just wanna leave it all behind Been on the brink for many years, I’m thinkin Feels like I’m running out […]

Annihilator – Annihilator

Spreading out, Infecting like disease (Like a disease) All life below, Is crushed under the power of machine Annihilator (this […]

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