Anniversary – Oomph!

it’s unbelieveable and obscene
so fucking decadent and so clean
it’s like a fucking film to me
a sudden sound is smashing my ears
a sudden light is feeding my fears
a sudden breeze is drying my tears
and then you’re there and talk to me
so tell me do you see what I see?
and tell me do you feel what I feel?
and tell me do you know what I mean?
it’s like a fucking malady
I can’t believe it happen’s to me
I try to run but I cannot flee
I hope you’ve come to rescue me:
it’s a fucking anniversary!
don’t try to deny me
don’t try to deny me
still hang around here watching the scene
it’s very elegant and so green
so fucking chic, you know what I mean
it’s like a fucking trip to me
a sudden touch is hitting me hard
a sudden warmth is eating my heart
a sudden feeling tears me apart
are you still here to stay with me?

Lyric Anniversary – Oomph!