Another Story Girl – Stina Nordenstam

I saw it on his face
I’ve seen you before
Cause on his wall you left a trace

There’s a portrait of yours
Hanging in his hallway still
In his eyes a pain that will not fade
I know it never will

Some other town
And other faces
It’s another story

Some other town
Leaving no traces
It’s another story
Another story
Another story

You were selling paintings in a gallery in town
He could not afford to buy one
Yet he kept coming by

Trust is hard although you do try
It’s easier to be true
He said “;I don’t wanna watch things I can’t buy
No I want you”;

Some other town…

I give him all my love I do
Like he gave his to you
You packed your clothes and things once
Now I’m thinking of it too

There was a girl her eyes were blue
He’d miss her when she’d gone
There was a boy who’d die for you
For anyone he’d want

Some other town

Lyric Another Story Girl – Stina Nordenstam