Performer ANTHRAX

A. I. R. – Anthrax

A childhood’s end, it’s lunacy Pure dictation, they don’t listen And you’re just waiting for what you’re missing Welcome to […]

Catharsis – Anthrax

All these years it’s been so hard man To live my life for someone else In fear of being honest […]

Fueled – Anthrax

To coat the feelings and cure my depression A shot of petrol is my bonafide method To lose control and […]

Alpha Male – Anthrax

You should be really happy I saved your life today I didn’t kill you, although I meant to Now go […]

Finale – Anthrax

Real love this time you fool And then you wake up And you’d chew off your own arm Or face […]

Gridlock – Anthrax

It’s a long time, a long time comin’ You tell me how you think I should be It’s so easy […]

Blood – Anthrax

What do you do when something dies A life together has ended, your living a lie When did this act […]

Raise Hell – Anthrax

I’m trying to break away It’s getting heavy There’s no way I can stay I’m going under It’s burning up […]

Nothing – Anthrax

When you stick your fingers in your ear and create another scene You always step into the traps set perfect […]

Panic – Anthrax

Reaching for the light Loosing all control Using all your might Wheels are gonna spin Asses gonna shake We are […]

Indians – Anthrax

When it comes to someone else’s fight No one ever gets involved Apathy can never solve BRIDGE FORCED OUT – […]

Room For One More – Anthrax

Your heart is cured now, you’re normal once again One confession, you thought that’s all it took But redemption, doesn’t […]

Anyplace But Here – Anthrax

still you’re gasping for air miles and miles you move into abyss you stare running form the plight mighty grip […]

Hog Tied – Anthrax

I get off on laughing It’s like the biggest orgasm If you like I’ll share it with you When you […]

Riding Shotgun – Anthrax

Choke it Two steps forward One hundred steps back We’re going the wrong way It’s backwards, it’s backwards Cuffed and […]

Refuse To Be Denied – Anthrax

Symptomatically, and so basically It’s so definite, freedom is all of it No humanity without restraint Refuse to be denied […]

Make Me Laugh – Anthrax

Through me God is heard You’re making me laugh Tell me your killin’ joke Evangelist You’re making me laugh Jesus […]

Howling Furies – Anthrax

Cause there ain’t too much of that down here A clouded mist in a darkened tunnel And twisted screams are […]

Giving The Horns – Anthrax

Man you’re already dead You got no reason for hanging around Except for a beatdown Say what you wanna say […]

Drop The Ball – Anthrax

Someone said the fix is in Killing myself Once again, once again Over easy Burnt, my mind is overdone Life’s […]

Aftershock – Anthrax

White hot clouds fill the sky See the red flare, blasting hot air There’s no place left to hide Blinding […]

Lone Justice – Anthrax

The outlaws, and the lawmen that prevail The bounty hunter’s job is on the wrong side of the law Intentions, […]

Discharge – Anthrax

I wait, I hate Silence kills you like a loaded gun My time, you waste Resolution turn your back and […]

Gung-ho – Anthrax

Fighting hand to hand Troops are thrusting onwards Time to take command Ready to devour On the attack Bodies lie […]

Burst – Anthrax

Does it really matter what I say I can’t be responsible Be yourself or be a tool Who cares what […]

N. F. L. – Anthrax

So cool, king of the scene You found that making people laugh Was more than just a dream The public […]

Medusa – Anthrax

Evil stare, will turn your flesh to stone Land of doom, world of sin All subside, don’t venture near The […]

Born Again Idiot – Anthrax

An idiot but me I think some people need Killing for stupidity and I’ll be born again Kicking and screaming […]