Performer ANTHRAX

Bare – Anthrax

Reacting to the hands of time A circumstance that I’ve been fed Leaving questions in my head Find the space […]

The Enemy – Anthrax

A final solution to pass All dreams are taken from their lives No hope for the young all the old […]

Safe Home – Anthrax

through the open door i come falling through it there’s a sign post up ahead like a watershed and it […]

Final – Anthrax

Real love this time you fool And the you wake up And you’d chew off your own arm Or face […]

Crush – Anthrax

Go before I am the goat You get away with murder, kill me when you’re through Do I have to […]

Strap It On – Anthrax

And i feel the pull And my time is spent Searching for something that came and went Take me back […]

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