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Giving The Horns – Anthrax

Man you’re already dead You got no reason for hanging around Except for a beatdown Say what you wanna say Take it down, Break it down I’m the sum of it’s parts Kicked around like a hound Never give it much thought Good lord, I always meant I to be so Fucking heavy I give […]

C11H17N2O2SNa (Sodium Pentathol) – Anthrax

We’d have to make it a holiday ‘Cause we both know that day would never come again If one day your word was as good as gold It’d be too late cause I’d be too old I don’t think a human being could live that long I never gave a damn I was never even […]

Drop The Ball – Anthrax

Someone said the fix is in Killing myself Once again, once again Over easy Burnt, my mind is overdone Life’s a jigsaw Why can’t I find the missing one Even though I’ve felt I’ve proven what it is I’m worthy of I can’t exist inside the boundaries of the so-called world of love Someone rescue […]

Aftershock – Anthrax

White hot clouds fill the sky See the red flare, blasting hot air There’s no place left to hide Blinding our eyes as the sun turns to black A world full of hatred and fear All are committed, there’s no going back There’ll be no one left to hear Shock, there’s no relief Shock, no […]

Packaged Rebellion – Anthrax

Try to be What you see Anarchy Everything, everyone, everyman Rebellion But you can’t make a move If you win then you lose Look at me to approve You’re so hard, you’re so real You got nothing Who laughs last? A question, not a task I ask, What’s your reason, Do you believe in anything? […]

Keep It In The Family – Anthrax

Mankind, The public enemy’s not the man who speaks his mind The public enemy’s the man that goes and acts blind Searching for an answer that he’ll never find An action from reaction and you can’t make a retraction Once you’ve put your head out And then you’re blue in the face, As you try […]

Lone Justice – Anthrax

The outlaws, and the lawmen that prevail The bounty hunter’s job is on the wrong side of the law Intentions, of the truth and nothing more Burn ’em, clear the streets as he rides into the town, Cause the nameless one’s gonna have some fun He’s gonna bring an outlaw down Wasted, it’s over quick […]

What Doesn’t Die – Anthrax

It’s been picked clean to the bone And so hard to remember things Like when we used to kill our kings Crusading for hypocrisy Under our nose the holy bleed Crumbling under its own weight Apologies if you relate ’cause You cannot kill What doesn’t die Live up to my promise My full potential realized […]

Discharge – Anthrax

I wait, I hate Silence kills you like a loaded gun My time, you waste Resolution turn your back and run Drunk with power Your ivory tower Never stood, never could And around and around You hit the ground Reservation hellbound Most people cry When a person dies You wanna know why? Run it through, […]

Gung-ho – Anthrax

Fighting hand to hand Troops are thrusting onwards Time to take command Ready to devour On the attack Bodies lie dismembered Maimed, killed, and hacked Draw fast, cut first Live hard, die hard Feel the point of the blade Lunging like an animal, killing all in sight Going for the throat, living for the light […]

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