Nightswan – Antichrisis

This midnight hour has come much too soon By the crystal lake we stand with our names in the sand Believe me, my Love; I will wait for you And I will return if you still want me, too With the song of the nightswan And I’ll be in heaven! The lark heralds the break […]

Like The Stars – Antichrisis

His words a thorn in your flesh, your head a merry-go-round We were talking side by side about the things that come and done and you began to realize that he was always on the run In this black bedsit of yours, well it occured to me that I’ve known you for years, not just […]

Dancing In The Midnight Sun – Antichrisis

After all that we went through, you left me when I needed you by my side The times we shared, the good and bad, were the best I’ve ever had, the best years of my life… For we were dancing In the midnight sun our love became too wild I loved you like a child […]

Whole Lotta Love – Antichrisis

I’m gonna send ya back t’ schoolin’ Way down inside, honey you need it I’m gonna give you my love I’m gonna give you my love, ohhhhh Wanna whole lotta love Wanna whole lotta love Wanna whole lotta love Wanna whole lotta love You’ve been learnin’, baby, I bean learnin’ All them good times, baby […]

Planet Kyrah – Antichrisis

Nothing’s the same anymore I see colours I’ve never seen before I hear songs that make my heart sing with joy You set my heart on fire like It never burned before And I’m sure that up there In the sky shine some new-born stars that were not known until tonight Can you hear me […]

Proem – Antichrisis

I passed the gates of paradise and the gates of perdition: Maybe the saddest experience of all is that even the most wonderful and precious moments don’t last forever and appear like a dream that faded much too soon when looking back. But both darkness and light are given to us to make us prospect […]

Descending Messiah – Antichrisis

The Crone, unseen by human kind Her weary heart longing for rest Her eyes saw too much of sorrow and grief There was a time when She was adored and the valley full of bliss and joy until the day the gaunt one appeared He never smiled nor shed any tear! And he raised his […]

Whales – Antichrisis

Your heart in my hands May my love and my silence inspire your soul Come as your are: While a memory still remains frozen in time And a word takes its meaning to my realm of oblivion Oh, come as you are! Come as you are: In your deathbed bespangled with roses and dandelion No […]

Something Inside – Antichrisis

under a leaden sky As if nothing had changed and my life was still the same No longer here with me I watch the roaring sea I think of times gone by and how we used to laugh and cry Now on my own again A lonesome highway man throwing stones against the waves of […]

Our Last Show – Antichrisis

Behind the trees they fade away Walking inside somnambular There goes a lovelorn castaway Does it always have to be like this? I’ll never know Was it something that I said? You said: “I gotta go…” While leaving me back here With my memories and my tears You won’t reappear No fire in the lighthouse […]

Trying Not To Breathe – Antichrisis

Why did you lie? I lost my faith in you! Once there was purity but now only perfidy and pain because you’ve been untrue! You broke all promises and now our love Is bound to die and so am I – I die! Lost forever within the debris of my dreams I put my trust […]

Requiem Ex Sidhe – Antichrisis

Of immortal desire A breathtaking darkness Into the abyss we dive As you were mine And as memories fade Just tike trails of smoke On a midwinter’s night You kept holding me tight As you were mine On came the nights When stormclouds veiled the skies All heavens stood still And all the worlds did […]

Hole In My Head – Antichrisis

lurking behind window frames Trying to control our lifes Envy, spite and jealousy of all those longing to be free Stabbing them with hideous knives Intolerance and arrogance combined with bloody ignorance Don’t listen to a single word Tired of their stupid lies Trickery and alibis Their issues are just too absurd Don’t you tell […]

Our Last Snow – Antichrisis

walking inside somnambular there goes a lovelorn castaway Does It always have to be like this? I’ll never know… Was it something that I said? You said: “I gotta go…” While leaving me back here with my memories and my tears You won’t reappear! Staring at the telephone Wondering if I’d try? I never knew […]

End Of December – Antichrisis

All stars fall down the story ends Maybe there’ll be another song Though nothing’s left but somnolence And I’m so tired and worn out Sometimes I feel like Hawkeye Pierce I try to laugh among the tears How I’m trying not to think of you night and day But with each breath your last words […]