Wasteland – Antichrisis

Who’s gotta be out there somewhere Far in Avalon Where are you that for I dare? Scratching at doors of […]

Burial – Antichrisis

Oh, tomorrow And the wheel keeps turning in the skies Never close your eyes before tomorrow A new life, a […]

The Sea – Antichrisis

I lie in 8 months time died the love of my life Wounds cut so deep: Will I ever forget […]

Nightswan – Antichrisis

This midnight hour has come much too soon By the crystal lake we stand with our names in the sand […]

Planet Kyrah – Antichrisis

Nothing’s the same anymore I see colours I’ve never seen before I hear songs that make my heart sing with […]

Proem – Antichrisis

I passed the gates of paradise and the gates of perdition: Maybe the saddest experience of all is that even […]

Whales – Antichrisis

Your heart in my hands May my love and my silence inspire your soul Come as your are: While a […]

Our Last Show – Antichrisis

Behind the trees they fade away Walking inside somnambular There goes a lovelorn castaway Does it always have to be […]

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