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Cut Loose – Anvil

The word is out That rock is in And everyone is banging heads again You and your mates You want it all You take your place at the front of the concert hall The house lights dim The stage is set You’re gonna take all that you can get All you can get Chorus: Let’s […]

Infanticide – Anvil

There are many faces of death But none as horrific as the irrational slaying of innocent infants The committing of infanticide New born innocent victim Killed by Mother’s infliction Psychotropic sickness There will be no forgiveness Severe mental psychosis A state of non compos mentis Blood that’s frozen frigid A heart of hardened ice A […]

Mothra – Anvil

In a small town outside of destiny The legend lives on yet it lives free That night the mountains glowed with fiery rage From the darkness of hell out she came Comin’ to get you!! You can’t escape You’re gonna die, you wonder why??!! Might wings beat out thunderous gusts of wind Megatron eyes explode […]

Deadbeat Dad – Anvil

Love is gone but the kid s are still there A broken home has become commonplace The look of anguish on the child s face Gone and lost Being there just for conception Made a promise that was all a deception Gone and lost [Chorus 1:] Deadbeat dad, support he won t pay Deadbeat dad […]

At The Apartment – Anvil

You give me love everynight I’m the one that does it right At your place in the dark You get down and leave your mark In the morning you’re still awake You look at me there’s time to wait You say you love the things I do You can’t stop until I’m through You need […]

Where Does All The Money Go? – Anvil

Overdraft and NSF When I sign my name All in the line of duty When playing in the game A piece of the pie, cut of the take Nothing left for me Keep your eye on the money Livin ain’t for free Chorus: I wanna know Where does all the money go? I wanna know […]

Beat The Law – Anvil

Live or dead you’re skipping bail Over your shoulder, no time to stop You’re getting bolder watch out for a cop A born thief on the lamb His mother’s grief, he don’t give a damn Has a rap sheet as long as my arm An escapee from a work farm Beat the law Criminal on […]

Fryin’ Cryin’ – Anvil

My friends told me about girls like you That there’s only one thing you like to do That’s gettin laid by the boys up here Screamin’, screamin’ babe you feel no fear But I want you young and clean You’re always comin’ from down beneath You are I recall that when times are the same […]

Defiant – Anvil

I just live for today I just do what I feel A brazen heart made of steel Nothing can stop me I do it my way I’m defiant You can’t tell me what to do To myself I know I’m true I defy and break the rules The masses are asses, a bunch of fools […]

Red Light – Anvil

We love to spend our life in a tour bus on the road In this song you get a glimpse, welcome to our abode Been to many places, we’ve done alot of gigs Trashed alot of women, we’ve lived like pigs Never want to go home Living bad to the bone Red lights in Hamburg […]

Never Deceive Me – Anvil

Got a strange situation I think that something’s going down I hear it being whispered The rumour’s out all over town You see I got a little lady Who I ain’t been treatin’ right It’s a crime the way I’m acting I’ve been staying out all night Chorus: If it’s not too late Try and […]

Hair Pie – Anvil

Dessert is my favourite meal, I eat it every day A dietary supplement that’s certain to stay It’s my favourite recipe and it’s easy to follow Can’t wait to get a mouthful, bite down and swallow Chorus: It’s got the flavour that can’t be beat It’s a mans treat Knee high in hair pie Knee […]

Room #9 – Anvil

Dreaming up a nightmare and another sleepless night Restless sedation with no end in sight Fists clenched in anger, shivering in fear Your blood begins to boil, dementia is near Chorus: Room number nine Number nine You’re a rat in a maze and you’re trying to find your way You’re climbing the wall and trying […]

Old School – Anvil

Nowadays it’s just not the same Now they’re playing a different game I love to think about the things I miss Sometimes I just like to reminisce Looking back – with no regret Stay on track – I won’t forget, I won’t forget Chorus: Old school – embracing the past Old school – only good […]

The Chainsaw – Anvil

Cold blooded killers armed with mechanized knife Razor sharp blades slicing limb from limb When the motor is revving, let the cutting begin Tooth picks from logs or pulp and paper Raping a harvest, stealing from nature Ravaging hillsides until nothing remains Depleting oxygen, an industries pains The chainsaw At the core an industry That […]

Ac/Dc – Anvil

C’mon, alright! There’s more than one way to play the game Getting a charge, taking the blame Resistance is low, gonna blow a fuse Turn it up babe we got nothing to lose Chorus: AC – She’ll go either way DC – She’ll blow you away Hot lover with a loose connection Thunder & lightning, […]

Pow Wow – Anvil

I gotta reservation For the man who thinks he’s brave He’s got a fascination That’ll take him to his grave Mental masturbation Euphoria in the state When your heart’s in trepidation You’ll know that it’s too late A witch doctor’s prescription A spoonful must go down An addicted condition Gonna put you in the ground […]

Can’t Catch Me – Anvil

If you’re unaware, you best take care, life’s not fair Take control of your very soul I hope you know what I mean Don’t get caught in the act behind your lovers back then deny the fact When your hands in the jar, wish upon a star, you won’t get far Every soul has self […]

Oh Jane – Anvil

Oh Jane can you wait I’m coming home, bit I’m running late Just playing one more town You know I miss you and I want you around Oh Jane I’m alone On the road but I’m coming home I feel your love in my heart And I hope that we will never part Chorus: Wish […]

I Dreamed It Was The End Of The World – Anvil

Am I living in a nightmare Are these thoughts within my head I don’t know what the truth is Am I alive or am I dead? In sorrow No Tomorrow Dead silence People on the sidewalk Become shadows on the wall The world has turned to cinders The answer to Satan’s call Oh I thank […]

Rubberneck – Anvil

Driving down the road, I see the brakelights ahead Someone’s crashed their car and they might be dead Might be dead I can’t help myself, but I must look and see All I can say is “I’m sure glad it’s not me” Chorus: Rubberneck Outta my way Rubberneck Tangled metal, glass fragments on the road […]

Destined For Doom – Anvil

You say we’re living in the land of the free The price is poison for the earth and the sea Liberty and justice are the American way But there’s crime in the streets where the children play All are equal in the eyes of God Police brutality makes law a fraud Martin Luther had a […]

Fire In The Night – Anvil

Seeping gas from a broken line Chokes the midnight air Pilot light will ignite So begins the reign of terror Flashing fire blazing hot Exploding flames did blow Sleeping innocent unaware Caught inside the inferno Chorus: Burning On fire Burning Burning down Fire in the night Fire in the night Fleeing fast from flickering flames […]

Bullshit – Anvil

Bullshit, it s loud and clear Bullshit is all that I m fed Bullshit, by the nose I m led Bullshit, verbal diarrhea to me Bullshit, it flows like the sea Bullshit is all that they say Bullshit, ’til the end of the day Bullshit from the corporate whore Bullshit, with their marketing lure Bullshit, […]

Smokin’ Green – Anvil

Smokin’! Every waking moment of every single day I roll a big fat joint to get me on my way It changes my outlook, you know it sets me right Oh how I love it for showing me the light Chorus: It’s so cool It’s my school I ain’t no fool. Smokin’ green, smokin’ green […]

Real Metal – Anvil

Got some news for you my friend Anvil music is what I am Really don’t give a damn So if you think that we suck I really don’t give a fuck I defy all the rules Make the skeptics look like fools Listen close I’ll tell you why I’ll play my music till I die […]

In Hell – Anvil

The home of evil in the depths of hell Cauldrons a-boil with blood and bone Your soul is taken for the devil to own In Hell In Hell Toxic air and intense heat Burning embers upon your feet Drawn and quartered, disemboweled When serving Satan is what you’ve vowed Fire’s burning in Hell In Hell […]

Stolen – Anvil

Stole my wife, stole my money Stole my car and that ain’t funny Stole my weed, stole my car Stole my words, they won’t get far Stolen Stole from me Stole my thoughts, stole my time Stole my music and that’s a crime Stole the spotlight, stole the fame Steal your soul just to play […]

You’re A Liar – Anvil

When I first met you, thought we’d give it a try I didn’t think to see it in your eyes You said you love me but that’s a lie And now I’m leaving so don’t you cry No tears baby Chorus: ‘Cause you’re a liar And it’s true babe ??????????? ??????????? You’re a liar I […]

I Want You Both (With Me) – Anvil

I met a girl, her name was Aund, she said How do you do? I think you’re lookin good, like your style I wanna get down on you She took me home She got me stoned We rocked all night I said honey now that’s what I like Chorus: Decision – I don’t know what […]

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