Performer ANVIL

Feed The Greed – Anvil

Feed Feed Count your pennies and don’t spend a dime Ripping yourself off is a crime It’s a crime The […]

Stop Me – Anvil

When you see me you can’t resist You want my name on your telephone list In your dreams and on […]

Don’t Ask Me – Anvil

Oceans running dry, on what can we depend? Alien abduction, sight a UFO Decimated landscape, I don’t want to know […]

No Evil – Anvil

Stubborn in their ways, no compromise to give Locking out the real world, letting nothing in Believing that the world […]

Black Or White – Anvil

Living in opposition, drawing lines in the sand We all have a point of view in the freedom of our […]

Embalmer – Anvil

Pennies on your eyes Weeping widow cries Flowers for the dead A handful of dirt to spread Formaldehyde veins Presevation […]

Blood On The Ice – Anvil

Slap shot sucker shot Down on your knees Skate to the face You’re gouged and you bleed Tussle and muscle […]

Waiting – Anvil

I end up standing in line I find myself in another queue Give me some cheese for my wine It […]

Bottom Feeder – Anvil

Living off the money of misery It’s a dog eat dog mentality The corporate world is a pocket bleeder Better […]

Song Of Pain – Anvil

Just the average kind of guy Loved and lost felt the pain The need to start all over again Heart […]

Secret Agent – Anvil

Up for hire as a private eye Covert operation, tap a telephone Hack into a hard drive, you re on […]

Green Jesus – Anvil

Anything for money is the philosophy today It’s become a religion, God is pay. No matter what your colour, race […]

Wild Eyes – Anvil

Wild Eyes I can’t look away from your Wild Eyes Wild Eyes I’m blind to the day from your Wild […]

Winged Assassins – Anvil

Sleek in design and loaded for war Sidewinding missiles, heat-seeks and sparrows Strafing squadrons cause havoc and terror Winged Assassins […]

Brain Burn – Anvil

Your mouth is bigger Than a two car garage An assault to my ears A verbal barrage Your point of […]

666 – Anvil

Ripped and tattered stricken from hell Sold my soul but the contract’s been breached Entering humanity from death’s well Your […]

Paint It Black – Anvil

I see a red door and I want it painted black No colours anymore, I want them to turn black […]

Motormount – Anvil

But no one’s turned your crank You’re here tonight to get done right I’m gonna fill your tank Pull in […]

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