Performer ANVIL

Brain Burn – Anvil

Your mouth is bigger Than a two car garage An assault to my ears A verbal barrage Your point of […]

666 – Anvil

Ripped and tattered stricken from hell Sold my soul but the contract’s been breached Entering humanity from death’s well Your […]

Paint It Black – Anvil

I see a red door and I want it painted black No colours anymore, I want them to turn black […]

Motormount – Anvil

But no one’s turned your crank You’re here tonight to get done right I’m gonna fill your tank Pull in […]

Axe To Grind – Anvil

Resentment and anger gnaw at your mind Just like disease that makes you go blind Vengeance and hatred fill your […]

Toe Jam – Anvil

Toe Jam!! Pick your partner, nice and tight ‘Cause we’ll do more than dance tonight Now promenade that’s how it […]

Fast Driver – Anvil

Peddles to the metal, feel the engine thrust The power of a monster raging under the hood The sheer lust […]

Piss Test – Anvil

Invading your privacy by authoritative rule Finding a culprit or maybe a mule Law breaking citizen tries to keep it […]

Mad Dog – Anvil

Well I don’t care if I lose my hair I don’t care if you strip me bare I don’t care […]

Ready To Fight – Anvil

My blood’s a boil and I’m in a rage On with the onslaught, ripping rampage Life’s ambition, it will never […]

Kiss Of Death – Anvil

Night has fallen And the darkness hides an evil one Feel his presence Ever lurking in the shadows there You […]

Senile King – Anvil

Times are changing and you’ll soon have the power The weak before the strong will break down and cower Decrepit […]

Big Business – Anvil

Big business, it’s all around Big business, let’s bring it down Big business, the FDA Big business, the placebo way […]

9-2-5 – Anvil

Punch the clock Don’t be late Wear a tie Stand up straight Labour for money Money for rent Paying the […]

Speed Of Sound – Anvil

Rocket fire, you know it s blast off time Burning fuel, deadly tool Break the sky, shock wave blast, ripping […]

Forged In Fire – Anvil

Scraping the Earth in search of the essence Metallic rock ore where iron is present Extraction smelters burn hot with […]

Racial Hostility – Anvil

Have you heard that Pakis stink Jews are cheap, bad drivers are Chink Have you heard that Spics will steal […]

Cruel World – Anvil

Waiting for the sun to shine In a cloak of deepest sorrow Now forever ’til the end of time A […]

Tease Me, Please Me – Anvil

It’s getting late and I’m ready for you There’s a message that’s coming on through I’m all worked up no […]

Cut Loose – Anvil

The word is out That rock is in And everyone is banging heads again You and your mates You want […]

Infanticide – Anvil

There are many faces of death But none as horrific as the irrational slaying of innocent infants The committing of […]

Mothra – Anvil

In a small town outside of destiny The legend lives on yet it lives free That night the mountains glowed […]

Deadbeat Dad – Anvil

Love is gone but the kid s are still there A broken home has become commonplace The look of anguish […]

Beat The Law – Anvil

Live or dead you’re skipping bail Over your shoulder, no time to stop You’re getting bolder watch out for a […]

Fryin’ Cryin’ – Anvil

My friends told me about girls like you That there’s only one thing you like to do That’s gettin laid […]

Defiant – Anvil

I just live for today I just do what I feel A brazen heart made of steel Nothing can stop […]

Red Light – Anvil

We love to spend our life in a tour bus on the road In this song you get a glimpse, […]

Never Deceive Me – Anvil

Got a strange situation I think that something’s going down I hear it being whispered The rumour’s out all over […]

Hair Pie – Anvil

Dessert is my favourite meal, I eat it every day A dietary supplement that’s certain to stay It’s my favourite […]

Room #9 – Anvil

Dreaming up a nightmare and another sleepless night Restless sedation with no end in sight Fists clenched in anger, shivering […]

Old School – Anvil

Nowadays it’s just not the same Now they’re playing a different game I love to think about the things I […]

The Chainsaw – Anvil

Cold blooded killers armed with mechanized knife Razor sharp blades slicing limb from limb When the motor is revving, let […]

Ac/Dc – Anvil

C’mon, alright! There’s more than one way to play the game Getting a charge, taking the blame Resistance is low, […]

Pow Wow – Anvil

I gotta reservation For the man who thinks he’s brave He’s got a fascination That’ll take him to his grave […]

Can’t Catch Me – Anvil

If you’re unaware, you best take care, life’s not fair Take control of your very soul I hope you know […]

Oh Jane – Anvil

Oh Jane can you wait I’m coming home, bit I’m running late Just playing one more town You know I […]

Rubberneck – Anvil

Driving down the road, I see the brakelights ahead Someone’s crashed their car and they might be dead Might be […]

Fire In The Night – Anvil

Seeping gas from a broken line Chokes the midnight air Pilot light will ignite So begins the reign of terror […]

Bullshit – Anvil

Bullshit, it s loud and clear Bullshit is all that I m fed Bullshit, by the nose I m led […]

Real Metal – Anvil

Got some news for you my friend Anvil music is what I am Really don’t give a damn So if […]

In Hell – Anvil

The home of evil in the depths of hell Cauldrons a-boil with blood and bone Your soul is taken for […]

Stolen – Anvil

Stole my wife, stole my money Stole my car and that ain’t funny Stole my weed, stole my car Stole […]

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