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Rubberneck – Anvil

Driving down the road, I see the brakelights ahead Someone’s crashed their car and they might be dead Might be dead I can’t help myself, but I must look and see All I can say is “I’m sure glad it’s not me” Chorus: Rubberneck Outta my way Rubberneck Tangled metal, glass fragments on the road […]

Destined For Doom – Anvil

You say we’re living in the land of the free The price is poison for the earth and the sea Liberty and justice are the American way But there’s crime in the streets where the children play All are equal in the eyes of God Police brutality makes law a fraud Martin Luther had a […]

Fire In The Night – Anvil

Seeping gas from a broken line Chokes the midnight air Pilot light will ignite So begins the reign of terror Flashing fire blazing hot Exploding flames did blow Sleeping innocent unaware Caught inside the inferno Chorus: Burning On fire Burning Burning down Fire in the night Fire in the night Fleeing fast from flickering flames […]

Bullshit – Anvil

Bullshit, it s loud and clear Bullshit is all that I m fed Bullshit, by the nose I m led Bullshit, verbal diarrhea to me Bullshit, it flows like the sea Bullshit is all that they say Bullshit, ’til the end of the day Bullshit from the corporate whore Bullshit, with their marketing lure Bullshit, […]

Smokin’ Green – Anvil

Smokin’! Every waking moment of every single day I roll a big fat joint to get me on my way It changes my outlook, you know it sets me right Oh how I love it for showing me the light Chorus: It’s so cool It’s my school I ain’t no fool. Smokin’ green, smokin’ green […]

Real Metal – Anvil

Got some news for you my friend Anvil music is what I am Really don’t give a damn So if you think that we suck I really don’t give a fuck I defy all the rules Make the skeptics look like fools Listen close I’ll tell you why I’ll play my music till I die […]

In Hell – Anvil

The home of evil in the depths of hell Cauldrons a-boil with blood and bone Your soul is taken for the devil to own In Hell In Hell Toxic air and intense heat Burning embers upon your feet Drawn and quartered, disemboweled When serving Satan is what you’ve vowed Fire’s burning in Hell In Hell […]

Stolen – Anvil

Stole my wife, stole my money Stole my car and that ain’t funny Stole my weed, stole my car Stole my words, they won’t get far Stolen Stole from me Stole my thoughts, stole my time Stole my music and that’s a crime Stole the spotlight, stole the fame Steal your soul just to play […]

You’re A Liar – Anvil

When I first met you, thought we’d give it a try I didn’t think to see it in your eyes You said you love me but that’s a lie And now I’m leaving so don’t you cry No tears baby Chorus: ‘Cause you’re a liar And it’s true babe ??????????? ??????????? You’re a liar I […]

I Want You Both (With Me) – Anvil

I met a girl, her name was Aund, she said How do you do? I think you’re lookin good, like your style I wanna get down on you She took me home She got me stoned We rocked all night I said honey now that’s what I like Chorus: Decision – I don’t know what […]

What I’m About – Anvil

It comes from within It’s my story Started as a boy Music was my toy It’s my glory Never passed a day That I didn’t play My heart out I’ll never let it go It’s all I wanna know That’s what I’m about That’s what I’m about I do it for the love It’s all […]

Face Pull – Anvil

In through the out door Out through the in No matter what you do It’ll make your head spin Make your head spin Round and round your head goes When it stops you’ll never know It’s hard to sleep at night When there’s things to do You could almost die of fright To yourself be […]

School Love – Anvil

Out in the school yard little Peaches play Rubbing their beaves, they got a lot to say Never doing work, teachers are mad Really don’t care ’cause they’re never sad Little school Peaches take a word from me Got to do your work and that’s the way to be Chorus: School Love School Love Caught […]

Killer Hill – Anvil

High gear rider Take me to the top Get me to the summit I’m never gonna stop Feel my body pumping Carrying my load Taking the incline Getting ready to explode Chorus: Takin’ the hill Just for the thrill Honin’ my skill Up and down on Killer Hill Killer Hill Take me where I wanna […]

Metal On Metal – Anvil

Metal on metal It’s what I crave The louder the better I’ll turn in my grave Metal on metal Ears start to bleed Cranking it up Fulfilling my need Metal on metal Shakin the place Blows back your hair Caves in your face Metal on metal Feeling the grind Up go the hammers A victim […]

Backwaxed – Anvil

Your mommy always said don’t take those boys to bed It might feel good today but in 9 months you’ll pay I know it’s your first time I’m gonna make you feel just fine You say you never did and you’re really unprepared Chorus: Don’t you worry, don’t you fret I’ve got a method that […]

Burning Bridges – Anvil

When you bite the hand that feeds Destructive forces out to get you When you can’t fulfill your needs You can’t achieve what you want to Chorus: Burning bridges, a fire attack Burning bridges, you can’t go back Unnecessary choice Victim of your own decisions Listen to your inner voice Product of your own condition […]

Metal On Metal / Winged Assassins – Anvil

Metal on metal It’s what I crave The louder the better I’ll turn in my grave Metal on metal Ears start to bleed Cranking it up Fulfilling my need Metal on metal Shakin the place Blows back your hair Caves in your face Metal on metal Feeling the grind Up go the hammers A victim […]

Bedroom Game – Anvil

Having long hair did it to you Getting on my back on rubbing it too Since that day you’ve had to pay Just wanting to get me, get me for a lay Your blonde hair felt so nice Looking at you was paradise Getting drunk in the middle of the night Going to bed was […]

Safe Sex – Anvil

Gotta new lover Better take cover Got some advice You’d better think twice Arrow’s in the quiver When you’re ready to deliver Weenie wrap To collect the sap Stretch and Seal a meal It just don’t feel real 12 or 24 to the pack Find them on the drugstore rack Chorus: Safe sex If I […]

Make It Up To You – Anvil

You make me feels so right When you’re around Maybe I’ve gone astray But you’re the best I’ve found Chorus: Now I see things the way I really should The lesson’s learned I’ve change my ways for good I’ll make it all up to you Seemed like all was lost Things were going wrong In […]

Holy Wood – Anvil

Moses parted the sea I saw it on a movie On the TV The bible is a book That started with Adam and Eve Filled with mambo jumbo Do you believe? Holy wood, Holy shit David and Goliath Man and morality Wars in the Middle East A taste of reality Ishmael and Isaac Brothers in […]

Ooh Baby – Anvil

I Know I tease you And I know you like that I know I please you ‘Cause that’s where it’s at I know you want me It shines in your eyes I know you’ll take me ‘Cause I hate your cries Chorus: Ooh Baby – I’m saying this to you Ooh Baby – So let […]

666 / Mothra – Anvil

Chains of death have been unleashed Ripped and tattered stricken from hell Sold my soul but the contract’s been breached Entering humanity from death’s well Your fate is sealed revelation is near I hear your screams but I thrive off your fear Received my warning but you didn’t, didn’t, didn’t learn 666 666 Make my […]

Should’a Would’a Could’a – Anvil

In the lottery of life you need a ticket to win Gotta know where you come from, gotta know where you’ve been Throw the dice, take a chance, got to let it roll Crap game of life, trying to reach your goal Should’ a would’ a could’ a Should’ a would’ a could’ a Never […]

March Of The Crabs / Jackhammer – Anvil

Instrumental JACKHAMMER Slip away out the back door Get away from the scenery score In the car you’re ready to move In the backseat you start to groove Right turn left turn got the boys in both hands Playin in stereo like you do with most bands Unlocking the door I can tell you can’t […]

Five Knuckle Shuffle – Anvil

Hand to the gland and I don’t care There ain’t no secret I won’t bare Hey! All I wanna do is beat my meat Shakin’ steak, what a treat Stroke it, stroke it really hard I wanna watch it blow a yard Palm sister date what you got Wank your willie, hit the spot 5 […]

Future Wars – Anvil

A place afar in distant dreams Mystic winds blow Men mount birds of prey to war And raid each others shore Wizards and Warlocks battle by night One survives by cunning and might Take what you can by sword and sabre Just reward for perilous labour Stands among them a natural King A man of […]

Plenty Of Power – Anvil

Motivated to move the ground Digging deep the quarry heap Caterpillar’s on the creep Moving rubble in its wake Turning rocks that crack and break It’s the one to move a ton Mass destruction has begun Plenty of power Pushing power and endless source Mechanized driving force Moving rubble no trouble Feel the ground begin […]

Doctor Kevorkian – Anvil

Final Anaesthetic From an outlaw medic Permanent anaesthesia Case of Euthanasia Terminally ill Making your will Chorus: Meet your destiny Die with dignity Doctor Kevorkian, Doctor Death Doctor Kevorkian, Doctor Death Clinical observation Untimely termination Unlawful act Everlasting fact Breathing in the gas Death comes fast -Chorus- Doctor Kevorkian, Doctor Death Doctor Kevorkian, Doctor Death […]