Performer ANVIL

Jackhammer – Anvil

Slip away out the back door Get away from the scenery score In the car you’re ready to move In […]

Ball Of Fire – Anvil

The end of all we know Like Atlantis lost and forgotten When the winds of disaster blow Pieces of shattered […]

No One To Follow – Anvil

What happened to all the great leaders The ideals that they believed They have all died and perished With ideas […]

Scenery – Anvil

You were standing in your favourite light You thought you were hot thought that you were tight I’ve seen you […]

Hero By Death – Anvil

When you think of all the great people that have died The things they did, the way they lived their […]

The Creep – Anvil

He’s rotten to the core I know a guy that will push you Further than you’ve been before Broken promises […]

Heat Sink – Anvil

Tempered hot, ready or not, you know what I need White hot steel, gotta be real, gotta forge to feed […]

Tag Team – Anvil

The news is out there is a bout Time and place are set Admission is free if you want to […]

Keep It Up – Anvil

Keep on going for as long as you can All it takes is just one little pill Last all night […]

Shadow Zone – Anvil

It happened fast, a final flash, that set the world on fire And mankind paid a final debt to insatiable […]

Race Against Time – Anvil

Watching fractured memories, my future is left behind Seasons passing in a blink, days pass by to years Take me […]

Free As The Wind – Anvil

Running wild crazy and free Being anything I want to be Got no time for hanging around Ain’t nobody gonna […]

Computer Drone – Anvil

Daily addiction to the computer screen Log in, sign in, tune your world out Boot up, download, surfing about Visual […]

Pro Wrestling – Anvil

Start match, begin the clobbering Drop kick, caught up in the rope Pin fall, for the man with no hope […]

On The Way To Hell – Anvil

When being bad is being good Doing things just ’cause you could Burning bridges to the ground To ourselves our […]

Bushpig – Anvil

Watch me drive my bushpig Watch me part the pines Four by four couldn’t take more Any hill to climb […]

Go Away – Anvil

The only one that matters is the one that belongs to me I used to be gullible, innocent, naпve All […]

Flying Blind – Anvil

When you are lost and you can’t find your way Look for a landmark, as an eagle looks for prey […]

Disgruntled – Anvil

Waiting for a pay cheque just to pay your way A selfish boss with no money to spare Watches you […]

Groove Science – Anvil

Memories that last a life long Mixing of rhythm and riff Multiplied by the players I’m with Personal complete alliance […]

American Refugee – Anvil

Searching for a place to hide Running from those you’ve defied Forsaking the land of the free Leaving American policy […]

Park That Truck – Anvil

I m a predator, a wolf in the fold Menace to society, a deranged psychopath I m the bastard who […]

A. Z. #85 – Anvil

Alfonse Capone Godfather on a throne A king of crime A product of his time A pimp before puberty A […]

Game Over – Anvil

Life can be just like a Game Boy Filled with frustration and joy Pressing A or B, make a choice […]

Sins Of The Flesh – Anvil

Incest sodomy sadomasochism and rape In the Christendom make no mistake Bigamy buggery bestiality and pain The whole damn world […]

Bombs Away – Anvil

Jets lift off Armed to go Sights lock on Targets below Objects marked Cue bomb bay Pull the trigger Bombs […]

Man Over Broad – Anvil

Casting with his fishing rod Looking for a bite Catch a meal tonight On the star broad bow The seaman […]

This Is Thirteen – Anvil

Tarot card and tealeaves A crystal ball The gypsy’s kiss The death cards call Bad luck, misfortune Superstitious belief Good […]

Machine Gun – Anvil

In the bunker suppressing fire Burning heat of hot desire Ammo box and bullet belt Automatic weapon how it felt […]

Siren Of The Sea – Anvil

Calling in the darkness attracting you to seek Luring lonely seaman to a perilous end Shark infested waters on their […]

Worry – Anvil

Chorus: Worry Worry Worry From the morning until the night Anticipation, on my nails I bite Another problem to resolve […]

Steamin’ – Anvil

Steamin’ for your love tonight Won’t you lay me down Walkin’ over looking hot and sweet Babe you’re hard to […]

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