Performer ANVIL

Man Over Broad – Anvil

Casting with his fishing rod Looking for a bite Catch a meal tonight On the star broad bow The seaman […]

This Is Thirteen – Anvil

Tarot card and tealeaves A crystal ball The gypsy’s kiss The death cards call Bad luck, misfortune Superstitious belief Good […]

Machine Gun – Anvil

In the bunker suppressing fire Burning heat of hot desire Ammo box and bullet belt Automatic weapon how it felt […]

Siren Of The Sea – Anvil

Calling in the darkness attracting you to seek Luring lonely seaman to a perilous end Shark infested waters on their […]

Worry – Anvil

Chorus: Worry Worry Worry From the morning until the night Anticipation, on my nails I bite Another problem to resolve […]

Steamin’ – Anvil

Steamin’ for your love tonight Won’t you lay me down Walkin’ over looking hot and sweet Babe you’re hard to […]

Sativa – Anvil

As sweet sativa Long sticky leaves and a frosty glow Sweet little diva Sweet Sativa, never leave ya Gets me […]

Matress Mambo – Anvil

Moving to the music that plays within my head Learning all the dance steps, point flex plie tendu Bending over […]

Feed The Greed – Anvil

Feed Feed Count your pennies and don’t spend a dime Ripping yourself off is a crime It’s a crime The […]

Stop Me – Anvil

When you see me you can’t resist You want my name on your telephone list In your dreams and on […]

Don’t Ask Me – Anvil

Oceans running dry, on what can we depend? Alien abduction, sight a UFO Decimated landscape, I don’t want to know […]

No Evil – Anvil

Stubborn in their ways, no compromise to give Locking out the real world, letting nothing in Believing that the world […]

Black Or White – Anvil

Living in opposition, drawing lines in the sand We all have a point of view in the freedom of our […]

Embalmer – Anvil

Pennies on your eyes Weeping widow cries Flowers for the dead A handful of dirt to spread Formaldehyde veins Presevation […]

Blood On The Ice – Anvil

Slap shot sucker shot Down on your knees Skate to the face You’re gouged and you bleed Tussle and muscle […]

Waiting – Anvil

I end up standing in line I find myself in another queue Give me some cheese for my wine It […]

Bottom Feeder – Anvil

Living off the money of misery It’s a dog eat dog mentality The corporate world is a pocket bleeder Better […]

Song Of Pain – Anvil

Just the average kind of guy Loved and lost felt the pain The need to start all over again Heart […]

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