Performer ARCH ENEMY

Savage Messiah – Arch Enemy

[Lyrics: Michael Amott] Meet your maker Rising from the ashes Like a phoenix to the sky So intense, so glorious… […]

Enemy Within – Arch Enemy

[Lyrics: Angela Gossow] Dark thoughts rise up Deep in your mind The killing of hope The end has begun The […]

Skeleton Dance – Arch Enemy

My mind floats astray Over withered fields I cross the river This shortness of breath Between birth and grave Fading […]

Instinct – Arch Enemy

The more I hear – the less I care This world we’ve created, has left me cold This world is […]

Dark Insanity – Arch Enemy

In the dust of past mistakes Leaving for the darkness Of tears and cold heartaches Suffer in this grief Of […]

Angelclaw – Arch Enemy

Angelclaw – A queen of the night She reigns from her throne of stone Bringer of evil, a destroyer of […]

Beast Of Man – Arch Enemy

Intro lead – Michael Beware the beast of man For he’s the devils pawn Alone among god’s primates He kills […]

Pilgrim – Arch Enemy

Lead – Christopher >From the womb, to the tomb An eternal struggle for the holy truth We are not the […]

Ravenous – Arch Enemy

[Lyrics: Angela Gossow/Michael Amott] I am hunting for your soul It dwells within your heart I lacerate the pounding flesh […]

Leader Of The Rats – Arch Enemy

Dirt infested minds Always second best, leader of the rats Spreading their disease Hiding behind trivial cyncism Venomous tongues spitting […]

Machtkampf – Arch Enemy

Vengeance in my eyes Colder than steel instantly real A new power flows through me Reaching out for something Knowing […]

Dehumanization – Arch Enemy

Perverted creation Damned, misled children You never stood a chance Resurrection a dead messiah For a paralysed race Damned, misled […]

Shadows And Dust – Arch Enemy

[Lyrics: Daniel Erlandsson/Michael Amott] [Lead – Christopher] At the mercy of our conscience Confined within our fate Never really questioned […]

Silent Wars – Arch Enemy

Fighting the truth a losing battle We believe in nothing Just hatred for each other Tragic sinister serenade Twisted melody […]

Bury Me An Angel – Arch Enemy

Lyrics: Michael Amott Symbolical and mystical Between life and death we’re torn A constant struggle Like an apocrypha Nobody can […]

Vultures – Arch Enemy

This is the abyss I fear the most – I feel their eyes staring at me Waiting with carnivorous patience, […]

Burning Angel – Arch Enemy

[Lyrics: Michael Amott] Dark shadows from above Ravens fly, obliterate the sun “It’s a sign of the devil. He will […]

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