DonÒ‘t Say Farewell, Say Goodbye – Archontes

My soul will soon be free So bring me some wine And listen to me Because my life was, oh, so long This is the heart of the song It’s just a simple story Sing and remember me I was born in a village My father didn’t carry a sword But my fate was different: […]

Goodbye, New World – Archontes

Through the shadow comes another day Time’s up – no one can ever play with fate It’s nice to feel you near – insanity Just one step – I’ve got my faith but I’m blind But the lights are out – curtain’s down No turn around Goodbye, New World! Time to go My heart does […]

Mother Russia – Archontes

What shadows lie ahead Ringing bells Why am I in tears Breath of the past Summon heroes of the tales That guarded us from dark and fears Deep inside We still believe in wonder But the world around Turns our hearts to stone Words of lies Are bringing us to madness How long can it […]

The Rules Of Real Life – Archontes

Played by everyone around Idols are ruling your life Smiling on TV And you laugh When they want you to And you turn inside out Of someone else’s pain And as you wake up in the morning You run to get the news You have your own mind for sure As if it’s something you […]

Children’s Crusade – Archontes

“You’ll pretend you were men instead of babies, and you’ll be played in the movies by Frank Sinatra and John Wayne or some of those other glamorous, war-loving, dirty old men. And war will look just wonderful, so we’ll have a lot more of them. And they’ll be fought by babies like the babies upstairs.” […]

All This Time (The Balancer’s Song) – Archontes

Balancer: — Are you lost? I will show you the way, trust me! — Who are you? So many years ago I have chosen my path Without fear and doubt I keep on believing Every day I’ve lived Is burned with iron in my mind Age by age goes by And I feel old pain […]

Fear Is The Conscience Of Villains – Archontes

And I’m afraid not to recognize my own face Whose eyes are watching And seem to beg – but they are only hate I’m afraid to speak It’s someone else that makes my mouth burst with words that tear my heart What is my name? And who am I? A man or just a part? […]