Performer ARCTURUS

Demon Painter – Arcturus

shady characters of faded cast acting out their last role beautiful lonely stars these are my people these fallen stars […]

Du Nordavind – Arcturus

Famler hen, til nattvart himmel Vandring hjem, til nattsvart himmel Vandring hjem I eismal Under skumringens tidligste stjerne Tusm_rket dypner […]

Wintry Grey – Arcturus

cold and waste the landscape lay… Then a hale of wind. Hither-Whirling, Thither-Swilrling, Spinn the fog and spinn the mist… […]

Ad Absurdum – Arcturus

play on instruments strung with the fibres of my mind And skeletons dance they have no voice and no complaint […]

Master Of Disguise – Arcturus

illuminated by an exquisite grimace, Look and see, atrociously contorted, The real head, and the sincere face Turned back under […]

Nightmare Heaven – Arcturus

Their faces once awake on sodomy and death and smoke and laughter their feet no longer underground The snow hides […]

For To End Yet Again – Arcturus

an unintelligible roar of everything ever lived or altogether avoided life A storm of voices and backward thoughts through deserts […]

My Angel – Arcturus

I love you I need you I love you You’re my angel I need you I love you I need […]

Hufsa – Arcturus

ett uggent gys skiller ved og barken ser tilbake pе frost og tеke natt som dag i evig vеke gold […]

Star-crossed – Arcturus

organic images dissolving earth Our future children sure at us unfixed from a residence of stars in their sidereal ships […]

Kinetic – Arcturus

this transmission from a fallen star Light has departed from this black sun But please put us on to bring […]

Alone – Arcturus

From childhood’s hour I have not been As others were – I have not seen As others saw – I […]