Performer ARGENTUM

Spheram De Tenebras – Argentum

Dweller of denser gloomysphere I’m the hate and malevolence lost into congealing breath sustain the sap of noteless dryness my […]

Nocternarum – Argentum

our inhert aeons, egest a poignant and glowing element that the waining enjoyment offer us Behold the elbowed monoliths landward […]

La Sorella Di Satana – Argentum

Obsecrations & symbolic lyrics by Khabee She’s possessed by demoniac ordeal Lemuria’s witch into mysterious lake she frequently gets angry […]

Asstrum Argentum – Argentum

When you deserve the dark darkly entety disappear dissolution of my soul ritualist evoke the fear (chorus) Fearful to oblivion […]

Acrimonia – Argentum

my tryst of adumbration, seance of rebirth awake troughfully, ascent in solitude perfervid for her blessing, murmuring with turpitude Enigma […]