Blind Fury – Armageddon

Waiting for the call Locked away and isolated (In a) neurotic fantasy I fight against the evil spell The force of silence Sliding down the slope of sadness Burning from the speed Chained into the switch of darkness Watch me fade away I fight against the evil spell The force of silence I’m a victim […]

Winter Skies – Armageddon

And the sand become a crust (Let’s) ride a moonbeam, you and I Lit a million years ago Living in a world they’ve made Got you on your knees To conform and to obey Time has come to fight! Under winter skies I realise This life is just a dream A fantasy… Break the shackles, […]

Heart Of Ice – Armageddon

Iron hard conviction, tar black soul She gets around, yes she does… Ain’t no angel in white Child of sin, raised under neon lights Claws down my back… hot breath on my neck Mmmm… She’s tightening her grip, around my heart Got ways to make me stay, brings me to my knees To crawl into […]

Sleep Of Innocence – Armageddon

Kept away from danger Drinking from the endless well Feeding my desire Where is the secret place? Where is the hidden cave? Rites of life in a learning day Fools the man to laughter Bringing down the master plan The journey’s getting closer What is the secret price? What is the living prayer? Awakening Sleep […]

Rainbow Serpent – Armageddon

In a far and distant land The people pledged the earth And the children lend a hand Then came the drought And all the crop would die They called upon the serpent To bring mercy from the sky Rainbow Serpent Scales of a million colours Eyes of crimson fire Sliding cross the universe And cracking […]

Into The Sun – Armageddon

All the others are since long dead and gone We had dreams, we had visions Nothing left now but one crude decision Inhuman temperature slowly rising Gasping for air, all supplies are wasted We turned the last pages of history Our fate shall be shrouded in mustery Shall we truly be no more? It is […]