Godforsaken – Armageddon

Corrupt politicians, defend this way of living Whatever the loss – at any cost Where did we go wrong? We […]

Stranglehold – Armageddon

You’re getting to me… like a disease Can’t take a ride… at my expense Tables have turned – now I […]

Burn The Sun – Armageddon

We’re heading your way Waiting for the time to let it all out All that you’re holding inside People who […]

Cry Of Fate – Armageddon

Round the next corner Walking around in the unknown The silence unbroken Echoes in my head Waking the child of […]

Blind Fury – Armageddon

Waiting for the call Locked away and isolated (In a) neurotic fantasy I fight against the evil spell The force […]

Heart Of Ice – Armageddon

Iron hard conviction, tar black soul She gets around, yes she does… Ain’t no angel in white Child of sin, […]