Performer ASH

Uncle Pat – Ash

Down the road along the river Which I take but once a year My walk will take me by the […]

Renegade Cavalcade – Ash

Acid seeping through my brain I’m never gonna crack There can be no turning back Water runs down the windowpane […]

Clones – Ash

With heart of stone, Synthetic soul, Brainwashed and cold. You’re just a drone, Got no control, Forced in a mold, […]

Gone The Dream – Ash

And all had been bad In the kitchen laughing with you Before I went to bed My face in the […]

Sometimes – Ash

Cigarettes keep you skinny And your mind off the rain Sometimes, sometimes Sometimes, sometimes Feelings are distant, I know guilt […]

Fortune Teller – Ash

Don’t know anybody, feel so out of place I’m bored with this century, and I’m sick of it all Here […]

Petrol – Ash

Under the stars they smile, they want to invade my home I pace the darkened hall, try to consider it […]

Innocent Smile – Ash

When the sun comes down Flying with your friends With the stars alive Tripping round the town When the sun […]

Low Ebb – Ash

From mile beyond the grave What was it saying I could not make out a word Shiver in the cold […]

Aphrodite – Ash

On these shores Fell in love With Aphrodite Her dark power In my heart In my heart Feel it now […]

Darkside Lightside – Ash

When everything is gonna turn out right When all the answers lie behind your eyes And everythings gonna turn out […]

Detonator – Ash

Detonator Detonator Detonator Detonator Detonator Detonator Detonator High explosive girl you turn me on So volatile like a walking atom […]

Candy – Ash

inner city lights, I cannot sleep oh candy, sweetest remedy only you can ease my troubled dreams angel, all people […]

Intense Thing – Ash

To reason with you would be far too kind It’s all coming down like the dark on the town The […]

Out Of The Blue – Ash

feeling just like when it started i wake, its a new day no more heart ache breaking our way out […]

There’s A Star – Ash

there’s something magic in the air emotional disorder, came from out of nowhere and took me unaware the patterns of […]

Vampire Love – Ash

Carnal sacrifice of the virgin dove In the midnight court I scent your blood Innocence drowning in the flood Tonight […]

Submission – Ash

I want to taste your skin Want to see you undressed And see you shake your thing You’re bound and […]

Lose Control – Ash

About you at all I called you up to come on round tonight You wouldn’t give a straight answer But […]

Burn Baby Burn – Ash

Your golden hair and pale blue eyes But through all the days and the sleepless nights We have never been […]

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