Performer ASH

Intense Thing – Ash

To reason with you would be far too kind It’s all coming down like the dark on the town The […]

Out Of The Blue – Ash

feeling just like when it started i wake, its a new day no more heart ache breaking our way out […]

There’s A Star – Ash

there’s something magic in the air emotional disorder, came from out of nowhere and took me unaware the patterns of […]

Vampire Love – Ash

Carnal sacrifice of the virgin dove In the midnight court I scent your blood Innocence drowning in the flood Tonight […]

Submission – Ash

I want to taste your skin Want to see you undressed And see you shake your thing You’re bound and […]

Lose Control – Ash

About you at all I called you up to come on round tonight You wouldn’t give a straight answer But […]

Burn Baby Burn – Ash

Your golden hair and pale blue eyes But through all the days and the sleepless nights We have never been […]

On A Wave – Ash

Falling headlong, in flames I tumble into the ocean In a fever, it’s never gonna let you forget her Come […]

Walking Barefoot – Ash

In awe all day Your company was so relaxing Easy going ways We saw the first signs of summer And […]

Star-Crossed – Ash

You look here just like an angel sleeping I wish I could ease your fears I would catch the diamond […]

Burn Out – Ash

And fading in the west To the north and to sleep At the close of day The flame goes out […]

Let It Flow – Ash

She’ll never know how she blows my mind She’s there with the chemicals in my brain Spinning softly round my […]

Oh Yeah – Ash

Oh Yeah it was the start of the summer On warm June evenings She would come to my house Still […]

Someday – Ash

It wears us down We’ll leave somehow All its harm and all its charms Oh someday Someday we’ll leave behind […]

Evil Eye – Ash

A poison smile Asking if I will stay A while I made a promise to the night In blood I […]

Jesus Says – Ash

Throwing up and feeling small Where have I gone and landed tonight I’ve been shot right to the core Of […]

World Domination – Ash

We are the new sensation Calling to the whole population So spread the word across the nation Gonna bring you […]

Projects – Ash

Waves are crashing on the shore No longer make out any form Drift to sleep Beneath cool sheets As when […]

Orpheus – Ash

Just sleeping, thinking and hanging around I left the dark streets of September As the air was cooling down Woah […]

I’m Gonna Fall – Ash

Although this is an end I got a sight of heaven And it’s gone straight to my head And the […]

Meltdown – Ash

We’re gonna take it to the overload Rebel radical retribution We’re here to get what we are owed I think […]

Lost In You – Ash

Wanting to call you, but it is late at night And you’re far away, but you are always on my […]

Death Trip 21 – Ash

Lord of the skies died With no look in his eyes Sleep walked into the afterlife Died in his sleep […]

Wild Surf – Ash

Yeah come on come on while we still can Yeah come on come on while we still can Burning in […]

Numbskull – Ash

Slipping from an iron grip Going further than I’ve ever been Into the realms of the unseen Fate is your […]

Girl From Mars – Ash

I don’t know if you knew that. Oh we’d stay up late playing cards, Henri Winterman Cigars. And she never […]

Angel Interceptor – Ash

I wasn’t feeling alright I knew it couldn’t last I started thinking of you And I wished we could be […]

Cherry Bomb – Ash

Immortal youth a libertine Is she real or just a dream My heart beats fast like benzedrine Every time that […]

Folk Song – Ash

Blossom on the trees Springtime’s slipping away my love Yeah springtime’s slipping away When it comes around again It will […]

Pasific Palisades – Ash

Listening to the ocean’s roar Sea breeze tangled in your hair Immortal, young and free of cares You let the […]

Kung Fu – Ash

I haven’t been the same since my teenage lobotomy Full on, I moved to Hong Kong With Bruce Lee’s brother […]

T. Rex – Ash

Feel it coming in the air Times the living is easy It won’t be long till the summer is here […]