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Projects – Ash

Waves are crashing on the shore No longer make out any form Drift to sleep Beneath cool sheets As when I was a boy Waves rolling on the shore In distant sound Dark in heaven baby that’s for sure Dark in heaven baby that’s for sure Settling voice Endless depth in my ears Tongue that […]

Orpheus – Ash

Just sleeping, thinking and hanging around I left the dark streets of September As the air was cooling down Woah yeah it was cooling down I need the sunshine in the mornin’ I’m heading for the open road Sunshine in the mornin’ Lord you gotta let it go Ever since I lost her It aeems […]

I’m Gonna Fall – Ash

Although this is an end I got a sight of heaven And it’s gone straight to my head And the time is right for falling This time I’m gonna fall That’s the price I must pay For a taste of your sweet love I’m gonna fall This time I’ll fall Gonna fall Something in your […]

Meltdown – Ash

We’re gonna take it to the overload Rebel radical retribution We’re here to get what we are owed I think my head, my head is gonna explode I think my head is gonna explode I think my brain is gonna overload I think my head is gonna explode We’re unified in a sonic nation Leave […]

Lost In You – Ash

Wanting to call you, but it is late at night And you’re far away, but you are always on my mind I feel like I’m on fire, nothing I can do I’m troubled with doubt, though it know its not true And it’s times like these when I am dying to speak to you Dying […]

Death Trip 21 – Ash

Lord of the skies died With no look in his eyes Sleep walked into the afterlife Died in his sleep His face incomplete You got a taste you’re playing with the dark stuff Don’t let it get under your skin I’ve seen your eyes in the bottom on my glass You died in your sleep […]

Wild Surf – Ash

Yeah come on come on while we still can Yeah come on come on while we still can Burning in my head Tonight Beneath the moon rays We stand in the doorway Looking towards other skies They are yours and mine for now Yeah ride Ride the wild surf Until the dawn Is ushered in […]

Numbskull – Ash

Slipping from an iron grip Going further than I’ve ever been Into the realms of the unseen Fate is your enemy Rebel against your destiny Going further than I’ve ever been Yeah further than I’ve ever been Got a beautiful face go a fucked up inside Need a shot of your faith Come along for […]

Girl From Mars – Ash

I don’t know if you knew that. Oh we’d stay up late playing cards, Henri Winterman Cigars. And she never told me her name, I still love you, Girl From Mars. Sitting in our dreamy daze by the water’s edge, On a cool summer’s night. Fireflies and the stars in the sky, Gentle glowing light, […]

Angel Interceptor – Ash

I wasn’t feeling alright I knew it couldn’t last I started thinking of you And I wished we could be dancing in the dark (Really slow) Oh, it’s good to know Tomorrow you are coming home (I won’t be so alone) I feel heaven in you, don’t you know I feel heaven in you, don’t […]

Cherry Bomb – Ash

Immortal youth a libertine Is she real or just a dream My heart beats fast like benzedrine Every time that she walks by Sends shivers down my spine Makes me want to die She is out there on her own Perfection in her chromosomes She walks by I need to know Her blood red lips […]

Folk Song – Ash

Blossom on the trees Springtime’s slipping away my love Yeah springtime’s slipping away When it comes around again It will never be the same Heaven’s slipping away my love Yeah heaven’s slipping away Yeah heaven’s slipping away Walking through this changing season Sorrow spreads its wings We can’t keep a hold on time Just receive […]

Pasific Palisades – Ash

Listening to the ocean’s roar Sea breeze tangled in your hair Immortal, young and free of cares You let the night lull you away to Dark pacific palisades yeah Wait for the summer It’ll come round again It’s coming down in sheets of rain Water’s running in the drains I lie with candles by my […]

Kung Fu – Ash

I haven’t been the same since my teenage lobotomy Full on, I moved to Hong Kong With Bruce Lee’s brother and Johnny Wong I think it’s strange He’s friends with Fu Manchu And he thinks he knows you Uh uh uh uh uh oh Oh Daniel San made in Taiwan Come on Jackie Chan Uh […]

T. Rex – Ash

Feel it coming in the air Times the living is easy It won’t be long till the summer is here Days when you wake in the morning &127; With the sun shining through the blinds Days when the living is easy And you know things are going alight Coming up following the feeling And the […]