Asstrum Argentum – Argentum

When you deserve the dark
darkly entety disappear
dissolution of my soul
ritualist evoke the fear

Fearful to oblivion
asstrum ritus scelestum
Ramulous way of the undying
a rapture in taciturn

Argentum vivum
Asstrum Argentum

shade void from death, vertex from kabalistic tree
to serve the wise soul, smash mortal gleaams
insane looking that way, the way you idolize
rejection of the light, idolize the sephirah

Fratres obscuratum
templum microprosopus
tiphereth, geburah, vesod
quod inferius

Fratres noctis
exercitum quem immensa
planities vix caperet
abhominibus consulendum est domini

Descending macaber delights
abismal lucidity show me the presence
I loose the conscience from the past
lordly initiation of golden down

Exordium caeremonia whereby

Lyric Asstrum Argentum – Argentum