Performer ATHEIST

Mother Man – Atheist

You say there’s freedom Within our nature Well I don’t think you understand Mother Earth has fallen to Mother Man […]

No Truth – Atheist

I need not any ministry I see our music scares you Can’t you see that… There’s no truth in modern […]

Unholy War – Atheist

We all were put here for mankind To serve and obey a so-called lord The price we must pay we […]

Beyond – Atheist

Indulgence, everlasting rage escaping through your pores Day by day it grows so close, intensify the end You know the […]

Mineral – Atheist

Leave us alone, we beg of you How could you be, so unforgiving Without it you see, you won’t be […]

On They Slay – Atheist

No mercy or no fear The sound of twisting flesh Is the last thing you will hear Take your final […]

Fire – Atheist

The warmth that see the chance Imagine the stonelit contortion Sprawling itself at a glance (anger!!) Shadows shaded yellow Both […]

I Deny – Atheist

Who am I to fool myself? A distant cry of help from others A child’s brain, a world of greed […]

Earth – Atheist

Spinning to create the now Upon it all will wonder who, what, where, and how Liquid covers most of her […]

Water – Atheist

It sets its course to remain just that If not for the blatant disregard for its purity It would never […]

Brains – Atheist

Talking to yourself You say things No one ever hears Knowing yourself better Than anyone ever could Bet you never […]