Performer ATROCITY

Love Is Dead – Atrocity

I feel a cold breath of wind black sky in morning veil I see no worth-living reason oh no, it’s […]

Let’s Dance – Atrocity

Let’s dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues Let’s dance, to the song they’re playin’ on the […]

Trial – Atrocity

We’re condemning, torturing, killing again and again Waiting for deliverance being nailed to the cross Hanging there like Jesus Christ […]

Humans Lost Humanity – Atrocity

Feelings are dead The world is one machinery Humans lost humanity Success dominates Without regard to casualties You’re one link […]

Misdirected – Atrocity

welcome to the flesh-venal scene xxx, – psychopaths going for another aim control me, dominate me entering the pits of […]

Taste Of Sin – Atrocity

I told you everything but you never knew how to please Du, Du gabst mir alles, was mein Herz begehrt […]

Unschuld – Atrocity

unter dunklem hautgesang ein„ugig tote sehnsucht die h”lle sei ihr knecht erinnerung schickt blumen das hirn friбt staub und knabenh„nde […]

Apocalypse – Atrocity

Suddenly these was a great light Wrath of gods shining bright Deadly rain from the sky Erupting hills A naton […]

Enigma – Atrocity

I see stoned circles built up by strong men Can you imaging the 8th continent buried in the deep sea […]

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