Performer ATROPHY

Beer Bong – Atrophy

Beer bong – suck it down Beer bong – don’t do it wrong Beer bong – don’t take too long […]

Right To Die – Atrophy

Trapped in my mind, the answers you won’t find Deep despair, what I feel, lost in time, what I’m feeling […]

Violent By Nature – Atrophy

Morbid fascination instilled within our young Raised and weaned on cold steel, the damage it has brung Little plastic war […]

Best Defense – Atrophy

Our land, our home, America the free Our vote decides the future can’t you see Their sim to serve, and […]

Things Change – Atrophy

Forced to deal with decisions you never thought come true Abandoned by the ones you’ve trusted, no one’s there for […]

In Their Eyes – Atrophy

In their eyes of children is a world I wish could be Their definitions of this life derived so simply […]

Socialized Hate – Atrophy

Solo: Chris Throughout our troubled history man’s exploited fellow man. Displaying xenophobic fear that’s hard to understand Centuries ago in […]