Performer ATROX

Mental Nomads – Atrox

Some of them settling within, some going on. Others sojourning indefinitely, tuning in, tuning out. New attendants join – cynicism, […]

Flesh City – Atrox

We eat cannibals before they attack We eat cannibals and ask afterwards We can’t control our headless horses As the […]

Prи Sense – Atrox

I better come to my senses But I can’t I’m too scared of being scared Like saving cancer-mice from labs […]

Letters To Earth – Atrox

And for a period of time I lived on another planet And in another galaxy Where time Didn’t exist There […]

Heartquake – Atrox

But oh so afraid it will end up with a heartache These untimely little deaths Would leave me out of […]

Flower Meadow – Atrox

Feeling free Hovering on a cloud Worries vanished Looking down on These people Do they deserve This grief All those […]

Mare’s Nest – Atrox

So happy. What can I use you for – ogling, nestling, coddling? Keep up the spirit, enliven me, keep me […]

Nine Wishes – Atrox

If it was up to me this house would be almost seven hundred years old and more than thirteen kilometres […]

Tentacles – Atrox

This phantom pain is oh so confusing I’m extraneous matter to the world And so estranged Look at me any […]

Look Further – Atrox

Wallowing in an over-sized glass jar. Quivering, gurgling. Reminding of muddy aspic. It looks so “/)&/”э%. It makes me feel […]

Lizard Dance – Atrox

And enjoy the lizard dance Come see the lizards’ dance Out of their skin See them throw their first tails […]

Ruin – Atrox

Shattered gargoyles on the ground. Their eyes staring up on their pebble-drooling congeners and on moss grown sculptures. Beheaded dismembered […]

Second Hand Trauma – Atrox

They transformed mind into flesh And lead to the untimely death of the child inside Fall asunder… now! And bleed […]

Burning Bridges – Atrox

If you can’t cope with the sights don’t bother to look Once you’ve seen it you can’t make it unseen […]

Methods Of Survival – Atrox

I forget paying attention to where I’m going At times I’m so busy reaching ecstacy I forget paying attention to […]