Performer ATTACKER

Kick Your Face – Attacker

Leather chains, time for show C’mon people get up and go Flashwg lights show begins We all kwow metal wins […]

Raging Fist – Attacker

This one being night In shadows of solitude Situation now arise What’s this they tell me The tale of his […]

Jack – Attacker

In the shadow lurks this evil Twisted soul, his heart grows gold Anger brewing, tension seetheing Psychopath is on the […]

Slayer’s Blade – Attacker

Dreadful sight, bloodstained steel Reality begins to fade All i see is slayer’s blade A warrior who feats on doom […]

Captives Of Babylon – Attacker

Crossing desert sands Armies conquer the land Captives cry for freedom Chained without reason Enslaving of man Pagan feasts they […]

Tortured Existence – Attacker

Shrouded in darkness, longs for the past Blackhearted creature, night in his life Curse of the undead, remains his plight […]

Desecration – Attacker

Who has put out the sun Mother earth filled with fire From the w0rds of a l1ar Stands the men […]

Zero Hour – Attacker

Their visions entangle your minds Sound of footsteps behind you Makes sanity so hard to find Minutes seem like days […]

Anger Aggression – Attacker

Have need, it feeds From deep inside Hatred will rise Chorus: Feel the anger The aggression Hear the anger The […]

The Madness – Attacker

Keeper of sin An unspoken evil That traps him within Madness is building inside of him Terror os taking control […]

Devil’s War – Attacker

Misery fills us all Dread of our death Permeates that we sense Fear of death Rings in my head Battlefield […]

The End – Attacker

Thunder rumbles, angels cry Storms are coming from heavens above The beginning of the end, has just begun You were […]

Sleepy Hollow – Attacker

Racing through forests night His heads is nowhere to be found It’s a terryfying sight Hew scours ’round the countryside […]