Performer AURA NOIR

Mirage – Aura Noir

innocent feelings to where innocent itself was brought to. To view the rush of female tempests. My Sculptured face turns […]

Sordid – Aura Noir

Be drunken without cease Remembrance drifts in the frozen wind The slave of hunger, now enjoy being free Sordid grace […]

Black Metal Jaw – Aura Noir

Enraged journey, through Heaven’s yell As the wrath of Satan, escapes Hell It drowns the waters, erects their waves A […]

The Rape – Aura Noir

For I am the flesh in your tounge. Create to yourself, images of these glass-eyed figures, and expose to me, […]

Sons Of Hades – Aura Noir

Amidst from these venomish losses Prime leagues leads on through vivid senses We have grasped we have honoured Though we […]

Black Deluge Night – Aura Noir

Seething waters rush Elegant waves of devastation Erects then plunge upon life We enshrine this glorious black deluge night Their […]

Slasher – Aura Noir

Swept in rage as we left it. As its gold whips our minds. And fierce tongue scratches our eyes. Wake […]