Performer AUTOPSY

Blood Orgy – Autopsy

Holes remain where limbs once were Heads removed while stumps ooze blood Putrid stench-filled death locker Buckets under corpses fill […]

Shiteater – Autopsy

Matted butt hair, anal vapor rising Give it a squeeze, my feast is emerging Give it to me, let’s begin […]

Skullptures – Autopsy

And it’s graveyard raiding time again Engulfed by darkness Digging for my art Which is my only friend Stuffing in […]

Critical Madness – Autopsy

Demented voices in his heaad Chainsaw victim covered in blood Severed body left for dead Bloody killing spree Brain fried […]

Stillborn – Autopsy

A coathanger will get the job done Piercing the life you let out a cry Feel the blood run, feel […]

Rot – Autopsy

Your face is decaying Your eyeballs have failed you And so has your brain And your rectum is bleeding Your […]

The Birthing – Autopsy

Out your bloody gaping hole So warm the blood runs down your legs Your tears you can’t control Your son […]

Voices – Autopsy

Right now they’re telling me to kill you Yesterday I loved you Today I want you dead Beat you, decapitate […]

Keeper Of Decay – Autopsy

A flattened form of death A heavenly delight Death is sweet Scoop up the meat Intact or mashed-it matters not […]

Mauled To Death – Autopsy

Music: Cutler, Reifert Lyrics: Cutler, Reifert Awaiting with patience ready to attack Feel him breathing down your back Waiting to […]

Embalmed – Autopsy

As the deadened blood is drawn Stiff cadever on the table Victims of death’s spawn Desicate, deteriorate Start to decompose […]

Human Genocide – Autopsy

Music: Reifert, Cutler Lyrics: Reifert All human life is engulfed in dead flesh Mindless corpses with worms in their heads […]

Dark Crusade – Autopsy

Crusading for the light My stomach twists and tightens up The feeling is so vile They’re trying to brainwash me […]

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