Too Much To Ask – Avril Lavigne

I wish someone could cure this pain It’s funny when you think it’s gonna work out ‘Til ya chose weed over me, you’re so lame I thought you were cool until the point Up until the point you didn’t call me When you said you would I finally figured out you’re all the same Always […]

My World – Avril Lavigne

Cuz I can’t seem to find a trace, guess it must have got erased somehow Probably cause I always forget, Everytime someone tells me their name, It’s always gotta be the same. (In My World) Never wore cover up, Always beat the boys up, Grew up in a five thousand population town, Made my money […]

I Always Get What I Want (Bonus Track) – Avril Lavigne

Even if there’s no way of gettin’ it If i stomp my feet could that make me Be the way around it Could I get myself around it Get me what I want Everything I don’t got So give me what I want Cause I’m a big shot Don’t wanna always have to be so […]

My Happy Ending – Avril Lavigne

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh… Let’s talk this over It’s not like we’re dead Was it something I did? Was it something You said? Don’t leave me hanging In a city so dead Held up so high On such a breakable thread You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought […]

Slipped Away – Avril Lavigne

I miss you, Miss you so bad I don’t forget you, oh it’s so sad I hope you can hear me, I remember it clearly The day you slipped away, was the day I found it won’t be the same Na na na na na na na I didn’t get around to kiss you, goodbye […]

Together – Avril Lavigne

I can feel it inside The truth isn’t far behind me You can’t deny When I turn the lights out When I close my eyes Reality overcomes me I’m living a lie (Pre-chorus) When I’m alone I feel so much better And when I’m around you I don’t feel (Chorus) Together It doesn’t feel right […]

Unwanted – Avril Lavigne

Start off by shaking your hand That’s how it went I had a smile on my face and I sat up straight Oh, yeah, yeah I wanted to know you I wanted to show you [chorus] You don’t know me Don’t ignore me You don’t want me here You just shut me out You don’t […]

I Don’t Have To Try – Avril Lavigne

I’m the one, I’m the one who’s got the prance I’m the one, I’m the one who wears the pants I wear the pants I’m the one who tells you what to do You’re the one, you’re the one if I let you I’m the one, I’m the one who wears the pants I wear […]

Innocence – Avril Lavigne

The first time in my life and now it’s so great Slowing down I look around and I am so amazed I think about the little things that make life great I wouldn’t change a thing about it This is the best feeling [Chorus] This innocence is brilliant I hope that it will stay This […]

I Can Do Better – Avril Lavigne

I didn’t give a damn what you say to me I don’t really care what you think of me Cause either way you’re gonna think what you believe There’s nothing you could say that would hurt me I’m better off without you anyway I thought it would be hard but I’m OK I don’t need […]

Take Me Away – Avril Lavigne

It’s there inside All I do is hide I wish that it would just go away What would you do You do if you knew What would you do? Chorus All the pain I thought I knew All the thoughts lead back to you Back to what Was never said Back and forth Inside my […]

The Best Damn Thing – Avril Lavigne

Alright Now let me hear you say hey hey ho I hate it when a guy doesn’t get the door even though I told him yesterday and the day before I hate it when a guy doesn’t get the tab And I have to pull my money out and that looks bad Where are the […]

Tomorrow – Avril Lavigne

When you tell me that it’ll be okay Yeah, I try to believe you But I don’t When you say that it’s gonna be It always turns out to be a different way I try to believe you Not today, today, today, today, today [chorus] I don’t know how I’ll feel Tomorrow Tomorrow I don’t […]

Mobile – Avril Lavigne

This sucks, gotta pack up and leave again Say goodbye to all my friends Can’t say when I’ll be there again Its time now, I turn around Turn my back on everything Turn my back on everything [chorus] Everything’s changing when I turn around All out of my control I’m a mobile Everything’s changing when […]

Losing Grip – Avril Lavigne

Right now I feel invisible to you, like I’m not real Didn’t you feel me lock my arms around you? Why’d you turn away? Here’s what I have to say: I was left to cry there, waitin’ outside there Grinnin’ with a lost stare That’s when I decided Chorus: Why should I care? ‘Cuz you […]

Contagious – Avril Lavigne

I do not think that I can wait To go over and to talk to you I do not know what I should say And I walk out in silence That’s when i start to realize What you bring to my life Damn this guy can make me cry [Chorus] It’s so contagious I cannot […]

Not Gonna Run – Avril Lavigne

Put on my face The one thats gonna Get me through another day It doesn’t really matter …how i feel inside …this life is like A game sometimes But then you came around me The walls just dissapeared Nothing to surround me And keep me from my fears I’m unprotected see how I’ve opend up […]

When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne

I never thought I’d need you there when I cry And the days feel like years when I’m alone And the bed where you lie is made up on your side When you walk away I count the steps that you take Do you see how much I need you right now [Chorus] When you’re […]