Performer B G

Round My Way – B. G

UPT baby, this how we do around my way Niggas struggle, they struggle and they hustle But you cant knock […]

All On U – B. G

I got my gat so you know what that means It’s a bust back thang, I ain’t goin’ out like […]

Get on My Feet – B. G

Damn, it’s hard, a baby gangsta is strugglin The 9-5 done hit, it’s time for me to start hustlin I […]

I Know – B. G

Okay First thing first – and for me that’s n’s I floss, so I know you gon’ let me pimp […]

True Story – B. G

Right now we got a lil’ youngsta Lil’ Doogie, from the B. G.’z Do what’cha gotta do mane Say what’cha […]

Clean Up Man – B. G

Dressed in black Knock Yo muthafuckin’ head off Bitch nigga stop playin’ wit me First Verse: Spark it up make […]

Ride 2 Night – B. G

Head buster off top Grab the chopper and chop At the top is my spot And nigger it’s flip or […]

Silent B. G. – B. G

Fuck it nigga I got two choices rap or slang Yeah I choose this rap thing nigga but I don’t […]

Play’n it Raw – B. G

I don’t play Shit real nigga This cut throat gotta play it raw Verse:1 Turk Gettin’ killed aint no thang […]

Retaliation – B. G

Scraped my elbow jumpin’ the fence Creepin’ through the grass camoflauged lookin’ for them Cowards, non-believers, contradictors, I’m comin’ to […]

Plan Went Sour – B. G

Picture, I’m always plannin kaperz tryin to come up on cheese But my kaperz goin sour for the Lil’ B. […]

Made Man – B. G

Verse:1 B. G. I been in this game for awhile I’m a paid man now (huh bruh) On my sixth […]

Bat a Bitch – B. G

cause these hoes ain’t shit they good for open mix shit i put they mind on my dick gotta put […]

Hard Times – B. G

I done done it all from jackin’ and slangin’ nigga trust that Stealin’ cars snortin’ dope gettin’ bust at Never […]

‘N’ My city – B. G

It’s all about the 6 figgas You ballin nigga if you got five figgas [Verse 1] I got my AK […]

Gangsta Sh*t!! – B. G

[Lil Wayne talking] Uh-oh, uh-oh You know how we do it Weezy and Petey, baby Ya’know This here is 500 […]

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