Performer B2K

Understanding – B2K

I’m young, like to hang with my crew have fun but it seems like all the girls I know, never […]

The One – B2K

[Rap:] I’m the one you done heard all the rumors about You vibrate like my cellie how you movin around […]

Boys For Life – B2K

yo Why’d you have to bring this up man? I mean it ain’t like i forgot but it’s like I […]

Sleepin – B2K

This is crazy Cause lately The only thing I think about, dream about is How you left Why’d you leave […]

Shorty – B2K

Lookin’ like a model on da cover of Vogue, Sexy little mommy bangin’ out of control, She Lookin’ at me […]

Do That Thing – B2K

[Lil Kim and B2K] Now what they go say Now what you go do, do that thing its on you […]

Fantasy – B2K

crying stuff you have a real heartbreak Mature at 15 with figure 7 to 8 Girls wishing i was they […]

Dog – B2K

Platium Status Bringing you the heat Yeah [Intro:] You were playing games on me I’m your new enemy Now you […]

Badaboom – B2K

(It’s B2K ya’ll) It’s B2K ya’ll Welcome ladies… and gentlemen (Yes) To the U Got Served Soundtrack (Yea) We about […]

Baby Girl – B2K

He took advantage of your love And he threw it all away He broke your tender heart Words can’t express […]

Pretty Young Thing – B2K

Yeah Yo………Check it out its’ B2K Platinum Status She’s a pretty young thing pretty young thing What Uh Verse She […]

Smile – B2K

Yeah whats up girl how you doin look my name is mh you know what I’m sayin \and a I […]

Uh Huh – B2K

Hey yo trick How you gonna come up with something like this man? Yeah When this come on They’ll be […]

B2k Is Hot (skit) – B2K

we sittin’ up here all bored and everything i mean what’s crakin’ 4 the night j boog? i’m sayin’ what’s […]

Back It Up – B2K

It’s 1o’clock in the morning We in the 745 just rollin I see some okay chicks over my shoulder They […]

Streets Is Callin – B2K

uh, yea, once again [chorus:] I’ve been goin’ through somethings (ohhh), I been strugglin’ with my inner man (yea, yea), […]

Here We Go Again – B2K

Tryna act like you got money but you at the bus stop Oh please stop doin what you do Cause […]

Santa Baby – B2K

for me Been an awful good girl Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight Santa baby, a drop top […]

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