Performer BABY BASH

Bubbalicious – Baby Bash

[Intro:] Bubble pop Come on [Repeat 4x] [Natalie:] I’m so bubbalicious And so delicious You can’t resist it Now can […]

Quarterback – Baby Bash

Fo sho.. Pass that sweet nigga And quit bumpin’ yo gums See that shit you be barkin’ mayne I already […]

Don’t Stop – Baby Bash

[Chorus: Keith Sweat] Baby, it don’t stop And it won’t quit And I can’t stop Until you put your body […]

Yeh Suh! – Baby Bash

(Yeh Suh!) We Creep (Yeh Suh!) We throw, we blow (Uh Huh, Yeh Suh!) We Fly (Yeh Suh!) No Lie […]

Baby I’m Back – Baby Bash

[Baby Bash] Tell me what the word is (Already) [repeat x4] [Akon] Don’t look no farther! Baby I’m back (Yeah) […]

Numero Uno – Baby Bash

“I’m the one” “I’m the one” “I’m the one” “Oh, no, no” “I’m the one” “I’m the one” “I’m the […]

Weed Hand – Baby Bash

Sometimes da game got me stressin partner I can’t lie. I roll me a sweet smash off n da ride […]

Na Na – Baby Bash

Ahh Who got it Who got it Huh Young bash Jim johnson Uh oh She’s so yummy yummy yummy Ohh […]

Shorty Doowop – Baby Bash

Yea that’s my shorty doowop Yea that’s my shorty doowop Yea that’s my shorty doowop And I can’t wait to […]

Dip With You – Baby Bash

[Aundrea Fimbres] All day All night I’m feeling Your light [Hook 1: Baby Bash] Let’s dip Let’s roll My whip […]

Oh Wow – Baby Bash

I’m still high as I ride in my 7 duece coupe deville, yall soldiers know my truth be ill. Now […]

On The Cool – Baby Bash

by Baby Bash Album : [Chorus: DJ Kane] Let’s keep it on the cool (keep it on the cool) It’s […]

Suga Suga – Baby Bash

You got me lifted, you got me lifted [.Frankie J.] You got me lifted shifted higher than a ceiling And […]

Image Of Pimp – Baby Bash


Tha Chop – Baby Bash

Look at what they do to me Need to Chill, try to stop Did dirt with it, now I gotta […]

Pollution – Baby Bash

Sometimes I wanna get away from all the confusion causin’ pollution I know u wish u could run away From […]

Super Saucy – Baby Bash

[Intro-Baby Bash] Super Saucy, Saucy Super Saucy, Saucy Super Saucy, Saucy Your so Sau-cy Super Saucy. Saucy Super Saucy, Saucy […]

Throwed Off – Baby Bash

Its throwed off playa, it’s throwed off playa its throwed off play (its goin down) [Chorus 2x] Its throwed off […]

Mamacita – Baby Bash

Yea Yea mamacita chicanita in a fly way… Ronnie Ray…what is it [Hook] Mamacita (mamacita) Pensando en ti como yo […]

Feeling Me – Baby Bash

[Chorus: Russell Lee] She’s in love with a hustla She only messing with them suckas Looking so good, little tight […]

Obsession – Baby Bash

Baby Bash Te quiero mucho, ha Son las cinco de la manana Y no he dormido nada Just thinkin’ ’bout […]

What Is It – Baby Bash

(featuring Sean Kingston) [Sean Kingston] Lemme see ya go mama go mamma (baby bash:What is it) Get your girls and […]

On Tha Curb – Baby Bash

Puffin on the herb, Tryin get what a mother fucker deserve, Im trying stay high, True to the trilla, Tryin […]

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