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Turn And Walk Away – Babys

I still believe I’m right You’re lost and I can’t find you You’re somewhere in the night We’ve got nothing […]

Dying Man – Babys

You know I love you so I ain’t got much time before I go I’m a dyin’ man yeah That’s […]

I’m Falling – Babys

The things I know I’d find The things I’d have to do And sometimes I wonder Oooh I’m falling What […]

Midnight Rendezvous – Babys

Can’t help myself when I’m alone with you Alright Alright I’ve passed the limit and there’s no way back Your […]

Laura – Babys

But you’re still clear in my mind You gave me things I can’t forget You gave me love I still […]

Anytime – Babys

I get home I got nowhere to go Think about ya day and night I’ll be waiting so when it […]

Golden Mile – Babys

Turned my head and walked away Sun was shinin’ and it caught my eyes Damn near blew me away Sometimes […]

Rodeo – Babys

Sweat and grime Bound to come some day Now I’m not sure about the rules Make them as they play […]

Over & Over – Babys

The things I’ve done pass through my mind The thoughtless words the useless fights I guess I’ll never learn cause […]

Union Jack – Babys

Bustin’ the rules Hates everything in sight Needs some new shoes Dad’s on the booze She’s never there Far away […]

Wild Man – Babys

Well I’ve seen the world I’ve had it all in my hands I had some love but I lost my […]

Rescue Me – Babys

Money stocks and shares Daddy’s little sweetheart and private affairs Said you looked so devine Seen dining at the Ritz […]

Isn’t It Time – Babys

last thing I had on my mind Holding you is a warmth that I thought I could never find (Sitting […]

Too Far Gone – Babys

Feeling kinda mean Itchin’ for some trouble Tryin’ to keep it clean Wound up so tight Poundin’ like a drum […]

Too Far Gone – Babys

Feeling kinda mean Itchin’ for some trouble Tryin’ to keep it clean Wound up so tight Poundin’ like a drum […]

Broken Heart – Babys

Heard she’s been seen around I hear she gets what she wants everytime I know what she put you through […]

Sweet 17 – Babys

But she thinks that she’s twenty-one Doing things she ain’t done before Got her hands on a loaded gun Talking […]

In Your Eyes – Babys

Is it you It had to be someone In my life through these days There’s got to be a better […]

You (Got It) – Babys

You said you’d come around Silk stockings can’t be found On my floor no more You…. You’re the one I […]

Run To Mexico – Babys

I could take you there You could get what you want in the south You could let down your hair […]

Head First – Babys

You looked down and out And I had my doubts About you But baby since I’ve come to know ya […]

Downtown – Babys

If you want to chance the US mail I can show you things you’ve never seen I can tell you […]

Wrong Or Right – Babys

When he loves you babe Do you turn out your light When he loves you babe Well he takes you […]

Gonna Be Somebody – Babys

Stop me in my crash You wanna be somebody else Say you won’t be back Your bourgeois friends call you […]

Silver Dreams – Babys

I’ve been searching I needed something to believe I’m a gambler With my fortune Trying to keep you up my […]

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