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Run To Mexico – Babys

I could take you there You could get what you want in the south You could let down your hair I said do you don’t you will you won’t you Baby won’t you please let me know I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Chicago I’m talkin’ about Mexico Na na na na na Na na na na […]

Head First – Babys

You looked down and out And I had my doubts About you But baby since I’ve come to know ya I ain’t got no doubts What it’s about Me and baby We’re going out tonight She’s gonna treat me right Ooh yeah Me and sugar We’ve got it all sewn up She fills my loving […]

Downtown – Babys

If you want to chance the US mail I can show you things you’ve never seen I can tell you girl it never fails Let me take you Where a million (can’t deciper?) will chime for you And the music flashes through the air There is nowhere else for us to be Come on baby […]

Wrong Or Right – Babys

When he loves you babe Do you turn out your light When he loves you babe Well he takes you babe Ah when he loves you babe My whole world comes a part When he loves you babe In the day and the night How I want you babe Though I put up a fight […]

Rock’n Roll Is (Alive And Well) – Babys

But I got no reply He claims he tells the truth He writes it in the sky The taxman’s at the door Though he never seems polite They’ve got me cornered Cornered in the light We could change that overnight So goodnight to all the world Sleep tight all you boys and girls I spent […]

Turn Around In Tokyo – Babys

To another world Still stranded somewhere In between the earth and sky It’s 3 AM I’m in Japan You’re still on my mind Your long-distance love is coming through alright And I’m not lonely Lost in the Orient I’m dreamin’ of Turn around in Tokyo Gotta send it back to you Turn around in Tokyo […]

Gonna Be Somebody – Babys

Stop me in my crash You wanna be somebody else Say you won’t be back Your bourgeois friends call you dear Deal you like a card Your eyes out for the diamonds now Experienced and scarred You tell me gonna be somebody Gonna be okay Gonna be somebody someday You’re moving through a different space […]

Silver Dreams – Babys

I’ve been searching I needed something to believe I’m a gambler With my fortune Trying to keep you up my sleeve When I’m away I fill my heart with Dreams I lose myself Keep my silver dreams of you Are you lonely Are you crying Are your tears for me When I come home And […]

I Love How You Love Me – Babys

Whenever you kiss me And when I’m away from you I love how you miss me I love the way you always Treat me tenderly But darlin’ most of all I love how you I love how your heart beats Whenever I hold you I love how you think of me Without being told to […]

California – Babys

I had nothin’ in my pockets and not a lot to say Though I knew somehow we would meet real soon But the way you’ve been avoidin’ me It’s like I’m livin’ on the moon Here I am on this side of the stars Livin’ in California And sometimes I get out of reach in […]

If You’ve Got The Time – Babys

And lay it on the line Yeah Could you say you need me And put your hands in mine Oh I got love that grows Oh I got love that shows I got the love If you’ve got the time Then I’ve got the time Do you say you want me You’ll give me everything […]

She’s My Girl – Babys

living hard and fast Doin’ what we want to do We’re as free as the wind we choose We got each other so we never lose My heart is on a one way trip Flyin’ higher Kind of feels like a rocket ship She’s the finest I’ve ever seen Sometimes we’re livin’ in a two […]

Looking For Love – Babys

I’m looking for love Where can it be Been everywhere And I’ve asked everyone I’m looking for love But love can’t be Day after day The need in me grows The more that I need The more that it shows Lone will I be Cannot survive I need some love To keep me alive Looking […]

Read My Stars – Babys

I know you do Go anywhere I want you to Yeah but I love ya So now I read my stars Gettin’ worried I face the floor Hearin’ noises outside my door Think it’s friends Can’t be sure So now I read my stars And now I turn the cards Is it love Oh I […]

And If You Could See Me Fly – Babys

I wanna know I love you baby I’m hurtin’ so But oh if you could see me baby And understand the things I’ve done I know you can do that baby And if you could see me fly Do you need me Come on let’s go I love ya baby On the ceiling The walls […]

Postcard – Babys

You live your life in a different place So many miles in between us Give anything just to see your face When you come home I’ll be waiting Imagination’s gonna pull me through Yeah yeah I will send you All my love In a postcard All my love I spend my time thinkin’ of you […]

I Was One – Babys

Have been disillusioned By the way you’ve spit it out You promise them everything They believe in your dream Of make believe But that’s an illusion I was one Who was caught in your make believe I was one Who was lost in your fantasy You took me in I was a friend I joined […]