That Girl – Bad Company

They say that you’ve been cheatin’ on me, I know they’re not right They don’t really know you, they just […]

Bad Man – Bad Company

I do what I like, I like what’s right for me, ooh yeah You might think that you’re gonna change […]

I Don’t Care – Bad Company

I’ve been told, she’s the kinda girl that waves you goodbye Bad reputation, rumours going ’round My friends are talking, […]

Evil Wind – Bad Company

Ten thousand miles an’ more, Now I found myself standing, Outside of my babies door. I’ve been gone such a […]

Peace Of Mind – Bad Company

I got somethin’ I want to tell you that just won’t wait… People going nowhere cause there eyes are closed […]

Gimme Gimme – Bad Company

(Written by Mick Ralphs) I rode into town last night, it must’ve been a quarter to three I was looking […]

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