52 Seconds – Bad Religion

Don’t know the meaning of it but I hope that matters less I don’t know anything when I’m factored out […]

The Lie – Bad Religion

if you can’t see where you are going? What breaks the silence? Misery can make you see where you belong […]

Pity – Bad Religion

on the ignorant plenty who devote their lives to an icon that they’ve never known. I show pity on eons […]

The Defense – Bad Religion

Mass paranoia is a mode not a malady Yeah, I’d like to watch 1,000 cable channels but there’s nothing on […]

Nobody Listens – Bad Religion

you shout rhetoric nonsense like a Pavlovian model responding to his questions hey teacher, arrogance is bliss you spend your […]

Materialist – Bad Religion

of the ludicrous nonsense and incipient senescence that will deem your common sense useless This ain’t no recess! I want […]

Suffer – Bad Religion

the lunatic, the hypocrite are all lost in the fray can’t you see their lives are just like yours? an […]

Believe It – Bad Religion

a defect from the wasted outskirts of Los Angeles with a crumpled-up pass for the RTD and no authority or […]

Infected – Bad Religion

hope I don’t break down, I won’t take anything, I don’t need anything, don’t want to exist, I can’t persist, […]

Strange Denial – Bad Religion

Sweat, blood, and valor Forms the grit of our history Beqeathed to everyone: Chance and free expression Substance was restrained […]

The Gray Race – Bad Religion

is black and white the infrastructure builders flex their might turning true emotion into digital expression one by one we […]

New Leaf – Bad Religion

it really makes you stop and think about the years to come. something good had to happen to the human […]

Shattered Faith – Bad Religion

and the theologian told me that it’s all been designed and I’m trying to maintain objectivity The world won’t illuminate […]

Ten In 2010 – Bad Religion

sun-baked pavement encroaches on us haves and have-nots together at last brutally engaged in mortal combat 10 in 2010 what […]

Dearly Beloved – Bad Religion

Climbing the pulpit steps before an eager congregation The while praying came a wicked inspiration Brothers, sisters this is what […]

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