Infected – Bad Religion

hope I don’t break down, I won’t take anything, I don’t need anything, don’t want to exist, I can’t persist, please stop before I do it again, just talk about nothing, let’s talk about nothing, let’s talk about no one, please talk about no one, someone, anyone you and me have a disease, you affect […]

Strange Denial – Bad Religion

Sweat, blood, and valor Forms the grit of our history Beqeathed to everyone: Chance and free expression Substance was restrained And the spirit was broken I feel a strange denial Rythmic as a change Constance as time Lonely Insistent whispers Somber as a wave bye bye Searching for solution, without constitution Blackcoats by our sides […]

Sowing The Seeds Of Utopia – Bad Religion

Just half-way there Just half-way there The innocence of youth needs protection not abuse But no one seems to care Yet no one seems to care And you sit there adn watch the world go around From your pseudo-benevolent vantage point While we who’ve been left to pick up after you Try our best to […]

Time And Disregard – Bad Religion

from the bird and the deer who live on the same to the condominiums that litter the plain it took time… time and disregard from the green and the trees that shot high in the air to the high-business market-men who take all that’s there it took time… time and disregard Part Two one more […]

Time And Disregard – Bad Religion

from the bird and the deer who live on the same to the condominiums that litter the plain it took time… time and disregard from the green and the trees that shot high in the air to the high-business market-men who take all that’s there it took time… time and disregard Part Two one more […]

The Gray Race – Bad Religion

is black and white the infrastructure builders flex their might turning true emotion into digital expression one by one we all fall down the gray race shrivels trapped inside the world it creates it’s black and white the perputual destructive motion machine began to chart a course never before seen turning raw compassion into fields […]

New Leaf – Bad Religion

it really makes you stop and think about the years to come. something good had to happen to the human race. we all had better stop hoping and set our heads on straight. you’ve gotta turn over a new leaf, ’cause that old one’s turning on you. we’ve gotta turn over a new leaf. if […]

Destined For Nothing – Bad Religion

Who do you believe can put some meaning in your life? meaning in your life, meaning in your life Who do you conceive to provide you guidance and light? guidance and light, guidance and light Are they waiting for you in the by and by? Do you even have to try? Headed for eternity and […]

Shattered Faith – Bad Religion

and the theologian told me that it’s all been designed and I’m trying to maintain objectivity The world won’t illuminate what really matters and I’m an imperfect mortal meaning extractor processing the complexity Born of the Earth (Are we blind?) We weren’t given a choice (There’s no way) What about free will? (What we have) […]

Ten In 2010 – Bad Religion

sun-baked pavement encroaches on us haves and have-nots together at last brutally engaged in mortal combat 10 in 2010 what kind of God orchestrates such a thing? 10 in 2010 ten billion people all suffering 10 in 2010 truth is not an issue just hungry mouths to feed 10 in 2010 forget what you want, […]

21st Century (Digital Boy) – Bad Religion

the way you look sometimes like a trampled flag on a city street, oh yeah and I don’t want it the things your offering me symbolised barcode quick ID, oh yeah Cause I’m a 21st century digital boy I don’t know how to live but I got a lot of toys my daddy’s a lazy […]

Dearly Beloved – Bad Religion

Climbing the pulpit steps before an eager congregation The while praying came a wicked inspiration Brothers, sisters this is what he said: Dearly beloved, dearly beloved, dearly beloved, (Make no mistake despite our traits I’ve seldom seen evidence of genes) I can’t relate to you, I can’t relate to you He was the kind of […]

Beyond Electric Dreams – Bad Religion

On the roof of the world without apparent design The frozen definition of a lunatic ambition to rise The air is thin, the future dim, dimension hard to find Up on a mountain encased in solar rays Beyond electric dreams of inarticulate passion plays Coming down a mountain, eons have a human ring The conversation […]

New Dark Ages – Bad Religion

Susurrations that can expand beyond all hope of light and plunge us into into unrelenting night A pall on truth and reason, It feels like hunting season So avoid those lines of sight and we’ll set this right Welcome to the new dark ages Yeah, i hope you’re living right These are the new dark […]

Shades Of Truth – Bad Religion

Outside in the sultry noon-time reflection A million scurry they are looking for advice None willing to lend charity just exercise their Shades of Truth, and partisan convention Shades of Truth between dispirate lines Shades of Truth interpret my intentions You don’t know I’m alright Who authored the blueprints and made us captains? Someone proclaimed […]

You Are (The Government) – Bad Religion

Hey sit down and listen and they’ll tell you when you’re wrong. Eradicate but vindicate as “progress” creeps along. Puritan work ethic maintains its subconscious edge As Old Glory maintains your consciousness. There’s a loser in the house, and a puppet on the stool, And a crowded way of life, and a black reflecting pool, […]

Don’t Sell Me Short – Bad Religion

because the trail builders failed to give us passage there so we can’t reach the sky we don’t need any more failure there is human tragedy that’s written everywhere and we are all too young to die like a mystery that’s here to stay some people never go away cause they’ve got something to say […]

The Handshake – Bad Religion

could it be that it’s only superficiality?, without regard to well-being, without an inkling of compromise, handshakes are nothing but a subtle “fuck you”, contracts determine the best friendships this is the way of the modern world, everyone’s vying for patronage, this is the way of the modern world, and something has gotta give every […]

Submission Complete – Bad Religion

The initiated are Coddled and caged Before you walk, as soon as you crawl Hope is pointless when you’re stuck in the trawl Fuck the freshman lectures and brandishments They just betray impoverished accomplishments The puppet masters fear originality They tighten up the tethers and they shackle your feet Submission complete Your recruits never have […]

White Trash (2nd Generation) – Bad Religion

broken homes from which they come, beer-stained dad, compliant Mom. fear and love, much despised, replaced by comfortable lies. teenage classic, more cliche, one step further on the edge of decay. white trash, 2nd generation, white trash, 2nd generation, white trash, 2nd generation, don your crown and cleanse the nation. are you ready to fight […]

The Empire Strikes First – Bad Religion

and we’re unrehearsed here we go again to stage the greatest show on heaven and earth come on, get your money’s worth don’t wanna live (can’t live) don’t wanna give (can’t give) don’t wanna be (won’t be) Em-P-I-R-E don’t wanna live don’t wanna be Em-P-I-R-E We’re comin on fast and we’re built to last we […]

Voice Of God Is Government – Bad Religion

and no one cares like he cares. neighbors, let us join today in the holy love of God and money, because neighbors, no one loves you like He loves you. and what better way to show your love than to dig deep into your pockets. dig real deep, until it hurts. Alleviate your guilt, free […]

Individual – Bad Religion

for the multitudes of thoughtless clones have reached a critical mass, individuals hide in fear, under cover, sheltered by the wafer thin veil of intelligence individuals, nowhere to be seen urbana is oozing like a bloated carcass, with maggots cooking in the desert heat, oozing, with progeny writhing and desperate for input from someone more […]

The Biggest Killer In American History – Bad Religion

carpenters too Bombers and commandos, all with some lost cause Disgruntled workers, immersed in “veritбs” But stealthily, in the land of the free, he’s lurking there Most are unaware of The biggest killer in American history And god shed his grace on thee Business institutions universites Both are quite the circus where the killer wants […]

Sinister Rouge – Bad Religion

tortured and dumped in nameless graves centuries waned, authority died scattering seeds of ancient lies Sinister rouge, coming back for more to even the score (x2) Child molesters and Jesuits holding secret conference underneath the pontiff’s nose and only god will ever know Sinister rouge, coming back for more to even the score (x2) Give […]

Politics – Bad Religion

Can’t try running for government, I’m not a jerk! I’ve tried to see these faces all around the way You’re lucky if they listen to a single word you say. What is right and what is wrong? The government decides. You don’t have no rights at all, As long as you don’t fight. We’re all […]

Empty Causes – Bad Religion

so many righteous revolutionaries spouting utopian love everyone shrouded in purple haze then one day they woke up from their dream state they found themselves no more at peace than before older, meek, and conformed empty causes a bluster for the soul, a fix for their mind empty causes cling to everything you find well, […]

Entropy – Bad Religion

ordered states of nature on a scale that no one thinks about, don’t speak to me of anarchy or peace of calm revolt, man, we’re in a play of slow decay orchestrated by boltzmann, it’s entropy, it’s not a human issue, entropy, it’s matter of course, entropy, enegery at all levels, entropy, from it you […]

Bad Religion (Theme Song) – Bad Religion

I’m nobody except genetic runaround. Spiritual era’s gone, it ain’t comin’ back. Bad religion, a cabal, that is all that’s left. Hey Mr. Mind, stop wasting my time, With your factory precision. Factory precision is your Bad religion, too good to take. Indecision, it’s not too late. Bad religion, bad religion. Ay! Don’t you know […]

At The Mercy Of Imbeciles – Bad Religion

And wishing upon distant stars Won’t improve the hole you’re in Won’t absolve your deepest sin But action is no gift from some covert and lofty god It’s dependant and weighty all the same And it is oh so easy just to keep to yourself But then you’re at the mercy of imbeciles Now I […]

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