Empty Causes – Bad Religion

so many righteous revolutionaries spouting utopian love everyone shrouded in purple haze then one day they woke up from their dream state they found themselves no more at peace than before older, meek, and conformed empty causes a bluster for the soul, a fix for their mind empty causes cling to everything you find well, […]

Entropy – Bad Religion

ordered states of nature on a scale that no one thinks about, don’t speak to me of anarchy or peace of calm revolt, man, we’re in a play of slow decay orchestrated by boltzmann, it’s entropy, it’s not a human issue, entropy, it’s matter of course, entropy, enegery at all levels, entropy, from it you […]

Bad Religion (Theme Song) – Bad Religion

I’m nobody except genetic runaround. Spiritual era’s gone, it ain’t comin’ back. Bad religion, a cabal, that is all that’s left. Hey Mr. Mind, stop wasting my time, With your factory precision. Factory precision is your Bad religion, too good to take. Indecision, it’s not too late. Bad religion, bad religion. Ay! Don’t you know […]

At The Mercy Of Imbeciles – Bad Religion

And wishing upon distant stars Won’t improve the hole you’re in Won’t absolve your deepest sin But action is no gift from some covert and lofty god It’s dependant and weighty all the same And it is oh so easy just to keep to yourself But then you’re at the mercy of imbeciles Now I […]

Get Off – Bad Religion

lika a diogenes, dangerous, the adjectives of the decasde and of your alluring intricacies, i cah see your green-screen mentality and i can feel the sting of its consequence, and i know i shouldn’t but it’s too much to ignore, an emotion i deplore, every time i look at you, i just want to do […]

Generator – Bad Religion

like a planet, Like a fucking atom bomb, I’ll remain unperturbed by the joy and the madness that i encounter everywhere I turn I’ve seen it all before In book and magazines like a twitch before dying like a pornographic sea there’s a flower behind the window there’s an ugly laughing man like a hummingbird […]

Chasing The Wild Goose – Bad Religion

he banged for 20 years, the damn thing wouldn’t fall he left an honest life he left a broken wife he left it all behind, just to see what he could find millions and millions chase the wild goose tonight to conquer loneliness they’ll chase it all their lives and when they find it they […]

I Love My Computer – Bad Religion

you make me feel alright every waking hour and every lonely night I love my computer for all you give to me predictable errors and no identity and it’s never been quite so easy I’ve never been quite so happy all I need to do is click on you and we’ll be joined in the […]

Part III – Bad Religion

as man unleashed his deadly bombs and sent troops overseas to fight a war which can’t be won and kills the human race, a show of greed and ignorance, man’s quest for dominance. they say when a mistake is made, a lesson has been learned. but this time, there’s no second chance, the hate engulfs […]

Sanity – Bad Religion

There’s a watch in my pocket and its hands are broken. The face is blank but the gears are turning. Confusion is a fundamental state of mind. It doesn’t really matter what I’m figuring out. I’m guaranteed to wind up in a state of doubt And sanity is a full-time job In a world that […]

Modern Man – Bad Religion

I’ve got nothing to do, all of my neurons are functioning smoothly yet still I’m a cyborg just like you, I’m one big myoma that thinks, the planet supports only me, I’ve got this one problem: will I live forever? I’ve got just a short time to see, modern man, evolutionary betrayer, modern man, ecosystem […]

Two Babies In The Dark – Bad Religion

so I can’t understand why you hide underneath the covers there’s a baby in your womb so don’t be scared tonight because Raggedy ann is in the closet picking posies two babies in the dark like diamonds in the sand while pap’s far away making children’s stories the little one’s inside so afraid to be […]

I Want To Conquer The World – Bad Religion

Hey Brother Christian with your high and might errand, Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear a word you’re saying. Hey Sister Bleeding Heart with all of your compassion, Your labors soothe the hurt but can’t assuage temptation. Hey man of science with your perfect rules of measure, Can you improve this place with […]

The Hopeless Housewife – Bad Religion

get out of your 1950’s fantasy, your face shines with misery transparently spew out that sobering half-assed victim rhetoric make ’em all squirm while they chew on it it’s a secret handshake and a passing wink of the eye as the witches bridge club weekly meets to pen the tail on the sly but they […]

Kyoto Now! – Bad Religion

Its all about ignorance, and greed, and miracles for the blind The media parading, disjointed politics founded on petrochemical plunder, and were its hostages If you stand to reason youre in the game The rules might be elusive but our pieces are the same And you know if one goes down we all go down […]

World War III – Bad Religion

Too much money down the can Look and listen to what the president says The first lady’s a fuckin’ lez They think they know it all America, China’s about to fall Lethargicism will overrule us Government’s wading pool World war III World war III World war III World war III “Forget it,” came from the […]

Inner Logic – Bad Religion

sequestering the blueprints of daily life contented, free of care, they rejoice in morning ritual as they file like drone ant colonies to their office in the sky I don’t ask questions, don’t promote demonstrations, don’t look for new consensus, don’t stray from constitution if I pierce the complexity I won’t find salvation just the […]

Cease – Bad Religion

like a chemical reaction or a steam roller spreading randomly there’s a distant and a low frequency it tickles my ear, it rumbles under my feet and it shakes the leaves off of every tree (violently) what pretension! Everlasting peace everything must cease institution on the Hill like a beacon in the mind of an […]

You Don’t Belong – Bad Religion

can it be found in a record store? well, it’s not there anymore Just think of all the things we did We were different, just like all the other kids Missy was a teen blue video star Tom took his life in his mother’s car Milo went to college but you knew about that Rodney […]

Can’t Stop It – Bad Religion

Lack of restraint is a complaint of those around me. I know that others postpone gratification; well, I lack that affectation Let’s get it right (let’s get it right) There’s no end in sight And I can’t stop can’t stop, can’t stop it can’t stop, can’t stop, can’t stop, can’t stop it It’s shocking, but […]

When? – Bad Religion

I’ve seen a lot of things in five years. I struggle just to hold back the tears. But everyfuckingwhere I go, I see the pathos that I know Will spell the termination of us all. Someone’s got to tell me, do you see That everything around you has a hidden tragedy? Seeds of happiness have […]

Drastic Actions – Bad Religion

not from one, but from thousands that tried. the lawyer’s wife and the teenage brat, one thing in common, they all wanted out. and it’s plain to see. it goes for you and it goes for me, and all the screwed up little girls and boys all thrown in without a choice. but I heard […]

You – Bad Religion

There’s a place where everyone can be happy. It’s the most beautiful place in the whole fucking world. It’s made of candy canes and planes and bright red choo-choo trains, And the meanest little boys and the most innocent little girls, And you know I wish that I could got there. It’s a road that […]

Victims Of The Revolution – Bad Religion

Short-sighted arrogance all for what sake? Our families to ashes, our ambitions to dust Our progeny in silence thinking “what about us?” But don’t forget The dance of neglect The march for empowering prosperity The pain from loss and want for mere lucidity Just maternal residue, and I was there too And maybe so were […]

Bad Religion – Bad Religion

I’m nobody except genetic runaround. spiritual era’s gone, it ain’t comin’ back. bad religion, a cabal, that is all that’s left. hey Mr. Mind, stop wasting my time, with your factory precision. factory precision is your bad religion, too good to take. indecision, it’s not too late. bad religion, bad religion. ay! don’t you know […]

Hooray For Me… – Bad Religion

in the shadow of tentacled towers by the red light of America, I imagine how his mother felt when she heard that her husband was dying, and that underground heroes of the tarmac shooting smack were blowing up worlds and Damned out loud, he, can you tell me how does it feel? yeah, tell me, […]

Walk Away – Bad Religion

and I’ll stain the clean that you’ve been counting, old mr. fletcher passed by here today, after 40 years of toil he just up and walked away, fantastic the panic that showed in his eyes, he shrugged when I asked him about it, he said “young man pay heed, you listen well to what I […]

Murder – Bad Religion

Listen to a riddle that’ll tickle every bit of it HA HA HA Ape shall not murder – ape wasn’t so sure Bad ape you made a mistake Annihilation in a cannibal – war Well cultivation might have served you Might have raised you up unscathed If you had called that fucker by its name […]

No Control – Bad Religion

Culture was the seed of proliferation but it’s gotten melded Into an inharmonic whole, to an inharmonic whole. Consciousness has plagued us and we cannot shake it Though we think we’re in control, though we think we’re in control. Questions that besiege us in life are testament of our helplessness. There’s no vestige of a […]

Chimaera – Bad Religion

and a case of crackers and you made a maelstrom of organic debris then you took a work bench and a rusty anvil and you polished them for everyone to see you have created an unhealthy monster but you’re nowhere but nowhere to be found so I guess I’ll just cope with my provisions from […]

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