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Naked Steel (The Warrior’S Saga) – Bal-Sagoth

Legends etched into the ancient stone dolmens on the Dark Moors… THE ORACLE OF WAR: The crows will pick your bones clean… Never sweet the kiss of cold steel. THE EXULTATION OF BATTLE… THE WARRIOR: Blades aflame with witch-fire burning, Bright swords blessed by nine king’s blood, The elf-witch weaves war-spells upon us, Neath the […]

Of Carnage And A Gathering Of The Wolves – Bal-Sagoth

Voice of the Night: Who are you, wanderer? Wandering Spirit: I can’t remember… Voice of the Night: The wolves are gathering, the stars are shifting… come, join us in the hunt. The Sylvan Oracle: What arboreal augury be this? Has the Realm Verdant at last seen the countenance of the scourge born of prophecy? What […]

Return To The Praesidium Of Ys – Bal-Sagoth

I was spawned deep beneath the Pre-Cambrian sea, the scion of a far distant sun… I have traversed the endless stars, and journeyed to a myriad galaxies… The dimensional gates of the multiverse are mine to voyage effortlessly beyond, Cosmic infinity is naught to one such as I… I am as one with celestial eternity… […]

The Epsilon Exordium – Bal-Sagoth

[From the journal of Professor Caleb Blackthorne III, discovered May 1899, near the great Temple at Tiahuanaco, Peru:] [23 September: 1893] Upon extensive examination of the nefarious arcane codex known as The Epsilon Exordium, I believe my search may at last be drawing to a close. Indeed, I feel that perhaps the great discovery which […]

Witch-Storm – Bal-Sagoth

Witchfire, black citadel, frost-shrouded steel, moon-veiled spell. The skyqueen of the dead rides forth, black storm-borne steeds, (their flanks anointed by) immortal blood, Hark to the striking of the winds, the moon burns black as slaughter reigns. Witch-Storm! Bright fires agleam through winter’s night, Dark spells whispered on the winds, The trees enrob’d in veils […]

Thwarted By The Dark (Blade Of The Vampyre Hunter) – Bal-Sagoth

The contemplations of Joachim Blokk: As my sword drips black now with the unclean blood of another slain fiend, it occurs to me that history will most probably record me a fanatic… as for more years than I care to remember I have dedicated my life to the caseless pursuit and destruction of the loathsome […]

In Search Of The Lost Cities Of Antarctica – Bal-Sagoth

Beneath the ice, the endless ice of Pangaea’s now axial eternally frozen frontier, entombed for countless millions of years… the lost cities of Antarctica! Secrets locked within the ice, the endless ice of Antarctica, ‘Neath the peak of Erebus the First Ones sleep, Lords of Pangaea, Cities lost within the night, the frozen night of […]

Summoning The Guardians Of The Astral Gate – Bal-Sagoth

It is written in the ancient legends… that high amidst the moon-swathed peaks of the great Mountain of Shadows, hides the aeon-weary threshold of the Astral Gate… the portal from our world, to bey It is said that one who holds the key and knows the empyreal incantation may stand within the ancient ring of […]

Blood Slakes The Sand At The Circus Maximus – Bal-Sagoth

Thoughts of an Iceni gladiator, awaiting the opening of the arena portcullis: Memories of rebellion (Carnage at Camulodunum): Iceni Messenger: Hearken! The Ninth Legion has been put to the sword! The war-Chief of Queen Boudicca: Onwards to Camulodunum… wet your swords! Redden the earth with Roman blood! I remember the carnage at Camulodunum… The glorious […]