Bark Like U Want It – Sir Mix-A-Lot

{Woof!} (Bark like you want it baby)

Big man is back, oh no, it’s a brand new flow
Lettin you jakes and females know
Ain’t a damn thing changed and I still got dough
Still gettin watched by po-po
You know what a flow like, never grab a ol’ mic
Never been down wit the slow life
Baby I’m a low life lookin for the right type
To get it goin on for the whole night
King of the backside, look at my rep
One of these West Coast vet[eran]s
Known to lay bone and make miniskirts moan
Young hotty got me sittin like stone {mmmm}
So I’m at the Magic City
So many freaks in one spot; I’m dizzy
I’m a playa so you know I wanna play
It ain’t nuthin like the city Black-lanta GA!
Now I start lookin through the mist
Swangin my game like this
Wassup wit the table poppin
Fine, 5’9″;, and I’m jockin
But the girl won’t dance
And I pinch me a 10, bout to wet my pants
She got body fo days, but the girl won’t flaunt it
(You betta bark like you want it!)

Repeat 1

2- {Woof!} (Bark like) {we want it!}
{Woof!} (Bark like you want it baby)

Bow wow, bow wow, gimme my dog chow
Put me on a leash or else I’m gonna have to snap now
Humpin yo leg, this doggy don’t beg
Got a tight rubber cap on my HEAD
So check this game when I’m comin through the hood
Swingin round blocks but I don’t sell goods
Mad brothas mean mug cause they wish they would
Get a fine thang like I could
You bought a 6-4 wit the 3-wheel mo’

Lyric Bark Like U Want It – Sir Mix-A-Lot