Performer BATHORY

Sociopath – Bathory

Your not entitle to accuse and judge one single man if you allow all shit that’s happening in this damned […]

Apocalypse – Bathory

breastfeads death and the winds smell strong of the dragons breath And all the stars fall down like fuckin’ rain […]

Pax Vobiscum – Bathory

Forgive my fuckin’ head It’s full of doubts and questions Did you really raise the dead? Are you really so […]

Requiem – Bathory

My wounds one thousand and crisp as life itself it drips away a smile upon my lips Cutting, slicing, carving […]

Dies Irae – Bathory

Held my candle of light into the void Risen from the dead I death’s powers wed In the name of […]

Schizianity – Bathory

whom I used to be. I’m no more life and lust. I’m only rich on time to spend venting my […]

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