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Total Destruction – Bathory

Twilight burn across the sky Time has come the doom is near Stillness rules this cloudless night Armageddon is here Woe to you Earth and Sea TOTAL DESTRUCTION 12 days of total eclipse Yet the stillness rules this night of mist But slowly clouds of death are forming The time has come to Reap Burning […]

The Woodwoman – Bathory

Midnight hours… “Sitting by his campfire alone one night, the young man is approached by the Woodwoman. She asks him to follow her to her den where she promises him magic for the price of his young heart. Eager to win the upcoming duel, he entrusts his heart into her wooden hands for the ability […]

Bestial Lust (Bitch) – Bathory

She drives me f*cking wild I want her on her knees She floats and insists I am hot and can’t resist She suck me to the core I [now] can’t take no more That Bitch She turns me to a beast BESTIAL LUST [C’mon] Bitch Each tendon muscle rippling She drink my sove with greed […]

Born For Burning – Bathory

Braver at night Hidden as the lips of her c*nt She is keeping out of sight Dark as her closed eyelids Her secret She comes to you with a serpent’s kiss She has the power to foresee She don’t fear the flames She smile at the fire Whisper the words of spell Without fear without […]

Judgement Of Posterity – Bathory

Fourhundredthousand acres a day. Post-generation to pay. Chimneys spew death day and night. Chemicals with every bite. Layer of mist in the sky. Filtering no more the light. Toxic waste. Debris. On land, in the air and at sea. You can’t shut it out. With every breath reality. This is the key. Objection of history. […]

Grey – Bathory

to say and that we’re free to wear it all in every fucking way. It’s up to fucking you to fulfill your damned fucking life with ease and to carry any symbol, view or dream that you may fucking please. But hairstyles never cease to stir their fucking minds en masse. Your clothes will always […]

Burnin’ Leather – Bathory

It’s something you can’t fake it’s all within Seek for thetruth deep inside Let it open your heart let in the flame Receive it with mind open wide Shake those bonds loose of religion and gospel But remain a diehard believer Never let your dreams die the power is all within Ands let the flame […]

13 Candles – Bathory

Now the night lays dark and cold Upon a world at sleep Across he world sweeps a crimson haze Now the virgin’s seal is broken The fertility rite is complete And the seed is sown in a holy place Born a child of the underworld The fire and flame Born a child of the underworld […]

War Machine – Bathory

The shells cuts through the sky The corpses fills the the endless fields It’s shoot to kill or die The gas pours in like yellow mist You die in kneedeep mud You sink into that fuckin’ smudge Stichy from all the fuckin’ blood Medals, salutes, uniforms and eyes-left Promotion, honour, glory then death War Machine […]

Equimanthorn – Bathory

And give me a sword forged in the raging Hell’s fire Lend me the eight legged black stallion of Odin and I’ll have my vengeance, oh, I’ll kill with desire Vengeance flows like boiling poison through my twisted veins Tonight I’ll blood shed with wrath and set the night on flames Invincible in battle, wargods […]

Immaculate Pinetreeroad #930 – Bathory

Sixteen years of rage withheld and concealed. Doors locked. Curtains drawn. Rehearsals begins. Preparations made. The axe gets a final trim. Shadowed figures came at night. The hands would clutch and strike his thighs. The kid would not even be weeping. This kid pretending he’s sleeping. Immaculate Pinetreeroad #930 Kept within his young strained mind […]

One Eyed Old Man – Bathory

Late evening… “Just after sunset on his way back to his camp after watching the sun unite with the mountains in the west, he sees the flickering of light between the tree trunks. Approaching, he sees an old man sitting calmly by a fire, as if waiting for him. His left eye missing. His beard […]

One Eyed Old Man – Bathory

Late evening… “Just after sunset on his way back to his camp after watching the sun unite with the mountains in the west, he sees the flickering of light between the tree trunks. Approaching, he sees an old man sitting calmly by a fire, as if waiting for him. His left eye missing. His beard […]

Die In Fire – Bathory

When horny flames begins to rise To burn your flesh and bone That’s when you realize you’ve never Been so scared and alone You start to cry you’re gonna die So pray for all your sins The flames begins to reach too high The fire burns and wins Die in fire Die in fire Die […]

33 Something – Bathory

Still pain is all you feel. A piece of meat that hardly breathes. Still much a human being. Forcing his way into your ass. John Wayne Gacy is near. Flesh will rip and bloody will flow. This death comes in your rear. One of 33 Something. All who were raped and bled. The last thing […]

Necroticus – Bathory

shuddering warm flesh blood pulsating through the veins Tool insertion science not perversion the end result justifies the pain Twisted human flesh lovely smell of death the sight of naked skin the treasures deep within The colour of the blood every curve and cavity morbid fuckin’ lust smell of death is what I need Don’t […]

Bond Of Blood – Bathory

Hold thy hand above me Mighty is the raging waves On which I ride Mother who awaits me ashore Let your golden hair down It will shine and guide me Through the (raging) storm Heading north after long a journey We have sailed for so very long Heavy seas endless sky above us Heading north […]

War Supply – Bathory

Always declared by the high and fought out by the low. Elevated to the state of honourable feud. Fought to capitulation or death. Either him or you. Cannon fodder dressed up proud to fight or even die. Carrying cross of Christ, the star of David, Swastika or word of God, the hammer and the sickle […]

Crosstitution – Bathory

The house of God burned down to the ground A symbolic action of defiance Brought palace of lies down Refusal to acknowledge the authority Of faith of liars Has cleansed this world somewhat By purifying lovely fire Crosstitution Crosstitution Crosstitution Holy writtings, hokus pokus Magic incense, blood and tears Impeccable the ways of Heaven To […]

The Sword – Bathory

Bright morning… “At the one eyed old man’s request, he walks into an icy cave lighting up its inside with a torch. Finding what he has been told to look for, a wooden box containing a five foot long object wrapped up in bear’s fur, he brings the object back to the one eyed old […]

Under The Runes – Bathory

By the great hail this great fight is born Among the clouds now our black wings fills the air No more frontlines the holy battle is everywhere Though death may await me on the battlefield I die to go on but by the great hail I will go, I am marching under the runes Countless […]

Sadist (Tormentor) – Bathory

I love to see you writhe in throe The more you suffer my lust grows I slit your throat and tear your flesh My desire will be your death SADIST (Tormentor) I welter in blood I rape and I slay Stab sliver lacerate so many lusts to satisfy To still my hunger another must die […]

Baptised In Fire And Ice – Bathory

Fire and Ice Fire and Ice Fire and Ice) Born a Son of Nordic tribe Early spring morning I arrived When Sails were set, the Ships all done To Sail with Wind a Waves for long Down foreign shores across great waters Many hundred miles from home This half year deep frozen land Where I […]

Through Blood By Thunder – Bathory

For as long as the stream flows And the sun shines down unto those For how long the wind blows And the sky is blue above us) O, I am a man and I hold in my hand my fate Free as the wind as if even I had wings that carried me Still in […]

Crawl To Your Cross – Bathory

Born by womb untouched by man Or a horny mortal man’s error Flower power prophet of one Spelled dog in the mirror You hide behind stained glass windows In fear of real world outside Kneeling prostitute your souls To reach his kingdom way up high And then you castrate your pride in search Of answers […]

Twilight Of The Gods – Bathory

Slick as grease and cold as ice There is a lie in every meaning Rest assured to fool you twice In this age of utter madness We maintain we are in control And ending life before deliverance While countries are both bought and sold Holy writtings hokus-pokus Blaze of glory and crucifix Prepried costly credit […]

The Return Of Darkness And Evil – Bathory

Whispered by a Witch in the dawn Summon the darkness pure evil and death And gather the legions of scorn The darkness possesses you your soul scream in vain Tonight the Hellfire shall burn Thunder and lightning the ancient prediction The bells chime for Satan’s Return… [Blasphemy Sorcery] It’s the RETURN of the darkness and […]

Of Doom… – Bathory

Brothers and sisters Hail, proudly raise your heads Through you we’ve reached out to just every nation You kept us alive with your love and dedication Bathory Hordes is the united force, we are all born of one womb The mightiest of hordes born through faith and belief Hail now the sign of the black […]

Shores In Flames – Bathory

And opens wide the seas The lukewarm breeze does beckon me As it whispers through the trees It says: Set your sails And let me take your ship to foreign shores Take farewell of those near you And your land of the North! The wild cold deep black ocean’s waves Invites my hungry heart Cry […]

Blood On Ice – Bathory

Early dawn… “As the village greets a new day, the old Crow cries atop the pine. Spiritually bounded with nature and all creatures, great and small, the hunting families sense danger as the cry of the old Crow continues. A rumble, at first loud enough to a human ear, grows into a deafening storm of […]

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