Performer BATHORY

The Ravens – Bathory

the untime… “Halting his stallion for a brief second, taking a deep breath of cold air, he hesitates for a […]

Man Of Iron – Bathory

Late daytime… “Fifteen years have passed. Living among the animals. Learning to read the signs in bark and snow. Never […]

Resolution Greed – Bathory

A hail of pebbles and stones Poverty and racism The wheel of conflict rolls on Dictatorship, fanaticism The battle lines […]

Blood And Soil – Bathory

in lifegiving cum the smell of forever running wet cunts Flesh and sweat dancing bare limbs around the fire the […]

Hammerheart – Bathory

And my star had faded now hardly a glimpse up in the empty space And the wise one-eyed great father […]

Chariots Of Fire – Bathory

As the sound of destruction increase Tongues of red fire snatch black clouds above and unite with the cold Northern […]

Total Destruction – Bathory

Twilight burn across the sky Time has come the doom is near Stillness rules this cloudless night Armageddon is here […]

The Woodwoman – Bathory

Midnight hours… “Sitting by his campfire alone one night, the young man is approached by the Woodwoman. She asks him […]

Judgement Of Posterity – Bathory

Fourhundredthousand acres a day. Post-generation to pay. Chimneys spew death day and night. Chemicals with every bite. Layer of mist […]

Grey – Bathory

to say and that we’re free to wear it all in every fucking way. It’s up to fucking you to […]

Burnin’ Leather – Bathory

It’s something you can’t fake it’s all within Seek for thetruth deep inside Let it open your heart let in […]

13 Candles – Bathory

Now the night lays dark and cold Upon a world at sleep Across he world sweeps a crimson haze Now […]

War Machine – Bathory

The shells cuts through the sky The corpses fills the the endless fields It’s shoot to kill or die The […]

Equimanthorn – Bathory

And give me a sword forged in the raging Hell’s fire Lend me the eight legged black stallion of Odin […]

One Eyed Old Man – Bathory

Late evening… “Just after sunset on his way back to his camp after watching the sun unite with the mountains […]

One Eyed Old Man – Bathory

Late evening… “Just after sunset on his way back to his camp after watching the sun unite with the mountains […]

Die In Fire – Bathory

When horny flames begins to rise To burn your flesh and bone That’s when you realize you’ve never Been so […]

33 Something – Bathory

Still pain is all you feel. A piece of meat that hardly breathes. Still much a human being. Forcing his […]

Necroticus – Bathory

shuddering warm flesh blood pulsating through the veins Tool insertion science not perversion the end result justifies the pain Twisted […]

Bond Of Blood – Bathory

Hold thy hand above me Mighty is the raging waves On which I ride Mother who awaits me ashore Let […]

War Supply – Bathory

Always declared by the high and fought out by the low. Elevated to the state of honourable feud. Fought to […]

Crosstitution – Bathory

The house of God burned down to the ground A symbolic action of defiance Brought palace of lies down Refusal […]

The Sword – Bathory

Bright morning… “At the one eyed old man’s request, he walks into an icy cave lighting up its inside with […]

Of Doom… – Bathory

Brothers and sisters Hail, proudly raise your heads Through you we’ve reached out to just every nation You kept us […]

Blood On Ice – Bathory

Early dawn… “As the village greets a new day, the old Crow cries atop the pine. Spiritually bounded with nature […]

Armageddon – Bathory

and tear the virgin’s flesh I gash the wounds of heaven and rides the wings of death Tonight the cauldrons […]