Performer BATHORY

Genocide – Bathory

In dust realised kill, what a thrill All hell ablaze the furnace gates Stands open wide for genocide Genocide – […]

Hades – Bathory

where the wind cries out its pain Deserted valleys where the darkness always reigned Where the sunlight never ever touched […]

The Lake – Bathory

Noon… “The one eyed old man had told him of a lake. Its bottom uniting with the end of the […]

Witchcraft – Bathory

From cup of death I sip the milk from tied up Angels holy breasts I fuck the whore and eat […]

Holocaust – Bathory

Ready to cut through the clouds at command From wombs in the ground born to deafening sounds When the button […]

Century – Bathory

To gather in prayer and for demonstrations. Freedom to choose. Freedom found driving a car. To posess a remote control […]

The Stallion – Bathory

Just before sunset… “Waiting atop a snowcovered hill, the two standing silent, facing the sunset in the west. The one […]

War – Bathory

and the heavens shake with fear The earth commot the sky is in flames the battle is ever near [Troops […]

Deuce – Bathory

And get your grandma outta here Pick up Old Jim is workin’ hard this year And baby Do the things […]

Possessed – Bathory

Witching hour bad moon is on the rise I can’t resist its infernal cold power When it blaze into my […]

Massacre – Bathory

Into the peaceful deep valley below Twothousand stallions foaming with hate Carrying their masters towards their fate Into the battle […]

Reaper – Bathory

and send you into vainly dreams I reign your soul the night engulf your painful screams I watch you cry […]

Raise The Dead – Bathory

I gasp for air I scream for sight and fight against torment and dread Calling the vengeance I tear at […]

Necromansy – Bathory

tonight we sacrifice We drink our own blood and blasphemy while the moon is our only light We whisper our […]

Sacrifice – Bathory

and demons in the skies I drank from chalice warm and red and watched the virgin die Present at ungodly […]

Sociopath – Bathory

Your not entitle to accuse and judge one single man if you allow all shit that’s happening in this damned […]

Apocalypse – Bathory

breastfeads death and the winds smell strong of the dragons breath And all the stars fall down like fuckin’ rain […]

Pax Vobiscum – Bathory

Forgive my fuckin’ head It’s full of doubts and questions Did you really raise the dead? Are you really so […]

Requiem – Bathory

My wounds one thousand and crisp as life itself it drips away a smile upon my lips Cutting, slicing, carving […]

Dies Irae – Bathory

Held my candle of light into the void Risen from the dead I death’s powers wed In the name of […]

Schizianity – Bathory

whom I used to be. I’m no more life and lust. I’m only rich on time to spend venting my […]

Psychopath – Bathory

And if it thrills you I’ll gladly kill again. I want to maim you. Your throat a bleeding well. And […]

Suffocate – Bathory

I am but a fuckin’ livin’ dead Help me! I am goin’ outta this damn head Crazy! I can’t stand […]

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