Category: BAUHAUS

In The Flat Field – Bauhaus

Into the casm gaping we Mirrors multy reflecting this Between spunk stained sheet And odourous whim Calme eye-flick-shudder within Assist me to walk away in sin Where is the string that Theseus laid Find me out this labyrinth place. I do get bored, I get bored In the flat field. I get bored, I do […]

A God In An Alcove – Bauhaus

Idol remembered in stone aloud Then on coins his face was mirrored Take a look it soon hath slithered To a fractured marble slab, renunciation clad His nourishment extract from his subjects That mass production profile. He’s a God — in — in an alcove. Once he spread the rain So they dreamt in vain […]

The Spy In The Cab – Bauhaus

The unseen mechanized eye Under surveillance The road is full of cats eyes It’s sick function to pry The spy in the cab. Coldly observing — Callously reserving A drivers time Automated autonomy Playing on his mind The spy in the cab. The spy in the cab. An eye for an eye A spy for […]

Spirit – Bauhaus

or waiting in the wings lift your heart with soaring song cut down the puppet strings cut down the puppet strings i wear a coat of drums and dance upon your eyes turn the tables upside down change the lows to highs change the lows to highs i fill you up with butterflies crown the […]