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Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring – Beach Boys

And the girl who wore his ring Through the wintry snow The world they knew was warm For their hearts were full of spring As the days grew old And the nights passed into time And the weeks and years took wing (was, “wind”) Gentle boy, tender girl Their love remained still young For their […]

Keepin’ The Summer Alive – Beach Boys

Roll down your windows and ride They’ll be sleepin’ in the sand dunes dancin’ in the streets They’re just tryin’ to keep the summer alive They’re just tryin’ to keep the summer alive (sum sum summer ah live) They’re just tryin’ to keep the summer alive (ah keep the summer) They’re just tryin’ to keep […]

Cool, Cool Water – Beach Boys

Coolin’ so coolin’ coolin’ me Have some cool clear water (Drink a little drip drip drip drip drink a little) (Water coolin’ me) Have some cool clear water (Drink a little drip drip drip drip drink a little) (Water coolin’ me) Have some cool clear water Have some cool clear water Have some cool clear […]

I Was Made To Love Her – Beach Boys

I was born in Little Rock Had a childhood sweetheart We were always hand in han-an-an-an-and I wore high-top shoes and shirt-tails Suzy was in pigtails I knew I loved her even then (Hey hey yes I was made to love her) Don’t you know my Papa dis’proved My Mama hooo-ooo-hoooed it But I told […]

I’m Bugged At My Ol’ Man – Beach Boys

Cause he’s making me stay in my room (Darn my dad) I came in a little late And my ol’ man he just blew his mind (Blew it bad) Why did he sell my surfboard? He cut off my hair last night in my sleep I wish I could see outside But he tacked up […]

California Saga/The Beaks Of Eagles – Beach Boys

precipice-footed ridges Above Ventana Creek, that jagged country which nothing but a fallen meteor will ever plow: no horseman Will ever ride there, no hunter cross this ridge but the winged ones, no one will steal the eggs from this fortress. The she-eagle is old, her mate was shot long ago, she is now mated […]

I Should Have Known Better – Beach Boys

(Beatle?) (What is it, what is it?) (No–hey, faster.) (It’s Paul. Paul is the […].) ([…]) (Who?) (Paul!) I should have known better with a girl like you That I would love everything that you do And I do, hey hey hey, and I do (Faster!) Woah-oh I should have realized what a kiss could […]

Kokomo – Beach Boys

Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama Key Largo, Montego baby why don’t we go Jamaica off the Florida Keys There’s a place called Kokomo That’s where you wanna go to get away from it all Bodies in the sand Tropical drink melting in your hand We’ll be falling in love To the rhythm of a […]

Summertime Blues – Beach Boys

About a workin’ all summer just to try to earn a dollar Every time I call my baby, and try to get a date My boss says, “No dice son, you gotta work late” Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues Well my mom and […]

I Know There’s An Answer – Beach Boys

They isolate their heads and stay in their saftey zones Now what can you tell them And what can you say that won’t make them defensive I know there’s an answer I know now but I have to find it by myself They come on like they’re peaceful But inside they’re so uptight They trip […]

Hully Gully – Beach Boys

(That, that’s good.) (One, I wanna sing along–you know why? You’re missing part of it.) (That pays off, ah, P. O. G.) (We’ll have Greenwich Village *snap* just like that.) ([…]) (Play it like it is, Carl! Pick it up from the third!) (Ha!) Well, there’s a dance spreadin’ round like an awful disease Hully, […]

Hot Fun In The Summertime – Beach Boys

(Yeah bow bow bow) Hot fun in the summertime (Yeah yeah yeah) End of the spring And here she comes back (Hi hi hi hi) (Yeah) Those summer days those summer days That’s when I had most of my fun back (Hi hi hi hi) (Yeah) Those summer days those summer days (Bow bow bow […]

Let Him Run Wild – Beach Boys

Tears filled my eyes And when I heard you talk with him I couldn’t stand his lies And now before he tries it I hope you realize it Let him run wild He don’t care Let him run wild He’ll find out Let him run wild He don’t care (Guess you know I waited for […]

Talk To Me – Beach Boys

Talk to me Ooo I love the things you say Talk to me Talk to me In your own Sweet gentle way Let me hear Tell me dear Tell me oooo You love me so Talk to me Talk to me Tell me what I want to know The many ways You speak of love […]

Remember (Walking In The Sand) – Beach Boys

Remember Remember Remember “Walking In The Sand” Seems like the other day My baby went away She went away across the sea It’s been two years or so Since I saw my baby go And then this letter came for me Oh it said that we were through She’s found somebody new Oh baby’s gone […]

The Warmth Of The Sun – Beach Boys

That grows into day The sunset at night Or living this way For I have the warmth of the sun (Warmth of the sun) Within me at night (Within me at night) The love of my life She left me one day I cried when she said “I don’t feel the same way” Still I […]

Sumahama – Beach Boys

There’s a lover’s leap in old Japan Where the lovers walk along the sand Hand in hand at Sumahama Sumahama Born a lovely oriental daughter Never ever having met her father Asks some questions of her mother Tell me tell me mama Will you ever go again to Sumahama Perhaps you’ll find love there Somewhere […]

It’s OK – Beach Boys

It’s no sin It’s that time again To shed your load Hit the road On the run again Summer skies In our eyes And a warmer sun It’s one for all All for one All for all out fun Gotta go to it Gonna go through it Gotta get with it Lookin’ good Down the […]

Girl Don’t Tell Me – Beach Boys

Hi little girl, it’s me – don’t you know who I am? I met you last summer when I came up to stay with my Gram I’m the guy-uy-uy who left you with tears in his eyes You didn’t answer my letters, so I figured it was just a li-i-i-i-ie Your hair’s getting longer ‘n’ […]

Susie Cincinnati – Beach Boys

Got a groovy little motor car She lives for the night And her husband’s a security guard Her looks aren’t exactly a plus A-but it doesn’t matter to us Because she knows where it’s at And she gets you there in seconds flat She knows all the honkies And the kids are all home in […]

You’re So Good To Me – Beach Boys

And you’re such a doll I’m glad you’re mine You’re so good to me How come you are You take my hand And you understand When I get in a bad mood You’re so good to me And I love it, love it You’re my baby Oh yeah Don’t mean maybe Oh yeah I know […]

Surf’s Up – Beach Boys

Hand in hand some drummed along, oh To a handsome man and baton A blind class aristocracy Back through the op’ra glass you see The pit and the pendulum drawn Columnated ruins domino Canvass the town and brush the backdrop Are you sleeping? Hung velvet overtaken me Dim chandelier awaken me To a song dissolved […]

Hey Little Tomboy – Beach Boys

Hey, little tomboy, sit here on my lap I got things that I gotta tell you No more skateboards, put away your baseball mitt. Your rough livin’ days are through You could find places to go You could see that boys love you so They’re doin’ it all over the world Hey little hey little […]

Here Comes The Night – Beach Boys

Till you started making me Feel like a natural man My mind was mess Until you brought happiness Oh that’s not hard to understand When I’m through workin’ Just fussin’ and cussin’ I’ll be there just as quick as I can Here comes the night – Oh! Hold me squeeze me don’t ever leave me […]

She’s Got Rhythm – Beach Boys

Saw a foxy girl out on the floor She’s got rhythm, she’s got something I need She’s got rhythm, she’s got something I need She came to my table, we both ordered something to drink (something to drink) Before you know it, what do you think The music started playin’ Oo the music got us […]

(I Saw Santa) Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Beach Boys

What? I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus. That’s right. Oh no. They were listening to music, and their voices were low, And he looks a lot like someone that you and I both know! Who? Well, I saw Santa rockin’ round the Christmas tree And Mama was as close to Santa as you are to […]

Take A Load Off Your Feet – Beach Boys

With avocado cream they’ll take a rub They wrinkle like a-raisins if I stay too long I wouldn’t want to do it wrong They’ll put you in the driver’s seat And to the table when you want to eat But when you go to sit down in your chair Something else has got to put […]

Be True To Your School – Beach Boys

And says his school is great I tell him right away “Now what’s the matter buddy Ain’t you heard of my school? It’s number one in the state!” (Hey, hey Take It Away!) So be true to your school now Just like you would to your girl or guy Be true to your school now […]

Funky Pretty – Beach Boys

Her movements tell you at a glance (She loves to dance) Why they say Pisces rules the dance (She’s got the glance) She values flowers more than gold (She flows like gold) Thinks of her men as knights of old (She’s never bold) She’s very spiritual I’m told (She has never told) Whoa But where’s […]

Winter Symphony – Beach Boys

Birds fled south with their song Snowflakes cover the earth quietly Night extends through the hours Coolly lit by the stars The pulse of life slows silently Cuddle up in a cozy nook With a warm drink and a book Within a winter symphony Somewhere children outside Screamin’ down a daredevil slide Rosy-cheeked bundles of […]

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