Beasts Of Wrath And Victory – Desaster

deep in my eyes
I hail those ancient glory times
As watcher beneath the skies
In Silence grand and divine

I would never lead again – my legions that strong
I could never believe – what happened
My strongest plague to thee
who banned me to this damned infinity

It’s only beast in man!

Curse the ones – of holy light and faith
Long lost mankind’s demon – father in sadistic hate
Inspire deep dark forces – awake the crafts in me
Calling with disease – heal the wounds they have done unto thee

Beasts of wrath and victory
Bringer of damnation – wrath and victory
Beasts of wrath and victory
Stir up my fires – wrath and victory

We soon will strike in hate – hellfire by my side
And all that once was ours – we soon possess again
Spitting on the enemies – the slaves of false white light
Master of the blackest hordes – grant me your dark might

Returning from the fields beyond – lie in wait to attack aggressively!
And now I lead again – My legions that strong
Just easy to see – What happened?
For my powers to keep
Escaping from this damned infinity
Heal the wounds of a thousand years!

Lyric Beasts Of Wrath And Victory – Desaster