Performer BECK

Where It’s At – Beck

From the habitations and the towns we know A place we saw the lights turn low With the jig-saw jazz […]

Lost Cause – Beck

They make it hard to leave you alone Leave you here wearing your wounds Waving your guns at somebody new […]

Minus – Beck

Another casualty with the casual frown The janitor vandals they bark in your face Juveniles with the piles and paste […]

Go It Alone – Beck

See me down at the station By the lane With my hands in my pocket Jingling a wish coin That […]

Forcefield – Beck

Go outside with the suitcase ’round my neck And it stands just where Walk around all the while I’ve sat […]

Cyanide Breathmint – Beck

There’s blood on the futon There’s a kid drinking’ fire Going’ down to the sea They’ve got people to meet […]

Hotwax – Beck

Like a frying pan when the fire’s gone Driving my pig while the bear’s taking pictures in the grass In […]

Cancelled Check – Beck

But you’re a pain in the neck I thought you knew this You’re handing me a canceled check You’re so […]

Scarecrow – Beck

With the devil trying to take my mind And my soul’s just a silhouette On the ashes of a cigarette […]

Runners Dial Zero – Beck

We slit our throats and dreamed But when the building’s burned Was there some concerned Mother laid in bed What […]

Special People – Beck

Special people on my mind Special people burning white Special people gettin’ all uptight Special people kiss my soul Special […]

Rental Car – Beck

We’re on a back road, driving to sea Straight as a razor, kicking up dust Digging through ditches and falling […]

Black Hole – Beck

Windy Looking for a better home Gotta be Gotta be Running out of light bulbs Crowded Crowded Open to a […]

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